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West Ferry Gore is the ancient name for a three sided football pitch. These were originally to be found at places where three roads met: the name has a long etymology. In medieval schools there was a distinction between the Trivium and the Quadrivium. The trivium was general concerned with logic, grammar and rhetoric and was at one time taught through games of three sided football, with different teams applying different rules according to how they were assigned. This proved so popular that it became hard to persuade people to learn the more serious Quadrivium which consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. So three sided football was banned and the Trivium was taught in a way which was indistinguishable from the Quadrivium.

Marshall McLuhan wrote The Classical Trivium: The Place of Thomas Nashe in the Learning of His Time as his PhD thesis, The place which he determined was West Ferry Gore, on the Isle of Dogs, immortalised in the play of the same name. This play was suppressed because it reintroduced three-sided football into Elizabethan London, sabotaging John Dee's programme of teaching Geometry to enable him and his associates to set up the British Empire.

Pre-psychopatic power geometry of John Dee‘s was investigated by comrades from Strategic Optimism Football in their Jorn and Trocchi ‘United’: An UnWorkshop in Practical Triolectics.( ). On 21st November 8 PC (2015 vulg.) they in conjunction with Luther Blissett Deptford League started to exorcize the space-time imperial anchor at Omphalos where Northwest Passage and “Linea Regium” (or “Royal Ley”) leylines crosses. Its worth to point that the Northwest Passage line includes the West Ferry Gore as well, as also connects Glasgow and Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris. So the ongoing exorcism of the power leylines in Omphalos and now at West Ferry Gore is a time loop of the chain events: the first known 3SF game, played on 28th May, 1993 in Glasgow connects to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris through dead quantum lettrist (psychic worker) Isidore Issou (died on 28th July, 2007) and so to the End of the Age of Divinity. So far each 3 Sided Football game is the same game - it folds time back on itself, to concentrate our activity in space and class by repeating it in time. That is how unbinding of imperial power obtains proletarian trimensions.

Now, Westferry Circus is a quantum superposition, with one roundabout placed directly above the other. The binding direction secretly obtains its extra psychic powers from supporting rotational traffic in the two-floor underground parking place located straight underneath the place. The parking place clearly reveals true Quadrivium, which on the surface is still slightly masked by octagon shape surrounded by numerous concentric circles. Unbinding reveals itself via counter-clock-wise rotation (reproductive work or labour).Moreover, to explicate further the notion of a situlogical experiment, it must be the mind which makes the selection of one from many possible event-chains with those objects in that location– not the passive observation of the externally given. Not every thinkable chain of events is possible. So the bourgeois concept of s. c. „public space“ doesn‘t work anymore in a way a Westferry Circus garderner said: „we respect you – please, you respect us“. The point is to come up on collective (organized) decission to choose an event-chain and to physically proove it. In this sense, the organized mind (psychic workers wahdat) makes the external event which it studies. In this non-trivial sense, experimentation is already telekinesis.

With respect to the gardeners’ work – they just finished replacing the grass on the fresh soil in the lawn at Westferry Circus – we were asked not to step on the grass. So the 3 sided football variation started with bowling the ball through the surface of the loan from randomly chosen places at the circumference of the imagined circle, but very soon we realized that the fixation of the points was too close to the scheme depicted in Sigillum Dei Aemaeth - The Great Seal of John Dee’s magical workings. It was first recorded in visual form in the Liber Iuratus in the 14th Century. This Sigillum Dei, was in fact however, developed much earlier, by Honorius, the son of Euclid. From this it was Dee who in 1583 further developed it into its most well-known form, ultimately subordinated to the purpose of practical application: if to look closer it gives an idea of mobile goalposts combined from the walking on stilts. To trace the proletarian history there were actually stiltwalkers in ancient Greece who influenced the further abstraction latter called Euclidean geometry. Stilts were reintroduced to Europe parallel to Liber luratus in early 14th century. In 1973 George Maciunas designed stilts to play stilted football and so rejuvenate counterculture in fluxus movement, which was already stuck into the systematic thinking. In Westferry Circus we got stilted to slowly start the spinning round the circle. (Later the aforementioned gardeners took our stilts which we left at the loan and droved it down to their storage in the underground parking place tow-stores under the loan – so possible to store it as a material, but there they found us playing 3 sided football – stilts never disappear – they always come back and bring workers into wahdat-relation).

Later we all started to spin around the loan and still kept kicking the ball which accordingly traveled over the loan in a way resembling Foucault’s Pendulum path.

But finally we got to the kicking of the ball by a random player to the random point on the circumference of the circle, where anyone closest to the comming ball kicks it into another random point – the closest variable of randomness according to Bertrand‘s "random endpoints" method.

Alongside increasingly sophisticated mass murder programmes sponsored by the security services (destructive workers) and multinational corporations, there will be resistance from those groups who have already been criminalised for wanting the freedom to party (psychic workers). The Criminal Justice Act, now in force, makes raves illegal and worse is to follow. Fortunately there are still plenty of people about who want to defend themselves from this crackdown. In England, the resistance will be led by the off-springs from London Psychogeographical Association, who will use games of three-sided football to free people from the shackles of dualistic thinking. Already, the state is preparing to outlaw football played on hexagonal pitches, with three goals, where a tally of the goals conceded reveals who has won. The shifting allegiances this game brings into play teaches people to break out of the dualistic system of thought that tricks them into becoming victims of the mind control techniques employed by the ruling class.

When three-side football is banned, which will certainly happen in the next two or three years, the London Psychogeographical Association will organise games in abandoned multi-storey car parks and the basements of deserted office blocks. Some games will be played for a full ninety minutes, while others will be broken up by the cops (destructive workers). Anyone arrested will have been told in advance to claim that they are Luther Blissett, a name which has been appearing mysteriously on buildings all over Bologna, Italy, in recent weeks. Some of those who are nicked during games of three-sided football will later reappear among their friends, and with great sadness they will be killed (dead workers in conjunction with destructive workers), to free them from the programming that's destroyed their personality and will compulsively drive them to murder anyone who resists the state. This is the future of crime and it demonstrates that the Situationists were right: FREEDOM IS THE CRIME THAT CONTAINS ALL OTHER CRIMES.

But we, psychic workers, are not happy with ending the text on the fatalist idea (generated some 20 years ago) that we have to become destructive workers and kill each other to escape masonic mind control - as psychic workers we must show how reproductive work must always take precedence over destructive)

Psychic workers (reproductive workers) of DAMTP have discovered how Thomas Nashe was able to slip unnoticed out of London and make his way to Great Yarmouth.  Nash route is an exam of how proletarians can side step state mind control. Please check this: Incorrect road number on A1206 road sign at Westferry Circus. Now the sign says Isle of Dogs A1026: the A1026 was in Great Yarmouth in the late 1920's and probably up to the 1935 Road numbering revision. In fact it used to run a long North Quay in Great Yarmouth, Where Thomas Nashe fled after the suppression of the play The Isle of Dogs. This must be the Isle of Dogs referred to in the sign and would suggest that a copy of the play may have been held in the North West Tower, which stills stands next to the White Swan pub. Whether it's still there nowadays is another matter.

This may well be the original term North West Passage, contains a reference to this tower in Yarmouth. This would involved both temporal and spatial anomalies. It may also explain how Thomas Nash(e) was able to turn up in Newfoundland over a century and half after his supposed death in 1601.

The Nashism of the Situationist followers of Jørgen Nash and the post Soviet нашизм chavenist, racist, nationalists with their insistence on what is "наши" ("ours") can only reconciled through the Urdu word for arse - as well as the occupation and colonisation of a country which is of course Nashist ie  نشست  . So we we will goto the arse of England: Great Yarmouth  to play a game of 3sf by the North West Tower, followed by sampling the real ale.

Snooze on the train on the way back, enter dreamtime and find the next clue in the search for North West Passage. As 2016 is an anagram of both 1206 (A1206 being the ring road around the Isle of Dogs) and 1026 we have a good chance for a new proletarian time-loop-layer otherwise if matters are not resolved in more detail for another 45 years.

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