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ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

[the paper was delivered by DAMTP at the conference held in Museum Jorn in Silkeborg (Denmark) on May 23rd, 2014 and so to celebrate Asger Jorn‘s 100 year anniversary and the First Threesided Football World Cup organized for that occation]

The main task of the DAMTP contribution to Threesided Football Event of Silkeborg in May 2014 is to point at its basic Eurocentrism in the core of understanding Identity as singular projection of the Nation.

We therefore sugest to expand the understanding of Identity from binarity of Name-Nation into a triolectics of Letter-Name-Nation and further projecting into a triolectics between Nation-Name–Situation what shapes the Class consciousness. All the resulted bitriolectical plexus gives an oportunity to attack the concept of Nation not only individually from lettrist or situationist positions but also in alliances with Name (individuality) so tactically combining rationality of the laws and irrationality of the carnivalesque. But we sugest to go even further and from time to time to betray the bourgeois individuality in this triolectic game. This way of the game construction ensures elimination of basic features of bourgeois „serious culture“: symbolism and spectacle.

One more aspect on the eurocentrist identity-comprehension critique was provided by our fellow traveller from Cameroon. So far the Identity is a word of Latin origin we were seeking for the words of non european origin and one was found in an already almost forgotten language of people from some particular location in Cameroon. They have a word „N‘Dui-Mbén“ what literally means „down and up“, or simply „how you‘re dressed up and down“. There are different words used for identity in this part of Africa, but all have a meaning of whom they think they are. DAMTP takes it seriously as practical non-european approach in this area – we want to know personally who have produced our dress, we are in solidarity with their work, and we are seeking our garment to be related to the labor we do.

DAMTP have practicized triolectical football in various venues: in round-shape former military fuel containers in Viimsi (Tallinn, Estonia) – there was eliminated the offside law, because all the leaving out balls came back in unexpected direction; in complicated shape having gallery in N.Y.C. with the task to dissolve the artificial divission between showing artists and audience; in a city park with trees in Alytus; in a former nazis airport in Tempelhof; during the opening of the group exhibition in a DADAPOST gallery court in Berlin, where the goals coincide with the main entrance gate, gallery entrance and barr entrance. The later was a quite successfull tactics to destroy not only the seriousness of the art world rituals but also the „ordnung“ of the german bourgeoisie living near by.

Besides we at DAMTP were practicized the triolectics of DESA-KALA-PATRA – respectively Space (instead of Nation)-Time (as result of Ideology)-Class (relation to means of production and resources). That was how we were attempting to overcome our eurocentric limitations of stucked identity. Our point/singularity shaped outlook doesn‘t give any comprehension about collective concerns, but when we‘re placing ourselves into a Kathiral/multitude DKPgraph we can face our own limitations. So far the eurocentrism is still prevailant...

We found out that the first World Campionship of football happen in Uruguay which is formally non European country. But this is acountry which nationality is extremely eurocentric and its beginnig is marked with the complete genocide of the ingenous Charua people. DAMTP decided to form the team for Silkeborg event not based on nationality and to tribute to the football mythology by relating it to unurugay where DAMTP recently succeed to stole the national flag from official building.. That‘s a quantum superimposition - a time travel teleport to 1930.

And finaly sugestions from DAMTP for the changes in the Silkeborg event‘s name:

Three Sided Football Hypernational Cup
Three Sided Football Antinational Cup
Three Sided Football Other World Cup
Three Sided Football 3rd Worlds Cup
Three Sided Football Triolectical Cup
Three Sided Football Anti World Cup
Three Sided Football Nonworld Cup
Three Sided Football Local Cup
Three Sided Football Silkeborg Cup
Three Sided Football Anti Cup

Three Sided Football World Up

Three Sided Football N‘Dui-Mbén

Three Foot Inter Ball National Sided Cup

Three Sided Ball Inter Feet National Cape

Three Sided Inter Ball National Food Cape

Down with the Three Sided Football World Cup!

Cup with the Three Sided Football World Up!

Up with the Three Sided Football N‘Dui-Mbén Up!

Cup with the Three Sided Football Hypernational Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football Antinational Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football Other World Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football 3rd Worlds Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football Triolectical Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
Cup with the Three Sided Football Anti World Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
Cup with the Three Sided Football Nonworld Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football Local Up N‘Dui-Mbén! 
Cup with the Three Sided Football Silkeborg Up N‘Dui-Mbén!
Up with the Three Sided Football Anti Cup N‘Dui-Mbén!