Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the Daða Miners and Travailleuse Psychique workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
[the paper was delivered by DAMTP at the conference held in Museum Jorn in Silkeborg (Denmark) on May 23rd, 2014 and so to celebrate Asger Jorn‘s 100 year anniversary and the First Threesided Football World Cup organized for that occation]

The main task of the DAMTP contribution to Threesided Football Event of Silkeborg in May 2014 is to point at its basic Eurocentrism in the core of understanding Identity as singular projection of the Nation.

We therefore sugest to expand the understanding of Identity from binarity of Name-Nation into a triolectics of Letter-Name-Nation and further projecting into a triolectics between Nation-Name–Situation what shapes the Class consciousness. All the resulted bitriolectical plexus gives an oportunity to attack the concept of Nation not only individually from lettrist or situationist positions but also in alliances with Name (individuality) so tactically combining rationality of the laws and irrationality of the carnivalesque. But we sugest to go even further and from time to time to betray the bourgeois individuality in this triolectic game. This way of the game construction ensures elimination of basic features of bourgeois „serious culture“: symbolism and spectacle.

One more aspect on the eurocentrist identity-comprehension critique was provided by our fellow traveller from Cameroon. So far the Identity is a word of Latin origin we were seeking for the words of non european origin and one was found in an already almost forgotten language of people from some particular location in Cameroon. They have a word „N‘Dui-Mbén“ what literally means „down and up“, or simply „how you‘re dressed up and down“. There are different words used for identity in this part of Africa, but all have a meaning of whom they think they are. DAMTP takes it seriously as practical non-european approach in this area – we want to know personally who have produced our dress, we are in solidarity with their work, and we are seeking our garment to be related to the labor we do.
[Translations in German and other languages soon]


Asylum Strike, PoCs in Germany, Anti-racism and capitalism, NoBorders from below or Asylum solidarity?


Strike, Commune, Occupy ?


the Asylum Strike is a historical moment of self-organisation where the undocumented and illegalised have manifest as a force on their own terms and shown the ability to go on the offensive against the state and racism in the heart of Western Europe and therefore on these same terms against international capitalism. At the same time it shows some glaring problems in how we organise and how we can look beyond the spectacular limits of current politics and strategies, especially with regards to racism. This text will not go into detail of wider issues such as how the “communisers” who seek invisibility and free association beyond nation and gender have made no attempt to understand those communities and individuals that are forced into invisibility – who are forced to leave their identities and homes in order to survive – and why we might seek visibility and how revolutionary consciousness and becoming requires articulation in terms of firstly identity then nation and in maturity in class consciousness and organisation. Neither will we look in depth at how the Asylum Strike and the Psychic Strike relate to the Human Strike. It is understandable that those who have no direct contact with international terrains of resistance and are closeted by the activist bubble are unable to see how they end up reproducing the classism inherent in neo-liberalist situations they arise from. What’s more worrying is how those who actively engage in fighting racism succumb to the same eurocentricity and racism too.


The focus of this text are the direct organisational problems around the O-Platz camp and is thus in part to respond to certain notions such as PoC in Germany and the statements "Its not all about racism" and "The laws are based on capitalism, not on racial discrimination" by some people. First of all it is racist to separate capitalism from the racial/negro slavery precondition and its continuity through denied racial(race based) discrimination likewise the racism without the discourse of race. (The continuity of racism without the discourse of race been suggested by many such as Etienne Balibar).


On January 13th, 2012 Czech artist Martin Zet under the protection of Berlin Biennale ideologists published a call collect the copies of an openly racist anti-muslim Thilo Sarazzin‘s “Deutschland schafft sich ab” book from the German readers. This would be done through the established network of collection points around the country. Collected copies of the book would be then used to compose sculptures. After the Biennale show is over, the books are supposed to be recycled for better purposes. As a result of such proposal, Martin faced a blast of furious counter-reaction from both media and the public (for example

The Heinrich Heine slogan „Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen“ ("Those who burn books will end up burning people") is embraced by neo-Nazis resisting the suppression of their “democratic freedom of speech“. One thing was Heine‘s point of view, but the true social-Darwinism doesn’t proceed "backwards" – those who have burned people once don't step back to burn books again. In Germany today they don’t burn books but still burn people, like Oury Jalloh (born in 1968 in Kabala, Sierra Leone, killed on the 7th January 2005 in the police cell in Dessau, Germany; see http://thevoiceforum.org).

The publications are situgraphic - no top nor bottom settled, neither left nor right sides fixed. Every page could be considered to be the first.The 8 page newspaper combines texts and images in hypergraphic and situgraphic form by the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique.


DAMTP congress newspaper issue 1 [Solstice Issue 411 MKC/ XMAS 2010/ ASHURA 1432/ 10 TEVET 5771]  Available online at:

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 2 [Spring Equinox 411 Rabi 'll 1432 - Fast of Esther/ Purim 5771]: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP2.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 3 [MAyday 2011]: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP3.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 4 [Summer Solstice ISOU DEATH Issue / June 28th, 2011 / Situationist International Founding DAY at Cosio d'Aroscia (Italy)]: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP4.pdf

DAMTP congress newspaper issue 5 [2011///The Psychic Occupation - Psychogeographical Passover Edition] : http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP5.pdf

DAMTP newspaper issue 6 [counterbiennial motivational edition. 2012] : http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP6.pdf

DAMTP newspaper issue 7 [2012///Autumn Equinox///Psychic decolonization///Alytus meeting]  critically engages with Art Biennales around the world - this time pdf's in pieces:

DAMTP newspaper issue 8 [2014///Spring Equinox edition] publication of some materials from Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial: DesaKalaPatraGraph, Tazreen garments factory fire's issues, continuing French colonialism in Africa, Asemic International and address to psychic workers of Uruguay:

DAMTP newspaper issue 9 [2015///amalaka ekadashi pneumo Spring Equinox 8PC edition] publication continues on DesaKalaPatraGraphic explorations of identity, intoduces Bicycle Network Building Workshops (BNBW) and criticises eurocentrism in cycling and explores international teacher's solidarity:

DAMTP newspaper issue 10 [2015///Δ∞xa yancuic xīhuitl ana Tae Ateh 8PC edition] publication explores critical Tae Ateh animism, further denounces GAP corporation's involvement into Rana Plaza garment workers deaths and attacks racism in eurocentric art and serious culture of global bourgeoisie:

DAMTP newspaper issue 11 [2015///Revolutionary Animism Situnion Edition>8PC///1436///5776] publication welcomes 6 th Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial and further attacks white supremacist culture:

DAMTP cc V TRavailEurs DAWOUrésdefluxus-DAMTP issue 12, autumn equinox 8PC edition [2015] presents materials from Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial: 3 sided football and further situology. Moreover after 36-year psychic break DEWOU-DAMTP cordially accepts the souls of dead fluxus artists who finally got to their destination hart island and continues on since their last issue ccVTRE No.11 published in 1979. We refer to the great animist tradition of Siberian shamans who did inhabited the souls of the “communards” shot at the conclusion of the Paris Commune in 1871 and finally got refuge in the Lake Baikal. There is important to point that they did what the materialist left-side-brain-thinkers of Europe never even got to mind:

DAMTP No.12 supplemente for Šumava Interpretation: one week gathering of the students and teachers from 5 art schools: Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, FaVU VUT v Brně & Alytaus dailės mokykla in Šumava mountains in Nothern Bohemia:

DAM & Travailleurs Psychique DAWOUrés de internationale situationniste, Numéro 13, Guy Debord‘s death day issue 8PC [2015]. After 46-year psychic break DEWOU-DAMTP cordially accepts the souls of dead situationists who finally got to their destination in Raižiai lichen meadow and continues on since their last issue Internationale Situationniste, Numéro 12, published in 1969. We refer to the détournementof great animist tradition of Siberian shamans who did inhabited the souls of the “communards” shot at the conclusion of the Paris Commune in 1871 and finally got refuge in the Lake Baikal. There is important to point that they did what the materialist left-side-brain-thinkers of Europe never even got to mind – they prefer to follow the concepts:  http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP13.pdf

DAMTP No 14: Winter Solstice Edition, 8PC [2015] further explores global developments of 3 Sided Football, presents the Program of Sensitization and Awareness on Cyber Security for Young Girls in Sierra Leone, media guerilla activism of OKK and as usually spreads up asemic multitude. The PDF is available here:

DAMTP #15. Quantum Flux Footballum Equinox Fest (FQFFEF) Issue. 9PC [2016 vulg.] further explores global developments of 3 Sided Football, presents comments on the animist-sufist Urs Mubarak at Raiziai cemetary and traces up Proletarian Callendar. The PDF is available here: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP15.pdf

DAMTP #16: Become Tae Ateh Dead Workers Day Fall Issue. 9PC [2016 vulg.] expands quantum letrist cannibalism of core topics starting with the  decolonizing of the psychogeography, reflections on 3SF London festival, then following with materialist spirituality, features of structural racism and ending on practical advices how to become Tae Ateh - http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP16.Diwali9PC.pdf

DAMTP # 17: Winter Solstice Edition, 9PC [2016 vulg.] scopes on relationship of Alytus Biennial and DAMTP, explores psychogeographical values of 3SF aeroletrism, publishes DAMTP commons and other stuff.  PDF is available here: http://antisystemic.org/DAMTP/DAMTP17.PC9.pdf

http://www.psychogeography.org/ - notes on (hyper/meta/psychogeo/situo)graphy accompanied with sporadic links and archive materials from DAMTP, NXTPA, POLARIS, NA, EVOL and LPA.

http://www.siliconafrica.com/ -  is founded by Mawuna Koutonin, a freedom fighter and African cause activist. He believes in the power of useful and relevant information that empower people to take action, and change their destiny.

http://yakizdat.livejournal.com/  - site by asemic international & Karen Karnak: пусть в гробу капиталисту снится страшный сон - красная звезда и чёрный автомат.

http://d3fc.wordpress.com/ -
site of Deptford Three Sided Football Club (D3FC). D3FC was formed in 2012 with the aim of undertaking a rigourous testing of the dynamics of three sided football – through the critical practise of active participation – in order to prove (or disprove) its founding father’s hypotheses regarding quality of play and outcome.

http://salvage.zone/ -
  Salvage is a quarterly of revolutionary arts and letters. Salvage is edited and written by and for the desolated Left, by and for those committed to radical change, sick of capitalism and its sadisms, and sick too of the Left’s bad faith and bullshit.

http://www.irational.org -
enjoying freedom, disregarding clasifications.

- is an artist run medial platform for cultural activism balancing on the edge of art and activism and based in Berlin, Germany.

the blog of Chus Martínez Psychic Worker. Chus Martínez  is a name that refers to an individual human being who can be anyone just wished to adopt the name which might belong to either a European or an African since Chus as a first name does not appear to be language ryospecific.

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http://2012istheseasonfortreason.wordpress.com/why/ - 2012 is the Season for Treason is to critique the particular discourse of Berlin Biennale 7, provide a platform to discuss and point to the cultures persistently denied by and opposed to the establishment. BB7 main curator Artur Żmijewski is known for flirting with fascist querfront strategies for spectacular simulation and the co-curators Voina express a ridiculous personalist anarchism as a new version of careerism in the art world. There is also an attempt to express the existing struggles/cultural alternatives to establishment biennalization concepts.

http://stewarthomesociety.org - the website run by Stewart Home, writer, the ideologist of the assault on "serious culture", theoretician of art strike and collaborator for art strike biennial.

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http://polarisinternational.wordpress.com - website of POLARIS - newly founded player in the Real Estate Game, who focuses on a cultural sector and as a Real Estate Agent dedicated to merging the gap between Art, Business and The Government by 2012.

http://www.refrat.de/amo - Amo Books Botschaft - a critical human rights organization for the African critical Dispora and critical people in Germany.

http://www.classwargames.net/- Class Wargames is an avant-garde movement of artists, activists, and theoreticians engaged in the production of works of ludic subversion in the bureaucratic society of controlled consumption.

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www.spartaction.com - the website of Spart Action Group, which explores the potential of the dissolution of the category of ‘Art’ through embodying and evolving questions regarding the politics and role of creativity, culture and leisure within 21st century western neo-liberal society. Spart Action Group actively partakes in Alytus Biennial activities.


e-blast.squarespace.com - blog by extreme poet of life - Ben Morea - the one of founders of Black Mask, also he was a guy from UAW/MF in NYC in countercultural late 60-ies.


 http://deadrevolutionariesclub.co.za/ - Dead Revolutionaries E-Zine, The Manifesto Issue, Volume 1 - collection of  manifestos by contemporary artists including many african artists....one can get an impression how deeply world creative mind is infected by western neo-liberalist desease and further colonization.


http://www.unpopular.demon.co.uk/ - "Unpopular Books" site covering also areas as marxism, lettrism, druidry, magico marxism, neoism, psychic warfare, psychogeography and also hosting the organizations as London Psychogeographical Association (LPA) and others.


http://www.alytusart.com/ -  Alytaus SOTVARAS - neformali jaunimo organizacija arba, kaip jie patys save vadina, kūrybinis susivienijimas. Tai – bendraminčių, turinčių daugybę originalių, novatoriškų idėjų, būrys, kurį išaugino Alytaus bienalė - Sotvaras yra integrali jos dalis.

- Alytaus miesto kultūros ir meno tarybos, kuri, nors ir miesto biurokratinių administracinių struktūrų inicijuota, bet ilgainiui sugebėjo išlaikyti savotišką autonomiją bei išliko demokratiškai miesto kultūros ir meno darbuotojų renkama ir jai atskaitinga organizacija. 2011 m. ji sugebėjo ne tik atsisakyti rinkti pirmininką bei dirbti horizontalios savivaldos principais, bet ir tęsia kritinę valdžios struktūrų atžvilgiu veiklą.


http://luni.lt.slyva.serveriai.lt/ -  Laisvasis universitetas (LUNI) – tai alternatyvus savišvietos tinklas, siekiantis suburti įvairius žmones bei jų grupes – dėstytojus, studentus, socialinius aktyvistus, mokinius, dirbančiuosius – visus tuos, kurie nori mokytis, aktyviai dalintis žiniomis ir būti išgirsti.


http://surrealistgruppen.org/ - The site of surrealists group in Szczecin inluding our comrades Tippy (previously known as Nano) and Johannes Bergmark who partook 1st Alytus Biennial and since then are in psychic union with us. The site also contains list of links to major worldwide surrealists' sites.


http://www.1010.co.uk/org/ - an independent research centre focusing on the expanded construction and experience of free software and open hardware within a markedly interdisciplinary context.


http://www.radicalanthropologygroup.org - The Radical Anthropology Group is about anthropology - the ways in which we are, and the ways in which we came to be, human. Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human. To be radical is to get to the roots of things. It therefore seemed natural to identify ourselves by linking these two words. The Radical Anthropology Group has never defined itself as a political organisation. But the implications of some forms of science are intrinsically radical, and this applies in particular to the theory that humanity was born in a social revolution.


http://datacide.c8.com/ - the magazine for noise and politics appearing since 1997. To be used as a communication tool of the trans-european Undo*round, it is intended to give the a deserved coverage to those who do things, not for the kudos, prestige and cash it might bring in but for the buzz of inter-activity and mutual respect. Heterogenous theory for the invisible insurrection of a million minds.


http://scepsis.net/ - Scepsis's goal - as the title suggests - consists in counterbalancing all sorts of dogmas pervading the society.

http://artaktivist.org/ - Активизм здесь панимается как коммуникационная стратегия и способ существовать вне и вопреки власти, способ сплочения и способ взаимодействия. И он может претендовать на художественность, а может и не претендовать.


Web resources:

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http://www.henryflynt.org/ - Henry Flynt's "Philosophy": theorethical passages from cognitive nihilism and concept art towards metatechnology and personhood theory. Though never considering himself beeing proper FLUXUS member he formulated theory which is basic to understand genuine FLUXUS countercultural intentions.

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http://www.antisystemic.org/ - DAMTP publications archive

http://charlieradcliffe.com/ - the archives and memuars of one of the quintessential ‘60s figures Charles Radcliffe, a member of the anti-bomb Committee of 100, editor of Heatwave, a member of the Situationst International, who succeed to resign from it himself, a hashish dealer, who served a long prison sentence.

situationnisteblog.wordpress.com - the archive of material around the Internationale Situationniste and its aftermath – DAMTP papers are to be found among lots of rare stuff.

http://www.beineckepostwar.com/ - an extensive array of materials documenting artistic, literary, social, political, and philosophic developments in Europe and America between 1945 and 1989. Ranging from single pieces to entire archives and libraries of prominent figures of the period, these rich and disparate holdings converge to form a unique resource for exploring the work of creative individuals, movements, and transnational networks that reshaped cultural landscapes both “high” and “low” after the Second World War: lettrists, situationists, fluxus and other counter-cultural branches featured.