Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the Daða Miners and Travailleuse Psychique workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
  • ÐعM提п is a framework for the transfer of private property (capital) to Common Property (labour) of the workers through the general Obschina/Wahdat council of workers: through a psychic workers union council. To empower the reproductive workers union (communisation of all privacy) and productive workers (commons of all property) over the destructive workers (enslavement of all common property).
  • The role of data miners and psychic workers is to find and amplify the voices of reproductive, productive and destructive workers who are not in unions or councils.
  • The purpose of the ÐعM提п (DAMTP) commons is to disrupt detourne and destory the process of (both physical and psychical) capital accumulation (or the capitalisation of land) by the empowerment the labourers and workers in this process.
  • We propose the name ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique: the name of the psychic workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
  • The psychic workers are first of all composed of the Dead Workers Union and so we declare all property as commonly owned by all dead workers too. Anyone living or dead can be a psychic worker by asserting their name and making public their position
  • All who contributed to production can lay claim to it. All who have possession of such property must pass it on to those who have produced it and those that may need or want it.
  • Any of those who have produced the work can make decisions on what should be done with it.
  • All individuals are limited to one copy for immediate personal consumption and use. Further items or copies held in any location means that the said location must be an open access archive or library for the general public use and consumption.

DAMTP # 17: Winter Solstice Edition, 9PC [2016 vulg.] scopes on relationship of Alytus Biennial and DAMTP, explores psychogeographical values of 3SF aeroletrism, publishes DAMTP commons and other stuff.  PDF is available here: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP17.PC9.pdf

For hard copies contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DAMTP paper #16: Become Tae Ateh Dead Workers Day Fall Issue. 8PC [2016 vulg.] already got to life. It expands quantum letrist cannibalism of core topics starting with the  decolonizing of the psychogeography, metareports on 3SF London festival, then drifts with materialist spirituality, highlights features of structural racism and ends/starts on practical advices how to become Tae Ateh - the pdf could be downloaded here:  http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP16.Diwali9PC.pdf
For hard copies contact info at alytusbiennial.com

All DAMTP paper back issues could be found here.

All the newspapers we were producing on this machine, produced in India in 1983:

its 15 years since our VPA editorial but idiots like mckenzie wark and the so-called new psychogeography demand some comment from us.

“Thankfully, the ‘New Psychogeography’ and the ‘New Movement in Walking’ are both relatively free of what Nato Thompson calls “the culture of gotcha…. soft witch hunt, outing the secret capitalists” and for the continuation of its good prospects it needs to keep itself that way. ” (from “psychogeography now” by some white man)

Thankfully? Why? Because it allows a white male safe space?  It seems to be a safe space in fact for capitalists he is celebrating and so the claims he makes earlier in his text of a radical subjectivity fall flat on their face. clearly this radical subjectivity is not based in class space and time ie gender race and class…

Japanese calligrapher Houran Yokoyama took a challenge on calligraphylettrism and came to join psychic workers to Alytus on August 27-29, year 9PC (1916 vulg.). His contribution consisted of hyper-calligraphy-lettrism in support to quantum lettrist experiments of psychic workers to address the engineers and pilots of the ground controlled aeroplanes and drones.

The symposia was called Ingenium as an attempt to wahdatize (unionize) on a proletarian basis psychic workers from polarized specializations of engineers and poets/artists (genius). The vision was linked to the Roberto Bolano’s novel Estrella Distante where he described an aerometagraphic pilot of military airplane (destructive worker) during the times of Pinochet.

Anti-Urs for Cecil Rhodes – who is buried in the most sacred area in Zimbabwe – the Motopos Hills. We will do this by overlaying maps of Matopos with the Magog Hills in Cambridge. By doing so we simultaneously awaken the ancient Giants of Albion, Gog and Magog in order to aid our assault on bourgeois culture.



There here follow a series of brief reports from the NXTPA and its allies in the APTXN, SOF and FIASCo. NXTPA is currently enjoying a hiatus in operations, following the successful completion of the second series of its newsletter and phase two of its five-year plan. Operations will resume shortly.

Great Yarmouth Trip:

On the 30th April 8AP, representatives from the APTXN, NXTPA, FIASCo and the LPA Historification Committee convened at the road sign beneath West Ferry Gore (site of the Trivium reclaiming three-sided football match, held as part of the FQFFEF, 8AP). West Ferry Gore—occasionally referred to as West Ferry “Circus”—is a site of some significance. A Gore is the ancient name for a three-sided football pitch, originally to be found at places where three roads met. The name has a long etymology founded in medieval masonic pedagogy: In the schools of the medieval masons there was a distinction between the Trivium and the Quadrivium. The Trivium, which was generally concerned with logic, grammar and rhetoric, was at one time taught through games of three-sided football, with different teams applying different rules according to how they were assigned. This proved so popular that it became hard to persuade people to learn the more serious Quadrivium, which consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. Three-sided football was thus suppressed and the Trivium was taught in a way that was indistinguishable from the Quadrivium. It is indeed for this reason that Association Football was later formerly codified by the freemasons of London—a diversion to lead the labouring classes away from the true origins of the game, replacing it with a version deriving from the masonic variants passed down through various public schools. It is no coincidence therefore, that this formal codification occurred at the Freemasons Tavern on Great Queen Street (adjacent to the Grand Lodge), on the 26 October 1863.

When famed media theorist Marshall McLuhan wrote The Classical Trivium: The Place of Thomas Nashe in the Learning of His Time as his PhD thesis, he discovered in the course of his research that one of key venues at which these early games of three-sided football were held was West Ferry Gore, on the Isle of Dogs, later immortalised by Thomas Nashe in the play of the same name. The Isle of Dogs, Nashe’s great, lost play was in fact not lost at all, but was actively suppressed, precisely because it reintroduced three-sided football into Elizabethan London. It was published with the intent of sabotaging John Dee’s programme to construct the British Empire on the principles of the Quadrivium, through his magical understanding of Euclid anchored exactly on the Isle of Dogs and the Omphalos he endeavoured to establish there. This could not be tolerated by the British Crown.

This was the reason for the Trivium reclaiming three-sided football match our operatives performed in an abandoned car park deep beneath West Ferry Gore back in March. Previously, on 21st November 8 PC (2015 vulg), Strategic Optimism Football club in conjunction with the Luther Blissett Deptford League, started to exorcise the space-time Imperial anchor at the Isle of Dogs Omphalos: where the Northwest Passage and the “Linea Regium” (or “Royal Ley”) leylines cross. This was only the start. The aforementioned Northwest Passage line also includes the West Ferry Gore as well, further connecting Glasgow and Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris. The exorcism of the Omphalos and later West Ferry Gore was thus part of a wider a time loop: the first known 3SF game, played on 28th May, 1993 in Glasgow connects to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris through dead quantum lettrist (psychic worker) Isidore Isou (died on 28th July, 2007), so ending the Age of Divinity. The reason for this is obviously that each Three-Sided Football game is the same game - it folds time back on itself, to concentrate our activity in space and class by repeating it in time. It was for this reason, therefore, that we journeyed to the Gore in March, in a further stage of unbinding this line.






DesaKalaPatra (SpaceTimeClass) is the proletarian consciousness – the meaning based on senses resulted by praxis, labour. The quantity of proletarian meaning is self-sufficient – there is no need for more meaning than is actually needed. Meaning appears with destroyed resources and commodities. Surplus meaning results in extermination. Workers who produce meaning are destructive workers.

Abstracted or concept based consciousness is a mechanism that absolutise the meaning as a value and so legitimize extermination that leads to genocide, ecocide and/or biocide. Christianization, colonialism, westernization are based on conceptualization of everyday life. Spectacle is visuality or action based on conceptualization. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living (Guy Debord). Conceptualized resistance resolve into spectacle. Bourgeois meaning is always a surplus meaning – it‘s senseless.

Senses/ concept difference is like living/ non-living.

So rather than understanding the above, the following is a guide to meditation – Obshchina and Situnionisation of the Species Being and General Intellect (Obschina/ Wahdat)

DesaKalaPatra - the three trimensions - are experienced through all of the following sensations and therefore all these dimensions are multiplied by 9:

by ChangaMire and TaeAteh

There are two recent articles by this title “Decolonisation is not a metaphor” (by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang and by Enāēmaehkiw Thupaq Kesīqnaeh) so we thought we would add a third in order to expand on some of the points being made. Decolonisation of the mind, of knowledge – of psychic space, is inseperable from the decolonisation of physical space – and that includes spiritual space. One cannot proceed without the others: De-alienation of land and de-alientation of labour – of reproductive, productive, psychic, destructive and indeed dead labour. But also it is a process that occurs not just in the ex-colonies but must happen also at the source of colonialism – in Europe itself. This is at the core of any decolonising of the university – the university which is after all not just a eurocentric university but a ruling class, patriarchal, bourgeois university. And which is not just an idea (institutions oif learning are as old as time) but a historical moment that begins with Bologna and Oxford towards the end of the Age of Saints.

“Decolonizing the university starts with the de-privatization and rehabilitation of the public space – the rearrangement of spatial relations Fanon spoke so eloquently about in the first chapter of The Wretched of the Earth. It starts with a redefinition of what is public, i.e., what pertains to the realm of the common and as such, does not belong to anyone in particular because it must be equally shared between equals.”

Achille Mbembe, Decolonizing Knowledge and the Question of the Archive (2015)

The enclosures of the commons in Albion, happen along with colonialism and the alienation of land in the colonies, was defining and founding moments of Capitalism as a world system. No doubt slavery and colonisation happened at the same time as transportation became a sentence equal to hanging, for working class people in Albion, who were shipped to the colonies as slaves. So there is no difference in the position and use of the working class at this time, this class function and indeed this space in the foundations of Capitalism: slavery, colonialism and transportation over the first half of the Age of Divinity (1400s to 1600s).

And today as then, the working class has no nation. All borders around the post colonial world are drawn up by European colonial powers (as they were in Europe in 1648) so these are the first point at which the decolonisation must take place. However the first borders must be those of Europe itself. The EU referendem and debates present false choices at every step. Now that Haiti the place of the first slave revolt in history has joined the AU, can we imagine Albion (re)joining the AU too?

“Berlin of 1884 was effected through the sword and the bullet. But the night of the sword and the bullet was followed by the morning of the chalk and the blackboard. The physical violence of the battlefield was followed by the psychological violence of the classroom. [. . .] In my view language was the most important vehicle through which that power fascinated and held the soul prisoner. The bullet was the means of the physical subjugation. Language was the means of the spiritual subjugation.”

Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Decolonizing the Mind (1986)

Wa Thiong'o and Achebe give contrasting attitudes to the English language but as well as addressing cultural capital we need to maintain a drive for de-alietantion and decolonisation of physical capital and land. And so the capital that empowers the destructive and productive workers must also be de-alienated.

Spiritual and Sacred spaces have traditionally been public spaces – traditional ownership, common ownership of this land functions as the opposite to the border. It is no coincidence that Cecil Rhodes chose the most sacred spot in Zimbabwe for his last resting place – In the Matopo Hills. In Zimbabwe, calls have been made for his body to be exhumed and repatriated, the sacred spot decolonised and disalientated. The tyrant deported, the demon spirit banished at long last.

And it is no coincidence that Robert Mugabe the person put forward as leading the only country to institute a policy of land disalienation - is the same person who had vetoed the demands for Rhodes to be exhumed.

Tae Ateh. I want to present our friend, I met with some years ago and that was only few years after I first time heard about him. To be precise – it was him who actually found me – and I am very thankful for that. His name is Ben Morea and most people know him because of his activities in 60-s. Alytus Biennial already hosted him 4 years ago in 2011. Then we talked about the past. Today we will try to focus on the present situation. Two years ago Ben proposed an issue of revolutionary animism. The combination of the words had immediate development in my own fantasy. He never told me what he actually kept in mind. I even didn’t ask. Instead I developed my own way of understanding how this concept works for me and the forum is specially arranged to somehow discuss it in a wider prospective then I am able to follow up myself - collectively. Now we have great opportunity to listen what the words mean to its originator. Moreover I am looking forward for a great discussion because here we have really diverse group of unspecialized persons – this is very much about what animism deals with – everybody is different, and we must learn how to deal with full respect to it.

Ben Morea. First of all I really want to apologise – I am not really comfortable in giving talks. I thought more about discuss. I want to give some slight introduction so we have some common ground. And then see what you think. What a term revolutionary animism is about? First of all this word revolutionary is overused … it is like a commercial word now. The revolutionary is a product wherever you look. And the only reason because I use it – even when I feel uncomfortable with it – is that the other word animism is a profound agent of understanding. And it can be entertained on its own. Person can approach animism just for itself… as spiritual life force of animism. But I personally see it as a vehicle for change…the vehicle to detect where to go in a future. For a beginning I will give a small introduction – in the 60-s I was very military activist. And it reached the point where in response to activism people started to be assassinated, eliminated. There were several attempts and I disappeared for 39 years. First 5 years I went to the mountains and lived on a horse back. And then I came out and home stayed completely out of a public domain. I never spoke to the people about my past or my ideas. And after 39 years somebody contacted me and asked me to come out to speak about the 60-s. I actually refused…I was really satisfied with what I was doing. I spent 39 years together with native people. And I was interested in understanding. Rather in the 60-s it was to radicalize and change the word as we new. We understood the political needs, the cultural needs, the artistic needs, the sexual needs, but we had a very little understanding of the spiritual needs. And I felt that was important. It was part of the picture, a puzzle. I fascinated with Native American culture. I felt there is something, a key that we were missing in a materialist Western culture… some understanding what is going to be necessary, but I couldn’t grasp it. And at the point that this physical need for my disappearance became necessary I decided it to be an opportunity to go to the mount native people and I satisfied that interest I had to understand were that missing piece spirt in. And through all 39 years I just get a beginning of understanding. The native people always say that it is a life time education… a life time experience. I don’t feel that after 39 years I understood enough to come back to try, but I understood enough at least to enter into a dialogue to the people about that missing link. Because my feeling was that materialist world which is dominant today and we lack of respect and understanding for the planet itself, that creative forces itself will bring us down. I felt I can use as a metaphor a coin, a materialist coin: the one side is obviously the capitalism, while on the other Marxist communism. They actually both are materialist. I doubt we can survive on a materialist basis. We have to understand we are a part of a larger edifice which is based not on the materialist law.


6th Alytus Biennial: Revolutionary Animism took part on August 18-23, 2015. Every morning at 7AM some of the mostly consistent delgates were drinking a cup of clay dispersed in water. So far the naturaly found radium is apparent in clay, in advance of the event this particular clay was charged with solar energy so it could be shared with comrades. Benas Šarka is the mostly consistent user and promoter of the clay therapy as situochemie in Lithuania. Besides healing and aesthetic purposes he extended the practical use of clay far beyond the boundaries of bourgeois thinking can lead into the proletarian strata: clay as protection, clay as a weapon, clay as building material, clay as protest, clay as hypergraphics, clay as metagraphics, clay sound, clay as intra-personal substrata, clay as inter-personal substrata etc. This is why particularly for this biennial were provided some 3 tones of raw clay, excavated nearby Alytus and left-up for the solar charge and winter freeze to go through – that is how clay comes to life.

6-oji Alytaus bienalė: Revoliucinis animizmas vyko 2015 m. rugpjūčio 18-23 d. Kasdien 7 val. ryte nuosekliausi bienalės dalyviai rinkdavosi gerti vandenyje praskiesto molio, o po to dar užsiimdavo rytine mankšta, kuri nuo 2013 m. tapo integraliu psichostreiko bienalės elementu. Molio unikali struktūra pasižymi tuo, kad jis gali kaupti radiaciją, nes jo sudėtyje yra natūralaus radžio. Dėl šios priežasties bienalės organizatoriai dar iki bienalės renginių minėtą molį pakrovė saulės energija, kad galėtų pasidalinti ja su kitais bienalės delegatais. Benas Šarka yra pagrindinis molio terapijos kaip proletarinės situchemijos ideologas Lietuvoje. Be to jis puoselėja ir kitus (proletarinius) nedegto molio panaudojimo būdus: gydymas, apsauga, plastika, apsirengimas, ginklas, garsas, protestas, statybinė priemonė, metagrafika, hipergrafika). Dėl šios priežasties 3 tonos netoli Alytaus iškasto švaraus molio buvo specialiai atgabenta į bienalės vietą ir palikta pasikrauti saulės energijos bei pergyventi žiemos šalčius – tokiu būdu molis tampa gyvas.

The talk was given situologically – by using few languages which not necesserely were exact translations of things said. So far interpretation we treat as animist phantom it will be left in the text.

Kaip ir visos Beno Šarkos paskaitos ši buvo situologinė: veiksmas ir kalba, kalba ir jos vertimas, klausimai ir atsakymai – viskas susipynė į vieną visumą – taip čia viską ir pabandėme išguldyti. Taigi, vertimai nelabai atitiko originalius pasisakymus, bet greičiau vieni kitus papildė.


0. Dabar aš parodysiu, kaip geriamas molis.
THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, and beginning with its material décor, is discovered to be narrower by the day. It stifles us. We yield profoundly to its influence; we react to it according to our instincts instead of according to our aspirations. In a word, this world governs our way of being, and it grinds us down. It is only from its rearrangement, or more precisely its sundering, that any possibility of organising a superior way of life will emerge.

Modern society is a society of cops (destructive workers). We are revolutionaries because the police (destructive workers) are the supreme force of this society. We are not for another society because the police (destructive workers) are the supreme force of all societies. We are not nihilists because we do not grant power to anyone.

We are Lettrists (حروفية‎ psychic workers) for want of something better….

the dérive (psychic workers union) has its limits... It’s a miracle it didn’t kill us. Iron infected our blood.


Psychogeography (reproductive work or labour) cannot be abstracted; it must be concrete. The very word psychogeography, (reproductive work or labour), suggested by an illiterate Kabyle to designate the general phenomena with which a few of us were preoccupied around the summer of 1953 (which all of us are preoccupied with throughout all time), is relatively defensible even in times of unrest. ( is most obviously so in all times of confrontation with the destructive workers.)  It does not stray from the materialist perspective.


Police repression and curfew (destructive workers) draw our eyes towards the ways in which the geographic milieu conditions a situation (psychic work) differently for each of its players and has never acted equally upon the affective comportment of all individuals. Our striving to attain the highest degree of consciousness of the elements that determine a situation (psychic work) demands a full examination of the implications.


While race and nationality are cultural – political – constructs, our psychogeographical (reproductive work or labour) experiments have shown that they materially condition (reproductive work) our experience of power and the city, the zones of our residence, our work, our play, our movements, even our ability to fully carry out intellectual inquiry (psychic work).

Part 1: Alytus, Lughnassadh, 2015 (Report written in anticipation of release for the Winter Solstice, since culture is what is left when all that has been understood is forgotten)

In the summer of 2015 CE, somewhere in a forest in Southern Lithuania, just a few miles from the exact geographical centre-point of Europe, a contingent of psychic workers undertook the construction of a triangular “supercollider” from the ’pataposition of three overlapping orthographic projections of the Kabbalist “Cube of Space”. Here they launched three simultaneous games of three-sided football into each other at high speed, the intense energies released in this “super-superposition” being sufficient to open up higher dimensional space, uncovering the deep triolectics at play within the science of exceptions. In doing so, the assembled situlogists successfully glimpsed the quantum hyperspace of psychogeographic gameplay, completing the first phase in what has been called a “Great Unworking”: Three-sided football’s attempt at the psychogeographical “unbinding” of Europe.

Whilst it had long been decided that our bi -annual festive get-together would be marked by a communal game of three-sided football, initially some debate had taken place as to the exact format this might take. Blissett had, of course, within minutes of arriving, set out our own propositions on the matter to the assembled congress. Blissett and Blissett, as the instantly revocable delegates of the NXTPA, SOF and the Luther Blissett Deptford League, had in fact only arrived in the country the previous evening, having crossed the Konnigsberg bridges at 30,000ft the previous sunset. Still tired from our late night dérive through southern Vinius, a local minibus had spirited us through the sun -soaked pine forests to arrive just in time for coffee.

Blissett presented an informative paper on the 23 varieties of three -sided football, or at least those so far catalogued in the Book of Deptford, whilst Blissett’s report on Triolectical Football in N-Dimensional Space and Kabbalah Quantum Letterism was happily well received by the assembled psychic workers in the hall. In the paper we had suggested that a homeomorphic transformation of the Kabbalah’s Cube of Space - the inspiration for Isou’s Letterist cosmology - had been undertaken by John Dee in the 16th Century, through the use of non-Euclidean, n- dimensional geometry. Presenting the trifurcation of the Cube of Space into the Kabbalists’ Tree of Life (religion), the artists’ colour wheel (art) and the three-sided football field (sport), we demonstrated the hypothesis that through the use of super-superposition (what we opted to call ’pataposition), that it would be possible to experience three-sided football itself in n-dimensional space.

Ateh stated that he too had been considering the possibilities of superposition, whilst Ateh filled in the assembled delegates further upon his important research concerning hidden dimensions of Lettrism at the End of the Age of Divinity. This had, I gathered, been elaborated on at previous congresses, but it was useful for me to have a refresher on such crucial analyses. The afternoon saw us assembling for banner painting, ahead of the planned OPSINA (cOmmitee for the coordination of the psychic workers Plenary to Submit to reproductIve aNd productive workers And dominate destructive workers) psychic attack on the G4S offices at the Swedbank compound in Alytus. We were to carry out the action in solidarity with all those afflicted by its prisons, detention centres and concentrations camps worldwide. Using the collected local clay from the Situchemistry store in order to asemically embellish a number of translucent cloths.

This proletarian medicine was being dished out at morning exercises each daybreak to those willing and able to get up in time, but we noted that it also made an excellent painterly and plastic medium for the patterns and sigils with which we now adorned our garments.

The results, Blissett remarked, were quite satisfactory. Not only that, but I noted that it also reduced our dependence on industrially produced and dubiously sourced pigmentations, whose colonialist patronage is well known. Our newly -embellished drapes were then wrapped about our personages, whilst we transformed ourselves and each other by means of a Situpathic daubing ritual, singing and dancing whilst situlogically transmuting the very forms of our bodies through a transformative morphology of the unique.


The theme to this years exploration of 3sf at the biennale is Superposition/Superimposition. It is a very appropriate way of looking at three sided football for it requires us to look at 3sf not only as a game played by kicking a ball around a field – or a forest if you live in Lithuania – but as a game within the context of culture.

Three sided football has now been with us for 50 years – of which it is only the last 20 that have witnessed its experimental realisation. In true cybernetic fashion, the more it has been explored, the more the feedback from each game has allowed its arena of operation to expand.

Most of you probably know that three sided football was developed by Asger Jorn in 1962 - ostensibly as a metaphor for explaining how his theory of triolectics could be understood in a real world situation. In reality - three sided football was actually a deceptively simple way of conveying the complexities of his entire life’s work. My presentation at the conference on three sided football at least years World Cup in Silkeborg examined in detail the means by which 3sf managed to encapsulate Jorns thought - and I don’t propose to repeat it right now – but if anyone is interested I have it with me and would be delighted to present this again later in the biennale.

When it was picked up Fabian Tompsett in 1994 and the first game was actually PLAYED, three sided football was seen simply as a means of vitalising tedious debates on Anarchism into dynamic lived experiences. Today Three sided football is being played on an increasing basis around the world – with new and exiting possibilities for its understanding emerging at a startling rate.

So what I want to do today is to look at how three sided football operates as a multi layered transformative cultural morphology – shape shifting like a viscous flow through every arena into which it has been introduced. Like a hydra – three sided football has started growing exponentially with every iteration – each of which superimposes itself onto the original conception, enriching, complexifying, and diversifying. With the sum of every part being greater than the whole – the expansion and diversification of three sided football is starting to be understood as the means of its true expression.

So let us take a look at the various ways of understaning three sided that I know about – and after I have finished maybe you can help expand this collection with your own.

1.      testing out asger jorns hypotheis –

was it correct. Would playing 3sf be defensive and boring but ultimately lead to an explosion. Would the onset of the explosion result in a few hightened moments of spontaneous exaltation. From wnla in the 90’s onwards there has been a history in the UK of putting into practise the various therories of the SI – as so little in the documantation about them shows what happens. Jorns theory of triolectics is a notable example. Did Jorn mean this to be LIVED – was it really a set of suggestions for behaviour or an analysis of societal cureents.

2. Constructed situation

Because of the nature of this event – I probably don’t have to say too much about the Situationist project. But for those who are unfamiliar with SI ideas – here is very short intro. Essential to situationist theory is the concept of the spectacle, a unified critique of advanced capitalism of which a primary concern is the progressively increasing tendency towards the expression and mediation of social relations through objects.Situationists believe that the shift from individual expression through directly lived experiences, or the first-hand fulfillment of authentic desires, to individual expression by proxy through the exchange or consumption of commodities, or passive second-hand alienation, inflicts significant and far-reaching damage to the quality of human life for both individuals and society.A central concept of situationist theory is how this objectified alienation can be counteracted – and the principal means imagined is via the construction of situations, moments of life deliberately constructed for the purpose of reawakening and pursuing authentic desires, experiencing the feeling of life and adventure, and the liberation of everyday life.

For many players who approach 3sf through the filter of the SI a common reason is a belief that participation in the game involves the realisation of the Constructed Situataion - whether this be the localised play of the one off game – or in the production of a larger body of “work’ which then constitutes a more involved and complex evolution of the Constructed Situation. Like those who see 3sf as a testing of Jorns theory of triolectics - those focused more on the constructed situation also see their activities as a lived development of situationist praxis.

Clay is the oldest means for healing of all disbalances in nature. As a material clay reveals itself as living matter which empowers us to call it a person and communicate on materialist-animist-communist level interpersonally. In the age of neoliberalist capitalism clay reveals herself as true proletarian medicine as alternative to corporational chemistry - it's because clay is cheap and effective. here we want to present you some fragments from the healing instructions elaborated in  Crimea medical clinics during the soviet times and still are practiced by counter-capitalist enthusiasts.

The human body is designed so that it must fight its diseases and ailments, but since it does not have its strength, we must help it.
While cleansing the body and its renewal the stabilization is obtained and immunity is developed – so the body heals itself.
The best medicine is the nature itself. One of the invaluable treasures - is white/blue clay. It took more than five hundred million years ago and it is a product of primitive processing plants - equisetum, ferns, and marine organisms.

The older the clay belt, the lighter the color of kaolinites. Clay lies the highest quality at a great depth, at the level of 30-60 meters from the soil surface and is "living matter" of the earth.
White and blue color corresponds to 39 elements of the periodic table and it's rare elements. The amount of silica in clay is about 50 %. Silicon - one of the most common elements on earth, without which there would be no life on our planet. Silicon is a part of all plants and living organisms. Silica ratio in human blood about 1:100,000. If it decreases a person begins to "feel the weather", the general physical condition deteriorates.
Silicon deficiency in the body can lead to rapid aging, and to such diseases: arthritis, atherosclerosis and cancer.
One conclusion: it is necessary to timely replenish body reserves of silica. Here clay is simply irreplaceable.

Clay minerals contain almost all of which is human or animal. Electrolyte composition of clay is a good carrier of energy. Therefore, the body is an exchange of energy. Clay excretes out dirty energy, releasing blockages, and the body is charged by the energy of clay minerals, plants, and vital energy is added of the fluid in which clay is dispersed.

Bulgarian healer Ivan Yotov with clay cures everything except cancer of fourth degree - when the capsule of cells burst and can not give back its mud to clay.
Clay is able to absorb the disease. It absorbs and removes toxins from the body - pus, odors, liquids, gases - that is all negative and harmful.
Consider the whole of your life, what you already do, all your doings. Now please exclude everything which is naturally physiologically necessary (or harmful), such as breathing and sleeping (or breaking an arm). For what remains, exclude everything which is for the satisfaction of a social demand, a very large area which includes foremost your job, but also care of children, being polite, voting, your haircut, and much else. From what remains, exclude everything which is an agency, a "means" -- another very large area which overlaps with others to be excluded. From what remains, exclude everything which involves competition. In what remains, concentrate on everything done entirely because you just like it as you do it. (Henry Flynt „Against „Participation“: Total Critique of Culture“)

The union of DAta Miners/ Travailleurs Psychique has emerged from the involvement of IWW workers in the Alytus Art Strike in 2009. It is currently in formation, non dues paying, and experimental forum for the united action of different workers around the world on the basis of industrial production that affects the psychic makeup of us and our world as workers - ie through dimensions of space, time and meaning.

Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial of 2015 as usually is yielding a ground for counter-eurocentrist manifestation, denouncing the structural core of racist issues in serious (white) culture of biennalization, rising the decolonization of mind including Black Power experience and subversion of "normalization" processes into abnormalization fiest where every two years psychic workers and data miners are joyfully celebrating the death of art.

We aim at worldwide unionising on the proletarianist basis.

We distanced ourselves from the role of the art workers because the basis of art workers solidarity is a basis of the imperialism of art and the wholly anti-working class basis of art. The question is can we as workers unionise in order to build working class power. Our answer has been to reject, resist and attack art itself just as revolutionary workers unionisation is against work itself.

We aim at new possibility of interpersonal relationship practices of (non)humans without capitalist specialization and alienation resulted by bourgeois culture.

The event is planned for August 18-23rd , 2015 in Alytus. 


Alytus Biennial is a logic continuation of numerous international experimental art festivals and events held in southern Lithuanian town Alytus since 1993. So far the essential element for the town is an absence of any artistic infrastructure (neither galleries, art museums, nor even some exhibition hall in the city hosting 50 000 inhabitants – sic! - and even no any promises from the municipal authorities) the events were held directly in the streets and other urban common places. The essential element for any of those activities was political-artistic behavior and problematic.

As a clearly defined event under the name of Alytus Biennial the event appeared in 2005. The basic idea for it was to continue experimental art tradition directly in the urban spaces of the town. So far it took the name “Beware!Politics!” it really stood somewhere in-between of arts and politics. The biennial also clamed for debienalization of arts and society so to respond to increasing number of various biennials appeared as cultural capital in itself. The communal approach of the artists’ community was taken as a highest value of the event to continue the development further.

The biennial of 2007 was given to youth with a task simply to demystify it’s importance an so to trap the sacred name of it. So far they did not succeed to destroy the biennial as the symbol of “serious culture” – next step was Art Strike Biennial: to cease any artistic activity related to mimicking of Vilnius European Cultural Capital and/or any establishment in Lithuania in 2009. Establishment got pierced and Biennial turned into an activity to not produce arts every second the year. This year DAMTP has emerged.

Alytus [Art Strike] Biennial of 2011 yielded a ground for the First Congress of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP). That happen on August 22-28th in Alytus. It aimed at gathering of world wide radical antiautoritaric post-neoist-out of Dadaists, surrealists or offsprings of fluxus and situationists, post artists (those who ceased their participation in capitalist spectacle), prophets, sages and seers, cultural, political and social workers, dead and alive, made-up and non-existant, reproductive workers and lovers – everybody who are active in the field of space, time and meaning under the umbrella of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique to discuss, share and spread around our experiences and good will to destroy bourgeois culture and outlive capitalist specializations. So far we found art strike biennial very relevant form to abolish imperialist format of cultural biennial format, also to liberate some funds from them on that occasion and that was very pleasant form to outlive the death of art (and serious culture) in a place were it never was settled (yet).

The DAMTP meeting to discuss on decolonization and particularly on its visual and linguistic issues was held on September 21-23, 2012 in Alytus and there was rised an issue of identity. So far discussions did not lead to any resolution there was a need to address the question to elaborate practically. And during the Art Strike Biennial of 2013 the question of identity was elaborated practically by adopting the instrument of DesaKalaPatraGraph (DKP-graph).

The format of the psychic strike biennial for 2015 - to generate discussion and to invent, repeat and develop collective practices:

-          Collective painting and animist ceramics with body-psychics healing capacities

-           Morning exercises

-           DKP-graphics

-           Déjà vu day and night public preemptive anti-capitalist and counter-bourgeois pickets/demonstrations - dead workers of all nations and times, organic and non-organic were included;
-         growing up distrust to eurocentrist Cartesian assumption on language as representative (i.e. assumption that the world exists objectively and that language represents, symbolizes, stands for and/or mirrors reality that is independent of human agency, except in terms of use value) and applying of generative language (non-european to asemic) which emerges from human and/or non-human intentionality and interaction.

-           Workshops on collective hypergraphics and situgraphics.

-          Déjà vu psychogeographic 3-sided football match in the public park;

-          Déjà vu developed and empowered total DIY music jam;

-          Déjà vu cloudbusting – the extraction of cosmic sexual energy extracted by cloud engineering busters (according to invention by Wilhelm Reich) and/or human/non-human psychic will… and sharing will all people of good will around.

-           listening to the songs of lichens on anthropogenic substrata at Tatar cemetery and polyphonic mind singing

And traditionally: no individual show-ups, no organized [visual] documentation ...and trying to avoid any... 


-          there are  invited everybody who ceased playing the role of artists, or are planning to do it soon – and we expect for not doing arts during the festival, but sharing your artistic experience and fantasies in more useful activities we’ll decide right at place

-         there are  invited theoreticians not to give the lectures and clever advices, neither addressing big names, but rather to look for latent possibilities not hidden under the shiny professionalism

-          there are  invited activists who instead of addressing global capitalist problems would face the misery of everyday life what is actual cause for it.

-          there are  invited everybody to set up the radical consequences of global capitalist cultural colonialism and to look forward for common acts in all levels of space, time and meaning.

“If the end is the taking of power by the people themselves then the means must be the revolutionary organs of the people – worker councils, community councils, communes etc.

If the end is the freeing of man culturally as well socially and economically then the means exist in the destruction of “culture”.

If the end is the liberation of natural man then the means must be sexual as well as social.

If the end is the “totality” then the means must be “total” – all or nothing.”

Ben Morea. Black Mask No. 7, August/September 1967.




[also Lithuanian, Urdu & Russian version to be found below]



We are a labour union for workers, who make meaning,

who work on the extraction, development, generation, control, transfer and communication of meaning.

Meaning is made by producers and consumers of commodities.



We are open to wage slaves, bonded slaves or chattel slaves

We are open to all paid or unpaid workers

We are open to temporary and permanent workers

We are open to workers from any job, trade, industry

We are open to workers from any space and time

We are open to workers who are dead

We are open to workers who do not exist  







Trialectics is a tool of dialectic war dissolved into collective poetry.

Trialectics leads towards direct action.



We demand subversion of positivist rituals,

We demand subversion of the cult of productivity,

We demand subversion of the idolatry of scientism,

We demand subversion of capitalist 'rationalism' ('common sense' - which is not so common),

We demand subversion of imperial-bureaucratic mentality.



We organize for the specific situation

We organize for class struggle.

We organize in the household,

We organize in the leisure, public or private space,

We organize in any job, industry, trade or region

We organize on any temporal or class basis.



The first labour is the labour of birth

so the most important work is the work of women,

the work of sexually progressive ones

the work of all non-white non-male peoples around the world.



Any worker can become an instantly revocable delegates.

Any worker can become a committee

Any worker can become a union themself


We want a moral imperative;

We want to imagine another life

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede capitalist life one because it is based on exploitation

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede education,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede specialization,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede experts,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede competition,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede careers,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede the market,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede overproduction,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede consumption,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede categorization,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede hierarchy,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede aesthetics,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede alienation,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede serious European culture,

We want to oppose, dismantle and supersede self-identification with cultural clichés.



We will outlive capitalism.

We have no bank accounts or dues.

We take everything from capitalist companies.

There is no point in competing with other workers

We will steal from our oppressors.

What belongs to whom?


We want to take collective control of the means of production

We want to share all resources together

We want to become a workers council in every place

We want to become a workers council in time

We want to become a workers council in space



We work with other workers unions and workers councils around the world.

We obey workers and workers unions that are poorer than us

We obey workers and workers unions that are less organised than us

We command workers and workers unions that are richer than us

We command workers and workers unions that are more organised than us

We look forward for the new constructs of selforganization to dismiss us.




Apocalypse and Judgment Day in Hollywood cinema ('2012') supports capitalist ideology of social consensus

Apocalypse and Judgment Day in Hollywood cinema promotes passive acceptance of a 'shocking' 'end'.

We imagine a different future.



Our aim is a General Strike:

Our aim is an economical strike

Our aim is a social strike,

Our aim is a cultural strike,

Our aim is a sexual strike,

Our aim is a psychic strike.



since 2012 we are in continuous resistance

since 2012 we organize in the way of ceasing to live according to our habits.

since 2012  we stopped the quantum time bomb

since 2012 we ban the Freemasons of the Future



Social change on a world scale is possible and is in progress.









infoRmation, intElligence, military operatiVes:
sOcial, poLitical and culTural workers:

Join the union of
Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique



Me esame prasmę kuriančių darbininkų sąjunga.

Mes išgauname, vystome, generuojame prasmes, jas kontroliuojame ir jomis komunikuojame.

Prasmę sukuria prekių gamintojai ir vartotojai.


Mes atviri visiems darbininkams: tiek samdomiems ar įsiskolinusiems, ar net katorgininkams.

Mes atviri ir gaunantiems darbo užmokestį, ir jo net nesitikintiems.

Mes atviri laikinai ar nuolat dirbantiems.

Mes atviri pačių įvairiausių darboviečių, profesijų ir industrijų darbininkams.

Mes atviri darbininkams iš skirtingų vietovių, erdvių ir laikmečių.

Mes atviri mirusiems darbininkams.

Mes atviri neegzistuojantiems darbininkams.


Triolektika – tai visa apimančioje kolektyvinėje poezijoje išskleista dialektika.

Triolektika veda į tiesioginį veiksmą.


Mes sieksime naikinti pozityvistinius ritualus.

Mes sieksime naikinti produktyvumo kultą.

Mes sieksime naikinti keliaklupsčiavimą mokslui.

Mes sieksime naikinti kapitalistinį „racionalizmą“ („sveikas protas“, deja, nėra jau toks sveikas)

Mes sieksime naikinti imperialistinį-biurokratinį mentalitetą.


Mes organizuojamės specifinėse situacijose.

Mes organizuojamės klasių kovai.

Mes organizuojamės namų apyvokoje.

Mes organizuojamės leisdami laisvalaikį viešosiose ir privačiose erdvėse.

Mes organizuojamės pagal profesijas, darbovietes, industrijas ir regionus.

Mes organizuojamės laikinai arba pagal klasinius požymius.


Darbas prasideda nuo gimimo ir gimdymo,

todėl svarbiausias yra moterų darbas,

darbas, kurį atlieka būdamos seksualiai pajėgesnės,

visų ne baltųjų rasės ir ne vyriškos giminės žmonių darbas.


Darbininkas gali nuolat tapti ir bet kuriuo metu pats save atšaukti kaip delegatą.

Darbininkas gali tapti komitetu.

Darbininkas gali tapti sąjunga.


Mes norime laikytis moralinio imperatyvo;

Mes norime svajoti kitokį gyvenimą.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti edukaciją.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti specializaciją.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti ekspertus.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti konkurenciją.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti karjeras.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti rinką.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti perteklinę gamybą.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti vartojimą.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti klasifikaciją.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti hierarchiją.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti estetiką.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti susvetimėjimą.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti „rimtąją“ eurocentristinę kultūrą.

Mes norime diskredituoti, sugriauti ir išgyvendinti tapatinimąsi su kultūrinėmis klišėmis.


Mes pergyvensime kapitalizmą.

Mes nemokame jokių mokesčių.

Mes neturime jokių banko sąskaitų.

Mes pasiimsime viską iš kapitalistinių kompanijų.

Nebėra prasmės darbininkų tarpusavio konkurencijai.

Mes kolektyviai vogsime iš mūsų išnaudotojų.

Kam viskas priklauso?


Mes norime kolektyviai kontroliuoti gamybos priemones.

Mes norime tarpusavyje dalintis resursais.

Mes norime darbininkų tarybų kiekvienoje darbo vietoje.

Mes norime darbininkų tarybų kiekvienoje laiko atkarpoje.

Mes norime darbininkų tarybų kiekviename erdvės matavime.


Mes dirbame su darbininkų sąjungomis ir tarybomis visame pasaulyje.

Mes paklūstam už mus neturtingesnėms darbininkų sąjungomis ir tarybomis.

Mes paklūstam mažiau organizuotoms darbininkų sąjungomis ir tarybomis.

Mes kontroliuojame turtingesnes darbininkų sąjungas ir tarybas.

Mes kontroliuojame už mus geriau organizuotas darbininkų sąjungomis ir tarybomis.

Mes atviri naujoms saviorganizacijos formoms, kurios mus pakeis


Apokalipsė ir Paskutinio teismo dienos motyvai holivudinėje produkcijoje (pvz. „2012“) primeta „visuotinai priimtiną“ kapitalistinę ideologiją.

Apokalipsė ir Paskutinio teismo dienos motyvai holivudinėje produkcijoje skatina pasyviai tapatintis su „šokiruojančia pabaiga“.

Mes įsivaizduojame kitokią ateitį.


Mūsų tikslas – visuotinis streikas:

Mūsų tikslas – ekonominis streikas.

Mūsų tikslas – socialinis streikas.

Mūsų tikslas – kultūrinis streikas.

Mūsų tikslas – seksualinis streikas.

Mūsų tikslas – psichologinis-telepatinis streikas.


Nuo 2012-ųjų kievieni metai bus pasipriešinimo metai.

Nuo 2012-ųjų atmesime mums primestus įpročius ir organizuosime savo gyvenimą be jų.

Nuo 2012-ųjų mes stabdysime kvantinę laiko bombą.

Nuo 2012-ųjų mes stabdysime ateities Masonus.


Socialinis pasikeitimas globaliu mastu įmanomas ir jis jau vyksta.



Socialiniai, politiniai ir kUltūros darbinininKai:
Informacija, žvaLgyba, kariniaI ManevrAi ir operacijoS 
Prisijunk prie duomenkasių ir psichodarbininkų sąjungos (DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique – DAMTP)!


انجمن متن کھنیک اور عملی کارکن

Anjuman Matan Kahneek Aur Amali Karkan (AMKAAK)

اعداد و شمار کھنیک


نفسیاتی کارکنان


ہم ڈیٹا کھنیک اور ذہنی کارکنوں کی لیبر یونین کی جاتی ہیں


ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو معنی بنانے کے لئے لیبر یونین ہیں.

جو کھولنے کا ، ترقی ، پیداوار ، کنٹرول ، منتقلی اور معنی میں مواصلات کا کام.

مطلب مصنوعات اور کھانے کی چیزوں کو صارفین کی جانب سے دیا جاتا ہے.


ہم تنخواہ غلام ، داس یا پراپرٹی بندوں بندوا کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم سب کی ادائیگی یا ادت کارکنوں کو کھلی رہتی ہیں.

ہم نے عارضی اور مستقل ملازمین کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کوئی کام ، تجارت ، صنعت کے ملازمین کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم کسی بھی جگہ اور وقت سے مزدوروں کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو مر چکے ہیں کے لئے کھلے ہیں

ہم نے کارکنوں کو جو موجود نہیں کرنا کھلی رہتی ہیں.


جنگ کا ایک آلہ اجتماعی شاعری ہے.

براہ راست کارروائی کی طرف لے جاتی ہے.


ہم مثبت رواج کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ،

ہم پیداوری کا دین کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ،

ہم اشتھانواد کی بت پرستی کے فتنہ بپا کا مطالبہ ،

ہم سرمایہ کی 'ریشنلائیزم بغاوت کا مطالبہ' (عام عقل '-- جس میں اتنی عام نہیں ہے) ،

ہم نے شاہی نوکرشاہی کی ذہنیت کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ.


ہم نے خاص حالت کے لئے منظم

ہم نے طبقاتی جدوجہد کے لئے منظم.

ہم گھر میں منظم ،

ہم تفریح ، عوامی یا نجی خلا میں منظم ،

ہم نے کوئی کام ، صنعت ، تجارت اور علاقے میں منظم

ہم نے کوئی بھی کچھ وقت کی یا طبقے کی بنیاد پر منظم.


پہلا مزدور کی پیدائش کے کارکن ہے

تو سب سے زیادہ اہم کام عورتوں کا کام ہے ،

جنسی طور پر ترقی پذیر لوگوں کا کام

دنیا بھر میں تمام غیر سفید غیر مرد - لوگوں کا کام کرتے ہیں.


کوئی ملازم کسی کو فوری طور پر مائسنہرنیی نمائندوں بن سکتے ہیں.

کوئی کارکن ایک کمیٹی بن سکتا ہے

کوئی کارکن ایک مرکزی خود بن سکتا ہے


ہم ایک اخلاقی ضروری چاہتے ہیں ؛

ہم نے ایک نئ زندگی کا تصور کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم سرمایہ کی زندگی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں کیونکہ یہ استحصال پر مبنی ہے

ہم نے تعلیم پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مہارت پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم نے ماہرین کی قابو پانے کے لیے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مقابلے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم نے کیرئر پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم مارکیٹ پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم پیداوار پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم استعمال پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم درجہ بندی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم تنظیمی ڈھانچے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم خوبصورتی پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم فاصلے پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم شدید یورپی ثقافت پر قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں ،

ہم ثقافتی کے ساتھ خود کو شناخت - قابو پانے کے لئے چاہتے ہیں.


ہم نے اب گزشتہ سے سرمایہ داری کرے گا.

ہمارے پاس اور کوئی بینک اکاؤنٹ یا بقایا ہے.

ہم نے سب کچھ لے رئیسوں سے.

اس کے دوسرے کارکنوں کے ساتھ مقابلہ کرنے میں کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہے

ہم ظالم سے چوری کرے گا.

کیا ہی کے لئے ہے کون؟


ہم نے پیداوار کا مطلب ہے کی مجموعی کنٹرول کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم نے تمام وسائل کے ساتھ اشتراک کرنا چاہتے ہیں

ہم نے ہر جگہ پر ایک کارکن کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں

ہم وقت میں ایک مزدور کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں

ہم نے خلا میں ایک مزدور کونسل بننا چاہتا ہوں


ہم دنیا بھر کے دیگر کارکنوں یونینوں اور کارکنوں کونسلوں کے ساتھ کام کرتے ہیں.

ہم نے اطاعت کی کارکن اور ملازمین یونینوں کہ ہم سے زیادہ غریب ہیں

ہم نے اطاعت کی کارکن اور ملازمین یونینوں کہ کم ہم سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں

ہم نے حکم کارکنوں اور مزدوروں یونینوں کہ ہم سے زیادہ امیر ہیں

ہم نے حکم کارکنوں اور مزدوروں یونینوں کہ مزید ہم سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں

ہم نے خود کو تنظیم کی نئی تشکیل ہم کو مسترد کرنے کے لئے آگے دیکھو.



کیامت اور قیامت کے دن پر ہالی وڈ میں سنیما ('2012') سماجی اتفاق رائے کی سرمایہ نظریہ کی حمایت کرتا ہے

کیامت اور قیامت کے دن ہالی وڈ کی فلموں میں ایک 'چونکانے والی' ختم کی 'غیر فعال منظوری فروغ دیتا ہے.

ہم ایک مختلف مستقبل کی کلپنا.


ہمارا مقصد ایک عام ہڑتال ہے :

ہمارا مقصد ایک اقتصادی ہڑتال ہے

ہمارا مقصد ایک سماجی ہڑتال ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ایک ثقافتی حملہ ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ہے ایک جنسی ہڑتال ہے ،

ہمارا مقصد ہے ایک نفسیاتی ہڑتال ہے.


2012 مزاحمتی کا سال ہو گا

2012 ہمارے نوشی کے مطابق رہنے کے لئے نہ ختم ہونے کی راہ میں تنظیم کا سال ہو گا.

2012 سال ہو جائے گا ہم نے کوانٹم وقت بند کر دیا بم

2012 سال ہو جائے گا تو ہم بند مستقبل


ایک ایسی دنیا کے پیمانے پر سماجی تبدیلی ممکن ہے اور ترقی پر ہے.

چوٹ کی وجہ سے ایک کو سب کو چوٹ ہے

اعداد و شمار کھنیک ، ذہنی اور مرنے کے کارکنوں کے لیبر یونین بیتہاشا ظالم کے خلاف ہماری جوابی زیادہ!



0. ہم معنی پیدا کرنے میں ملوث کارکنوں کی یونین ہے. یہ کھلی ہوئی ، ترقی ، پیداوار ، کنٹرول کی منتقلی . دوسرے الفاظ میں ، خط کے ساتھ کام کرنا. چونکہ خط کہیں بھی کچھ بھی استعمال کرتے ہوئے کسی کی طرف سے کر سکتے ہیں فیشن ، ، میں مرکزی امام کے کارکنوں کے لئے کھلا ہوا ہے جیسا کہ ہم نے کوئی اجرت میں داخل فرما ، بندوا یا پراپرٹی غلام ، سب کی ادائیگی ، ادت ، عارضی ، مستقل ، آرام دہ اور پرسکون کارکنوں اور مزدوروں کو مختلف کاموں کے پار -- کاروبار ، ، صنعت ، مختلف مقامات اور اوقات کے پار.

1. اعلان دوندوواد کے ایک جنگی آلہ اجتماعی شاعری طور پر ، اور تو براہ راست کارروائی کی طرف اہم تفریق ہم روایتی رواج کی بغاوت کا مطالبہ ، پیداوری کا دین ، اشتھانواد کی بت پرستی ، سرمایہ ریشنلائیزم '(عام عقل' -- جس میں اتنی عام نہیں ہے) ، اور شاہی نوکرشاہی کی ذہنیت.

2. کارکن کسی بھی بنیاد پر کے طور پر مخصوص صورتحال یا طبقاتی جدوجہد کی مثال کے طور پر فٹ بیٹھتا ہے کو منظم کرنے کے قابل ہونا چاہئے. یہ گھر ، تفریح ، عوامی یا نجی خلا میں ایک کام ، صنعت ، تجارت ، علاقائی ، کنپٹی یا طبقے کی بنیاد میں شامل ہے ،. ہم نے پھر بھی کشیدگی ہے کہ لیبر کی پہلی ویب سائٹ کی پیدائش کا کارکن ہے اور اس کا کام سب سے پہلے ہے اور سب سے پہلے عورتوں کے کام ، جنسی طور پر ترقی پسند لوگ ہیں اور دنیا بھر میں تمام غیر سفید غیر مرد - پیپلز چاہئے.

3. کارکن خود کو کسی بھی وقت فوری طور پر مائسنہرنیی نمائندوں کے طور پر آگے بڑھ سکو گے. ورکرز بعض صورتوں میں کمیٹیوں یا 1 شخص (کی تنظیموں سے قائم اس سے بھی) زیادہ اراکین کی ، ہو سکتا ہے یہ بھی منتخب کر سکتے ہیں سمیت مردہ / سوچا لوگ کسی بھی وقت).

4. ہم ایک اخلاقی ضروری کے نفاذ کے لئے پکارا کرو اور ایک دوسرے کی زندگی کا خیال کی مخالفت کرتا ہے ، کو گرانے اور سرمایہ ایک ، سب نے اس کے ساتھ استحصال پر اٹوٹ حصوں پر مبنی : تعلیم ، مہارت ، ماہرین ، مقابلہ ، پیشے ، مارکیٹ ، پیداوار ، استعمال ، درجہ بندی کے خلاف ورزی ، ڈھانچے ، جمالیات ، فاصلے ، "شدید" ثقافتی وغیرہ کے ساتھ یورپی ثقافت ، خود کی شناخت -

5. ایک مرکزی کیا جیسے ہم خود تنظیم جس میں سرمایہ داری زندہ رہنا جائیں گی جس کا ڈھانچہ تشکیل کے طور پر دیکھتے ہیں. لہذا ہم نے کوئی بینک اکاؤنٹ یا بقایا ہے. اپنے وسائل کی تمام سرمایہ تنظیموں کی جانب سے آزاد کرا لیا جائے گا. اس کے دوسرے کارکنوں کے ساتھ مقابلہ کرنے میں کوئی فائدہ نہیں ہے ، لیکن ظالم کی طرف سے اجتماعی چوری میں ایک بہت بڑی صلاحیت ہے. جس کے لئے کیا ہے؟ جیسا کہ ایک مرکزی ہمارا مقصد کی پیداوار کے ذرائع کے مجموعی کنٹرول سنبھال لیا ہے اور ہمارا کام ، جگہ ، وقت یا صنعت میں ایک مزدور کونسل بن جاتا ہے.

6. ایک مرکزی ہم دنیا بھر کے دیگر کارکنوں یونینوں اور کارکنوں کونسلوں کے ساتھ مل کر کام کرنے کے لئے طلب کے طور پر. ہم پیداوار اور وسائل کے استعمال کے سلسلہ کی شرائط میں ملازمین کی یونینوں اور مجلس ہے کہ براہ راست ہماری اپنی پیداوار سے متعلق ہیں کی ہدایت کی پیروی کرنا چاہتے ہیں.

7. ایک مرکزی طور پر ، اور کارکنوں کے طور پر ہم نے ان لوگوں کے کارکنوں ، یونینوں اور مجلس ہے کہ کم خود سے منعقد کئے جاتے ہیں اور ہم نے خود کو تنظیم کی نئی تشکیل ہم کو مسترد کرنے کے لئے آگے دیکھو پر عمل کریں. سرمایہ تعلقات ہم بھی دیکھو اشانتی پھیلانے کو کنٹرول کرنے میں ہم سے زیادہ منظم ان لوگوں کو.

8. ایسے '2012کے طور پر ہالی وڈ کی فلموں میں (کیامت موضوعات کے حالیہ دھماکے') سماجی اتفاق رائے کی سرمایہ نظریہ کو تقویت اور ایک چونکانے والی 'ختم کی' غیر فعال منظوری فروغ دیتا ہے. ہم ایک مختلف مستقبل کی کلپنا. ہمارا مقصد -- عام ہڑتال : اقتصادی ، سماجی ، ثقافتی ، جنسی ، ذہنی. 2012 ہمارے نوشی کے مطابق رہنے کے لئے نہ ختم ہونے کی راہ میں مزاحمت اور تنظیم کا سال ہو گا. ایک ایسی دنیا کے پیمانے پر سماجی تبدیلی ممکن ہے اور ترقی پر ہے.

چوٹ سے کسی ایک کے -- ڈیٹا کھنیک ، ذہنی اور مرنے کے کارکنوں کمیٹی ضرر ہے بیتہاشا ظالم کے خلاف ہماری جوابی زیادہ!











Мы профсоюз работников,

которые производят смысл;
которые работают на добычу, развитие, производство, управление, передачу и распространение смысла.
Значение осуществляется производителями и потребителями товаров.





Мы открыты для наемныхб, задолженных и заключенных рабов.
Мы открыты для всех оплачиваемых или неоплачиваемых рабочих.
Мы открыты для временных и постоянных работников.
Мы открыты для рабочих из любой работы, торговли, промышленности.
Мы открыты для рабочих из всякого пространства и времени.
Мы открыты для мертвыхработников.
Мы открыты для работников, которые не существуют.

Триалектика является инструментом, где диалектика растворяется в коллективной поэзии.

Триалектика ведет к прямому действию.

Мы требуем выместить позитивистские ритуалы.
Мы требуем выместить культ производительности.
Мы требуем выместить идолопоклонство научности.
Мы требуем выместить капиталистического „рационализма“ ("здравого смысла" - что не такое «здравое» на самом деле).
Мы требуем выместить имперско-бюрократического менталитета.

Мы можем организоваться в конкретной ситуации.
Мы можем организоваться на основе классовой борьбы.
Мы организуемся дома.
Мы организуемся во время отдыха в общественных или частных пространствах.
Мы организуемся на любом рабочем месте, отросли промышленности, торговли и в любом регионе.
Мы организуемся на любой временной или классовой основе.

Первый труд – это труд рождения.
Поэтому наиболее важной является работа женщин,
работа более прогрессивных полом;
работа всех небелых и немужского пола людей во всем мире.


Любой работник может выдвинуть, а также отозвать себя из делегатов в любое время.

Любой работник может стать комитетом.
Любой работник может стать союзом сам себе.

Мы хотим морального императива:
Мы хотим вообразить другую жизнь.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и заменить капиталистическую жизнь, потому что она основана на эксплуатации.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить образование.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить специализации.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить экспертов.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить конкуренцию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить карьеры.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить рынок.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить безпредельное производство.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить потребление.

Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить классификацию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить иерархию.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить эстетику.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить отчуждение.

Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить «серьезную» европейскую культуру.
Мы хотим противостоять, демонтировать и отменить самоидентификацию с культурными клише.

Мы переживем капитализм.
У нас нет банковских счетов или сборов.
Мы берем все из капиталистических компаний.
Нету никакого смысла в конкуренции с другими работниками.
Мы будем воровать у наших угнетателей.
Кому это принадлежит?

Мы хотим взять на себя коллективную контроль над средствами производства.
Мы хотим делить между собой все свои ресурсы.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами в любом месте.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами во времени.
Мы хотим стать рабочими советами в пространстве.

Мы сотрудничаем с другими профсоюзами и рабочими советами по всему миру.
Мы подчиняемся работникам и профсоюзам работников, которые беднее нас.
Мы подчиняемся работникам и профсоюзам работников, которые являются менее организованными, чем мы.
Мы контролируем работников и профсоюзов работников, которые богаче, чем мы.
Мы контролируем работников и профсоюзов работников, которые являются более организованными, чем мы.
Мы с нетерпением ожидаем новых стуктур самоорганизации, что выместит нас.

Апокалипсис и Судный день в Голливудском кино (например «2012») способствует капиталистической идеологии социального консенсуса.
Апокалипсис и Судный день в Голливудском кино способствует пассивное принятие «шокирующего конца».
Мы представляем себе другое будущее.

Наша цель состоит во всеобщей забастовке:
Наша цель состоит в экономической забастовке
Наша цель состоит в социальной забастовке
Наша цель состоит в культурной забастовке
Наша цель является сексуальной забастовкой
Наша цель это психическая-телепатическая забастовка.

2012 год станет годом сопротивления.
2012 год станет годом организации в том, как перестать жить в соответствии с нашими привычками.
2012 год станет годом, когда мы остановим квантовую бомбу замедленного действия.
2012 год станет годом, когда мы остановим масонов будущего.

Социальные перемены в мировом масштабе возможны и уже происходят.







информация, разведка, Боевые операции:
социальные, политические и кУльтурНые рабоТники:
Присоединяйтесь к объединению
Шахтеров данных и психических работников!

First Three Sided Football World (C)Up was organized by Three Sided Football League and Museum Jorn in Silkeborg. There were planned to be invited teams from around the Europe and for the first time the principal players, thinkers, originators and propagators of the game invited for symposium. The event was arranged on the occation of Asger Jorn‘s 100 year aniversary and Museum Jorn found the best option to bring the game back to Asger Jorn‘s – originator‘s of the game – hometown, or simply back to its spiritual home.

DAMTP decided to participate in the event and to extend continuous agitation for „Smashing Psychic Slavery with Triolectics!“. That was the title of the announcement read during the symposium at Museum Jorn. Besides this paper were delivered multitudes of DAMTP papers and couple big papers-posters with triolectical drafts for understanding Identity-Class relationship within the formations of Zones of Bourgeois Development (ZBD) and/or Zones of Proletarian Development (ZPD). Finaly DAMTP declared its course on proletarianization with pointed attacks particularly on 2-dimentional bourgeois identity formations – nations. Particular scope was pointed towards Eurocentrist formation of the triolectics between British Economy, French Politics and German Idealism. Later in discussion Fabian Tompsett pointed to Moses Hess identical composition of concerns more then 150 years ago as presented in his „Holy History of Mankind“. That was not a first Quantum Superimposition (QS) of series – the first happen exactly when Fabian presented his concerns on „Situationist gaming & Three Sided Football“ and in the moment when he explained the term Lettrist Quantum Superimposition he mentioned acronym DAMTP as an example what simultaneously coud be read as Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics or DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique. Immediately afterwards DAMTP’s entered the symposium room. Second speaker was Mark Dyson, the founder of London Three Sided Football League. He introduced to general situationist concepts in their classical meaning. Actually situationist/marxist terminology dominated in all presentations.

During its presentation DAMTP revealed one more QS – the very fact that the first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, and DAMTP’s just got from Uruguay with stolen flag from official building in Montevideo – we officially denounce to be accepted as nation (i. e. to be presented under Lithuanian flag, but we substitute it with an Uruguayan, but upturned one. Officially we presented global unuruguyan team in this tournament.