AUGUST 18-23 /// 2015 /// RUGPJŪČIO 18-23



for this experimental drift i used the "quantum algorhythmn" (spelling of algorithm changed to suggest a more musical and improvised nature of this experiment):

which i wrote in 2002 as a critique of the Algorithmic Psychogeography written by Wilfren HouJebek at

I thought the introduction of controlled chance into psychogeographical activity, as well as a psychic confluence of machine and mind, a very good development - but when I did an walk with HouJebek in Soho London as part of the "hot summer of psychogeography" I found the walk too prescriptive. This was Houjebek's aim anyway (the algorithm shapes the walk through the walkers breaks with the rules as much as with their following the rules)  but I wanted to develop the algorithm formally. the idea of quantum algorhythmn is to introduce algorithms of time as well as space - and also of class.

The original algorithm that sets the turnings locks the drifter into the trajectory of the road - the urban planner / architect's spacial structure - and so locks the worker into a spectacular relation - 1 follows the road until 1 gets to a turning. this i felt needs disrupting so that the line can be broken up into points - not just of space but also of time and class.

however i did not carry out many experiments using this at the time - and only used mental prompts for changing direction or for the input of a variable (0 or 1). these mental prompts were usually hypergraphical - the sight of a letter (in advertising or road signage) or number (eg 101 03 333) for example. at the time (2002) the activities of QCFC overtook those of evoL and so the experiments were put on hold - instead of experimental or pedagogical action we were concentrating on psychic attacks on the city of london corporation)
The liberation of the goalposts as it was imagined by Martin Zet  immediately after the First Quantum Flux Footballum Fest in London, Amsterdam and Carrara is just an episode of the game – actually experienced during the Shifting the Goalposts Event in Greenwich. But the whole dream-about the relaxed and triolectisized goalposts adventures does not prevent from further dualisms so far. Triolectics is not a way to erase dualism as such – this is rather the way to make any dualist appearance absurd. The whole idea of 3SF is based on the idea that dualism appears at the expense of the collapse of another two dualist conflicts. And the dialectics of triolectical structure is based on continuous disintegration of dualist structures while triolectical structures are obtaining perpetually growing quantum superposition.

That is the main point in triolectics – not to to get to the pure fixed trinitary structure as it was established in christianity or eurocentrism – that we call the difference between triolectics and triarchy (Moses Hess).

Coming back to the point where Martin’s dream ends on the dissolution of the goalposts – here we apply dialectics of copulation which is essential for reproductive work (or labor) and brings a new dimension into the relationship based on concepts. It would look like this (not sure how physically it is still useful to play football using it as quantum goalposts, but we are about to try):

we should remember:

"The United States of America will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins. The killers will fail, and the Iraqi people will live in freedom." - George W. Bush

of course bush was referring to the thugees (Hindi: Nepali ठग्गी ṭhagī; Urdu: ٹھگ‎; Sanskrit: sthaga; Sindhi: ٺوڳي، ٺڳ‎; Kannada: ಠಕ್ಕ thakka) and the hashashim (from Arabic: أساسيون‎ Asasiyun)

and also that gorilla - a racist term for black people is phonetically identical in english to guerrilla (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡeˈriʎa]) or more specifically guerrillero ([ɡeriˈʎeɾo]) if male, or a guerrillera if female.

More on Thugs and Gorillas 3 Sided Football Match at Deptfort-Greenwich border (London) on March 21st, 9PC (2016 vulg.) - here.
Friends and comrades!

We are starting a psychogeographical project that will result into a psycho-map-boardgame “Unreal Non-reality” (the name is still discussable). This game will be based on the experience of a soviet pioneer of psychogeography, artist Pyatkin. If you happen to know Russian you can read about his endeavors here  -  (still, there are pics so you can get the gist of what’s going on).

So, to create this game we’ll need some preparations which will take place form the 15th to the 22nd of April. Everyone can join and help out as follows:

1)     In your current place of residence take Google Maps (or a regular map if you’re into that) and randomly choose a place for a starting location, then mark it. This is where your route starts.

2)     Get to there starting location however you like and don’t forget to take a dice with you. *

3)     When you’re there roll the dice twice. The first roll will determine how many times you’ll have to turn left, the second roll – how many times you’ll have to turn right.

4)     Choose the general direction of your journey and start strolling according to your rolls. Document whatever happens during your walk however you like (take photos, doodle, draw, take notes). When you get to the very end of your journey make something there, an object of whatever importance and design (graffiti, installation, take a shit right there, make a shrine out of empty beer cans etc.) and document it.

5)     When you get back home outline your journey in Google Maps and mark any  events with links to your documentation (links to files with pics, drawings scans etc.). This will make our job much easier.

6)     Send a link to your Google Maps to our email address and an archive containing your notes, pics etc.

7)     After the 22nd of April we’ll start making a unified psycho-map-boardgame that will be published later in a form of textile print and whatnot. It’ll be sent to you as a token of gratitude for participating in the project. **

[DAMTP comment: A couple of Asemic hypergraphical paintings by Tae Ateh as well as some DAMTP papers are in this exhibition in rememberance of Stephen Lawrence by the Trade Union Congress in London which will be on this weekend and next week].

The Roots Culture Identity art exhibition is hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee and is the concept of activist, poet, artist and curator of the exhibition Zita Holbourne, who is elected to the TUC Race Relations Committee.

Now in its fourth year and a touring exhibition and arts collective, the exhibition was established to showcase the art of predominantly young black artists in recognition of the multiple impact of austerity on young black workers and the existing institutional racism in the arts and culture sector and to meet one of the recommendations of the TUC Stephen Lawrence Task Group to use the Marble Hall at TUC Headquarters as a space to showcase the talents of black creatives.  The exhibition features the art of young black and also migrant artists.

The exhibition in full is available for higher or a smaller pop-up exhibition can be arranged for short term events.  In previous year’s the exhibition has been shown at  the PCS Union HQ, PCS Black Members Seminar, CWU Black Workers Conference, GMB HQ and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in addition to the TUC.

The exhibition runs from 15th to 22nd April in the Marble Hall at Congress House and features the art and photography of:

Our comrade a psychic worker decided to join First Quantum Equinox Flux Footballum by doing a Marzanna (in Polish, or Morė in Lithuanian, Morana in Czech, Slovene and Croatian, or Morena in Slovak and Russian, or also Mara, Maržena, Moréna, Mora or Marmora - is a Baltic and Slavic goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature), to burn and drawn the goddess of death and welcome her brother and lover the God of Fertility (REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers UltimaTe unION). While doing that s(he) transformed her/himself into a dragon (destructive worker) and left a death seal – a key to communicate to the dead workers instead.

3SF Amsterdam VondelPark Postumous Report: Crew gathered in the fog at midday to prepare the hexagonal pitch surrounded by joggers and camouflaged hobbists metal detecting the ground. The game was attempted at 12.30 by what was eventually just a light rain. Not enough to stop eight intrepidous players: Team Naranja, Team Yellow and Team Red start battling at 13pm sharp, here some facts:

just at the mid of 1/3, an extra player joins Team Yellow. During 2\3 , a medium sized dog joins the game adopting a tactic of extreme defense on the ball. Other players try to dissuade him; a small bulldog joins the game and displays relevant skills scoring one goal against team red.  At the end of 2/3, team orange and team red decide to focus their struggle against team yellow who is dominating the game so far. Nevertheless Team yellow celebrates its victory as the team which conceded least goals. 3SF players leave the pitch only at 2.30 Pm local time after supplementary friendly sessions, they all head for lunch looking forward to the next match.

Besides there were 3SF matches played simultaneously in London (the superposition of 3SF maches at once) and Carrara.

DAMTP continues on producing situographic newspaper
: this time in superposition with First Quantum Flux Footballum Equinox fest in London event. DAMTP #15 further explores global developments of 3 Sided Football, presents comments on the animist-sufist Urs Mubarak at Raiziai cemetary, points into racism and sexism of Eurocentrist culture and traces up Proletarian Callendar. The PDF is available here:

All previous DAMTP editions in PDF's are available here:

For hard copies contact info at

West Ferry Gore is the ancient name for a three sided football pitch. These were originally to be found at places where three roads met: the name has a long etymology. In medieval schools there was a distinction between the Trivium and the Quadrivium. The trivium was general concerned with logic, grammar and rhetoric and was at one time taught through games of three sided football, with different teams applying different rules according to how they were assigned. This proved so popular that it became hard to persuade people to learn the more serious Quadrivium which consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. So three sided football was banned and the Trivium was taught in a way which was indistinguishable from the Quadrivium.

Marshall McLuhan wrote The Classical Trivium: The Place of Thomas Nashe in the Learning of His Time as his PhD thesis, The place which he determined was West Ferry Gore, on the Isle of Dogs, immortalised in the play of the same name. This play was suppressed because it reintroduced three-sided football into Elizabethan London, sabotaging John Dee's programme of teaching Geometry to enable him and his associates to set up the British Empire.

Pre-psychopatic power geometry of John Dee‘s was investigated by comrades from Strategic Optimism Football in their Jorn and Trocchi ‘United’: An UnWorkshop in Practical Triolectics.( ). On 21st November 8 PC (2015 vulg.) they in conjunction with Luther Blissett Deptford League started to exorcize the space-time imperial anchor at Omphalos where Northwest Passage and “Linea Regium” (or “Royal Ley”) leylines crosses. Its worth to point that the Northwest Passage line includes the West Ferry Gore as well, as also connects Glasgow and Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris. So the ongoing exorcism of the power leylines in Omphalos and now at West Ferry Gore is a time loop of the chain events: the first known 3SF game, played on 28th May, 1993 in Glasgow connects to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris through dead quantum lettrist (psychic worker) Isidore Issou (died on 28th July, 2007) and so to the End of the Age of Divinity. So far each 3 Sided Football game is the same game - it folds time back on itself, to concentrate our activity in space and class by repeating it in time. That is how unbinding of imperial power obtains proletarian trimensions.

Now, Westferry Circus is a quantum superposition, with one roundabout placed directly above the other. The binding direction secretly obtains its extra psychic powers from supporting rotational traffic in the two-floor underground parking place located straight underneath the place. The parking place clearly reveals true Quadrivium, which on the surface is still slightly masked by octagon shape surrounded by numerous concentric circles. Unbinding reveals itself via counter-clock-wise rotation (reproductive work or labour).Moreover, to explicate further the notion of a situlogical experiment, it must be the mind which makes the selection of one from many possible event-chains with those objects in that location– not the passive observation of the externally given. Not every thinkable chain of events is possible. So the bourgeois concept of s. c. „public space“ doesn‘t work anymore in a way a Westferry Circus garderner said: „we respect you – please, you respect us“. The point is to come up on collective (organized) decission to choose an event-chain and to physically proove it. In this sense, the organized mind (psychic workers wahdat) makes the external event which it studies. In this non-trivial sense, experimentation is already telekinesis.

Experimental unworkshop in the construction of n-sided chess boards and pieces (Situmetry), building upon discussions around triolectically extending Abu Zakariya Yahya ben Ibrahim al-Hakim’s Knight’s Tour and Gherasim Luca’s Cubomania – through which the chessboard is derived – into the two other forms of regular tessellation on a Euclidean plane (Hexamania and Trigomania) and beyond, towards further dimensions, into the streets and to the stars.

On November 8, 1975, George Maciunas was beated allegedly by ‘Mafia thugs’ in New York City, which left him with 4 broken ribs, a deflated lung, thirty-six stitches in his head, and blind in one eye. In a leaflet issued later in 1975 he proposed to arrange the soccer games of thugs playing with human heads.

In December, 2015 Martin Zet while psychogeographying in London was muggered on Deptford-Greenwich border, which left him with broken head & forearm bones and so created a psychic time quantum loop connecting the dead, broken and alive fluxus, situationist and psychic workers into an animist oneness (wahdat).

Modern society is a society of cops (destructive workers).The bourgeoification of the working class happens through projection of the cop-like scarcity-destructive mentality onto workers’ minds. That results their relationship based on aggression – similarly like in the casual football or other dualist games. We are psychic workers and not nihilists because we do not grant power to anyone. We play a three sided football, which projects back the aggression to those who radiate it.

Psychogeography as reproductive work or labour cannot be abstracted. Otherwise it becomes a capital accumulation which generates an aggression. Psychogeography itself is defensible in all times of confrontation with the destructive (and destruction infected) workers. Psychogeography is a realization of destruction for the self-destructive purposes. It does not stray from the materialist perspective.


АСЕМИЧЕСКИЙ ИНТЕРНАЦИОНАЛ общи́на 工人们,行动起来!进行猛烈的战斗,打倒投机的机会主义者 renegade IWW Industrial Union no 007/700: Psychic Workers Union  اتحاد العمال التنجر نفسية ITIHAD RABNA AL-TUNJUR AL-ALAMIYA AL-FIKRIYA انجمن متن کھنیک اور عملی کارکن ANJUMAN MATAN KAHNEEK AUR AMALI KARKAN (AMKAAK) DEad WOrkers Union of DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique (DEWOU-DAMTP) All Made-up And Non-existant, Dead and non-Living workers Association (AMANDLA) Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

حروفية‎ Psychic workers union is both كثرة (multitude) and الوحدة (unity) just as the General Workers Obshina (общи́на / Soviet) is both multitude and unity

حروفية‎ Psychic workers are Non-productive workers but that doesn't mean that we are not also Productive workers. We are both but also we are Destructive workers and we are Reproductive workers!

Nonproductive, Destructive, Productive and Reproductive work all involve some form of psychic production. But it is only through  الوحدة (Wahdat) and كثرة (Kathira) (Unionization of Multitude) that the individual psychic worker can address all of these situations at once.

As حروفية‎ Psychic Workers we must overcome the Destructive Workers. And be overcome by the Productive Workers. Who in turn must be overcome by الوحدة of Reproductive Workers.

Like the First Quantum Flux Footballum Equinox Fest (FQFFEF) of which it was part, the Shifting the Goalposts match was held between a conjunction of the DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique union (DAMTP), DIVUS and the Luther Blissett Deptford League (LBDL) - in discussion with Strategic Optimism Football (SOF), the New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association (NXTPA) and the DEad WOrkers Union (DEWOU-DAMTP).

Taking place close to the Greenwich observatory, spanning the meridian line, it deliberately intervened into the metric/imperial control of time, space and class. Goals were mounted on bicycles, continuously changing in both location, and later, direction. In the beginning the rotating bicycles circumnavigated the pitch in an inversion of the famous psychogeographical plaque tournante - like pairs of entangled quanta, whizzing around a particle accelarator. Later these pedal-powered atomic machines started to change direction, splitting from their orbit to move chaotically – in all directions at once - traversing differing spaces and further dimensions. The increased velocities also produced an onset of a so-called “Lorentz Contraction”, thus simulanteously undermining the metaphysical basis of imperial measure/rule. The players were continuously checking themselves not to drift too far from the dynamic pitch as the game rotated across the meridian - symbolically uniting East with West in a spiral motion: the onset of Jorn's complexity vandalism.

Besides this circuitous union of East and West, a conjunction of pro(anti)-situ and (re)fluxus elements occured that had not happened since the Destruction in Arts Symposium, held in London on September 11th (9-11), 1966 [vulg.] – one more great 50-year-time/space/class-loop. This Shifting the Goalposts event thus conjoined a situationist 3SF quantum chromo-dynamics (Jorn’s invention, 1962, vulg.) with a flux-vehicle commune-mechanical tension (Maciunas’ invention, 1973, vulg.). The purpose of reactivating such a conjunction becomes graspable with a little contextual information:

In the NXTPA’s comparative analysis conducted for the AntiUniversity (Jorn and Trocchi ‘United’: An UnWorkshop in Practical Triolectics), they contrast mid-20th century American mathematician Stephen Smale‘s investigations into topology (damaged by the colision of metaphysics) on one hand, with the Situlogy of his contemporary, the Danish situationist Asger Jorn, on the other.

In the 1960s [vulg.], whilst active in organising international anti-Vietnam War actions, but also opposing the Soviet invasion of Hungary, blockading troop trains and being hauled before the House Committee of Un-American Activities, Smale began working with “oscillators”. Oscillators – pendulums, springs, strings and circuits – were usually considered an elementary field of classical Newtonian mechanics. However, Smale’s work was on so-called “non-linear oscillators”, a relatively unexplored terrain. Where previously it was assumed only significant alterations in parameters or initial conditions could produce significant differences in a system – for example between static stability and periodic oscillation, Smale proposed that seemingly insignificant interventions might produce significant effects. Smale’s grafting of topological insight into dynamic systems might be called “tektological” in the terminology of early Bolshevik systems theorist A.A. Bogdanov, in that in seeking “global” solutions, it transposes the method of one discipline into another. In this tektological melding of topology and dynamic systems, Smale clearly echoes the recent advances made by his contemporary, Asger Jorn, in what, as we have seen above, he called Situlogy.

As Jorn had also demonstrateed a few years earlier, dynamic structures – what he labelled “situations” – might be imagined as shapes, or forms – from a simple curved surface to a complex, multi-dimensional manifold. Both Jorn and Smale thus reached the same conclusion, namely that a traditional Euclidean point could only represent a system’s frozen instant abstracted from time (and, as Jorn tentatively understood, class). Both, however, grasped that forms were in fact emergent: dynamic situations across which points must oscillate and orbit. Smale realised that chaos and instability were not the same thing, that chaos could, paradoxically, be highly stable, however it fell to Jorn to introduce the third trimension to the equation – namely, class. Without this introduction of the trimensional, chaotic systems merely reproduce highly ordered scenarios, and indeed, were harnessed by the rulling (measuring) class in the later decades of the 20th century [vulg.] for precisely such a purpose!

Dear Federica

It was our pleasure to meet you yesterday during the equinoctial situ-metric football festival. The dynamic unfolding of the game within the Turbine Hall was a perfect conclusion to our triolectical experiments. Your generous gift of time, space and class allowed us to roTate a quantum superimpositional vortex - an event of exceptional psychodynamic intensity.

During your participation in the game yesterday you advised us that we would need to write to you to seek authorisation for such an event. Therefore, please consider this correspondence a formal request for consent post actum to play a match of quantum three sided football in the Turbine Hall on Thursday 24th March 2016 at 3.00pm. 

Thank you again for your positive interaction with our proposal.

Yours sincerely

Martin Zet. NXTPA (New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association). Temporary FIASCo Manager. DAMTP (Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique). ABRACADABRA-C (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)D3FC (Deptford Three Sided Football Club)

Saturday, March 19th, 12AM (Noon) - Shifting the Goalposts 3SF Match at Greenwich, London: close to observatory and so to intervene into the metric control of time and space. Goals are continuously changing its location and the players also should check themselves not to get out too far from the pitch. It would be interesting for the pitch to traverse multiple environments - grass, roadway, pond, slope. Our game could rotate across the meridian - symbolically uniting East with West in a spiral motion - the onset of Jorn's complexity vandalism.... also experiments with fluxstilted football elements included. [Field preparation for Sunday match].

Sunday, March 20th, 12AM (Noon) (in all locations starting at [still] Greenwich time) - Quantum Superimposition London (c)Up Wahdat of  3SF Kathiral at Greenwich Park (a psychic anchor of absolute time). There is planned superimposition of 99 players for one game of 9 teams consisting of 11 players each.In fact there will be 3 games of 3Sf football played simultaneously in one pitch and 3 games played simultaneously in three different locations:

1.      Greenwich Park, London.

2.      Carrara, Italy (1PM local time) in the square besides Dome at the footballer marble giant of 1557 by Baccio Bandinelli.

3.      Vondelpark (1PM local time), Amsterdam.

Monday, March 21st, 7PM - Urban Card Game – Joker, meeting for the game at 6PM at Divus.

Monday, March 21st, 12PM (Midnight) - Thugs Gorillas Match on Deptford-Greenwich border, London - to commemorate time superimposition of  George Maciunas (1975, NYC) and Martin Zet's (2015, London) bone&head breaking thugery.

Tuesday March 22nd - Trivium Reclaiming Match, 1pm, Westferry Gore Octagon, reactivating Three-Sided Football’s pedagogical role in conveying the trivial arts, later suppressed in favour of the proto-Masonic Quadrivium.

Wednesday, March 23rd, since 6PM at Divus, London. - A Trigomanic 3(/n)-Sided Chess Development and the "Knight's Detour" The Knight’s Detour: Unworkshop in 3-Sided Trigomanic Chess Development & the Travelling Salesman’s Dilemma. Experimental unworkshop in the construction of n-sided chess boards and pieces (Situmetry), building upon discussions around triolectically extending Abu Zakariya Yahya ben Ibrahim al-Hakim’s Knight’s Tour and Gherasim Luca’s Cubomania – through which the chessboard is derived – into the two other forms of regular tessellation on a Euclidean plane (Hexamania and Trigomania) and beyond, towards further dimensions, into the streets and to the stars – Contact theNXTPA (at) for details.

Thursday, March 24rd, 12AM (Noon), عرس مبارکपत्र: Karl Marx Vernal Equinox Full Moon 8pc UrSéance देशat Highgate Cemetery, London.

Thursday, March 24th, time will be announced secretly - Match to Smash Serious Culture of Bourgeoisie and White Supremacy - starting in the middle of the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern. Even a minute would be sufficiently symbolic. A Zone of Proletarian Development deep in enemy territory.

Friday, March 25th, 7PM - Artefacts Show & Fest Closing Celebration at Divus London, Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way, London.

DAMTP comment:


Kimberle Crenshaw captures the motivation for the UCT Trans Collective’s disruptive intervention at the Rhodes Must Fall movement’s one year anniversary exhibition most eloquently.

For the Trans Collective, the commemorations that are happening at this time invite us to reflect on both the decolonial year that has been and the years that are to come. In our reflection we have found that as black, poor, queer, womxn and non-binary trans people our position in the decolonial theory and practice is unchanged.

It was as early as April 2015, just a month after the inception of RMF, that what is now known as the Trans Collective flagged the issue of a rigid loyalty to patriarchy, cisnormativity, heteronormativity and the gender binary within the space. In our founding statement we made it clear that ‘we recognise that colonization has had a severe impact on how we perceive gender and gender expression and thus we are reclaiming our space in the globalised decolonisation movement and calling for our narrative to be instructive going forward’. However, we had been coerced to construct a smaller decolonial enclave that would run parallel to RMF because of what had become apparent as a gulf in consciousness of many, particularly black cishet men, organisers where the understanding of the colony and how it operates did not connect with an understanding of patriarchy, heteronormativity and gender essentialism as colonially demarcated powers. Often times, there was an outright refusal to acknowledge that the condition of being a womxn, queer, trans, disabled and so forth is not incidental to blackness but that these conditions are collateral to blackness. So suffocating is this, that we have had to submarine from active membership. We refuse to avail our bodies and psyches for the violence that has infiltrated the decolonial project through patriarchy, cisnormativity, heteronormativity and the gender binary. Our role has now evolved into speaking back to RMF and keeping it accountable to its commitment to intersectionality precisely because it is positioned as a black decolonial space. We are black, queer and trans simultaneously. These are not severable and we deserve to be freed from their colonial baggage simultaneously too.

Following a year of literally wrestling with patriarchy and trans antagonism in the shadows of running from stun grenades, tear gas, jail cells and private security, the Trans Collective has decided to give content to what has been popularly known as ‘radical black feminist militancy’.

On the occasion of the well-attended RMF exhibition, RMF aligned trans people once again put themselves on the line by physically disrupting the cishetero patriarchy within the movement generally and the erasure and tokenism in the exhibition particularly.

First, the Trans Collective demanded that the organising committee remove all the images, videos and texts of and by trans people. As it turns out that only 3 out of more than 1000 images that ended up making it onto the exhibition roll featured a trans person’s face somewhere on them. This is truly disgrace on the exhibition selection committee and particularly those ‘black intersectional feminist’ cis womxn who sat on it for the purpose of ensuring due representation. Even more damning is that it is clear the RMF and the exhibition’s idea of intersectional representation has the faces of 4 or 5 black cis womxn repeated in a spectacular show of false inclusivity.

In an article in Internationale Situationniste #2, Abdelhafid Khattib of the Algerian section of the organisation attempted the first in depth psychogeographical study of the area of Les Halles. The study was cut short due to a continuing curfew against Arabs on Paris streets. As a coda to Khatib’s initial findings, the following note was appended:

This study is incomplete on several fundamental points, principally those concerning the ambient characteristics of certain barely defined zones. This is because our collaborator was subject to police harassment in light of the fact that since September, North Africans have been banned from the streets after half past nine in the evening. And of course, the bulk of Abdelhafid Khatib’s work concerned the Halles at night. After being arrested twice and spending two nights in a holding cell, he relinquished his efforts. Therefore the present – the political future, no less – may be abstracted due to considerations carried out on psychogeography itself.

Despite this promise to consider psychogeography in light of these targeted arrests carried out against colonial subjects, no mention of this incident was to appear in published Situationist writings again.

However, recently discovered among Michèle Bernstein’s previously uncatalogued papers are a draft set of theses on space that show that Khatib’s arrest did have a ripple effect on the thinking of his comrades in struggle. Although critical and historical treatments typically deny her much of a role beyond that of being Guy Debord’s wife, Bernstein, the only prominent woman involved with the loose and shifting groups who formed first the Lettrist and then the Situationist Internationals, wrote numerous articles for Potlatch, Internationale Situationniste and Les Levres Nues, along with two novels. The theses have recently emerged from work to reexamine her oeuvre, and are notable for the way they highlight an awareness – that continued to elude her husband and his confrères – of a key absence in the Situationists’ reimagining of everyday life: colonialism, in all of its ramifications.

Had they been better known, it is plausible that these theses might have radically shifted the thought and direction of Situationism.

They appear here in translation for the first time.

1. Psychogeography cannot be abstracted; it must be concrete. The very word psychogeography, suggested by an illiterate Kabyle to designate the general phenomena with which a few of us were preoccupied around the summer of 1953, is relatively defensible even in times of unrest. It does not stray from the materialist perspective.

2. Police repression and curfew draw our eyes towards the ways in which the geographic milieu conditions a situation differently for each of its players and has never acted equally upon the affective comportment of all individuals. Our striving to attain the highest degree of consciousness of the elements that determine a situation demands a full examination of the implications.

3. While race and nationality are cultural – political – constructs, our psychogeographical experiments have shown that they materially condition our experience of power and the city, the zones of our residence, our work, our play, our movements, even our ability to fully carry out intellectual inquiry.

4. In other words, race and nationality condition each situation we encounter or create, and our human journey through them.

5. Any privilege that comes with race or nationality conditions us as much as any oppression. Since we know with what blind fury so many people – who are nevertheless so little privileged – are willing to defend their mediocre advantages, we must be on guard against its presence.

6. It is hard not to recognise an analogous comportment among the privileged who do not dare speak of problems as they are, as these problems have been made understood to them. One has to wonder: are they the victims of an intimidation racket? Yes, they certainly are. To walk with eyes open exposes those once safe to the possibilities of entering the other side of today’s dialectic of the human relation with capital – the operations of direct exploitation and force.

7. We cannot turn away despite the risks in obtaining a full understanding of the arrangement of the elements of the urban setting, in close relation with the sensations they provoke. It entails bold hypotheses that must be constantly corrected in the light of experience, by critique and self-critique.

8. The dérive as a technique consists of wanderings that express not subordination to randomness but complete insubordination to habitual influence. Yet the length of the colonial war in Algeria has conditioned and broken the youth of France, creating conditions of overwhelming conformism.

9. It is the colonial subject who can most fully realise the dérive, whose presence alone represents a complete insubordination, whose body tests the first binding upon the possible that must be smashed. This is where we must stand.

10. Starting from this position, some must renounce all that we have, others take back all that we never had. Together we must understand the city to tear down, rebuild, repurpose to create a new way of life. This will be the new dérive.