ATTACK WHITE SUPREMACIST CULTURE!                                                    FIND AND AMPLIFY THE VOICES OF

ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

Consider the whole of your life, what you already do, all your doings. Now please exclude everything which is naturally physiologically necessary (or harmful), such as breathing and sleeping (or breaking an arm). For what remains, exclude everything which is for the satisfaction of a social demand, a very large area which includes foremost your job, but also care of children, being polite, voting, your haircut, and much else. From what remains, exclude everything which is an agency, a "means" -- another very large area which overlaps with others to be excluded. From what remains, exclude everything which involves competition. In what remains, concentrate on everything done entirely because you just like it as you do it. (Henry Flynt „Against „Participation“: Total Critique of Culture“)

The union of DAta Miners/ Travailleurs Psychique has emerged from the involvement of IWW workers in the Alytus Art Strike in 2009. It is currently in formation, non dues paying, and experimental forum for the united action of different workers around the world on the basis of industrial production that affects the psychic makeup of us and our world as workers - ie through dimensions of space, time and meaning.

Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial of 2015 as usually is yielding a ground for counter-eurocentrist manifestation, denouncing the structural core of racist issues in serious (white) culture of biennalization, rising the decolonization of mind including Black Power experience and subversion of "normalization" processes into abnormalization fiest where every two years psychic workers and data miners are joyfully celebrating the death of art.

We aim at worldwide unionising on the proletarianist basis.

We distanced ourselves from the role of the art workers because the basis of art workers solidarity is a basis of the imperialism of art and the wholly anti-working class basis of art. The question is can we as workers unionise in order to build working class power. Our answer has been to reject, resist and attack art itself just as revolutionary workers unionisation is against work itself.

We aim at new possibility of interpersonal relationship practices of (non)humans without capitalist specialization and alienation resulted by bourgeois culture.

The event is planned for August 18-23rd , 2015 in Alytus. 


Alytus Biennial is a logic continuation of numerous international experimental art festivals and events held in southern Lithuanian town Alytus since 1993. So far the essential element for the town is an absence of any artistic infrastructure (neither galleries, art museums, nor even some exhibition hall in the city hosting 50 000 inhabitants – sic! - and even no any promises from the municipal authorities) the events were held directly in the streets and other urban common places. The essential element for any of those activities was political-artistic behavior and problematic.

As a clearly defined event under the name of Alytus Biennial the event appeared in 2005. The basic idea for it was to continue experimental art tradition directly in the urban spaces of the town. So far it took the name “Beware!Politics!” it really stood somewhere in-between of arts and politics. The biennial also clamed for debienalization of arts and society so to respond to increasing number of various biennials appeared as cultural capital in itself. The communal approach of the artists’ community was taken as a highest value of the event to continue the development further.

The biennial of 2007 was given to youth with a task simply to demystify it’s importance an so to trap the sacred name of it. So far they did not succeed to destroy the biennial as the symbol of “serious culture” – next step was Art Strike Biennial: to cease any artistic activity related to mimicking of Vilnius European Cultural Capital and/or any establishment in Lithuania in 2009. Establishment got pierced and Biennial turned into an activity to not produce arts every second the year. This year DAMTP has emerged.

Alytus [Art Strike] Biennial of 2011 yielded a ground for the First Congress of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP). That happen on August 22-28th in Alytus. It aimed at gathering of world wide radical antiautoritaric post-neoist-out of Dadaists, surrealists or offsprings of fluxus and situationists, post artists (those who ceased their participation in capitalist spectacle), prophets, sages and seers, cultural, political and social workers, dead and alive, made-up and non-existant, reproductive workers and lovers – everybody who are active in the field of space, time and meaning under the umbrella of DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique to discuss, share and spread around our experiences and good will to destroy bourgeois culture and outlive capitalist specializations. So far we found art strike biennial very relevant form to abolish imperialist format of cultural biennial format, also to liberate some funds from them on that occasion and that was very pleasant form to outlive the death of art (and serious culture) in a place were it never was settled (yet).

The DAMTP meeting to discuss on decolonization and particularly on its visual and linguistic issues was held on September 21-23, 2012 in Alytus and there was rised an issue of identity. So far discussions did not lead to any resolution there was a need to address the question to elaborate practically. And during the Art Strike Biennial of 2013 the question of identity was elaborated practically by adopting the instrument of DesaKalaPatraGraph (DKP-graph).

The format of the psychic strike biennial for 2015 - to generate discussion and to invent, repeat and develop collective practices:

-          Collective painting and animist ceramics with body-psychics healing capacities

-           Morning exercises

-           DKP-graphics

-           Déjà vu day and night public preemptive anti-capitalist and counter-bourgeois pickets/demonstrations - dead workers of all nations and times, organic and non-organic were included;
-         growing up distrust to eurocentrist Cartesian assumption on language as representative (i.e. assumption that the world exists objectively and that language represents, symbolizes, stands for and/or mirrors reality that is independent of human agency, except in terms of use value) and applying of generative language (non-european to asemic) which emerges from human and/or non-human intentionality and interaction.

-           Workshops on collective hypergraphics and situgraphics.

-          Déjà vu psychogeographic 3-sided football match in the public park;

-          Déjà vu developed and empowered total DIY music jam;

-          Déjà vu cloudbusting – the extraction of cosmic sexual energy extracted by cloud engineering busters (according to invention by Wilhelm Reich) and/or human/non-human psychic will… and sharing will all people of good will around.

-           listening to the songs of lichens on anthropogenic substrata at Tatar cemetery and polyphonic mind singing

And traditionally: no individual show-ups, no organized [visual] documentation ...and trying to avoid any... 


-          there are  invited everybody who ceased playing the role of artists, or are planning to do it soon – and we expect for not doing arts during the festival, but sharing your artistic experience and fantasies in more useful activities we’ll decide right at place

-         there are  invited theoreticians not to give the lectures and clever advices, neither addressing big names, but rather to look for latent possibilities not hidden under the shiny professionalism

-          there are  invited activists who instead of addressing global capitalist problems would face the misery of everyday life what is actual cause for it.

-          there are  invited everybody to set up the radical consequences of global capitalist cultural colonialism and to look forward for common acts in all levels of space, time and meaning.

“If the end is the taking of power by the people themselves then the means must be the revolutionary organs of the people – worker councils, community councils, communes etc.

If the end is the freeing of man culturally as well socially and economically then the means exist in the destruction of “culture”.

If the end is the liberation of natural man then the means must be sexual as well as social.

If the end is the “totality” then the means must be “total” – all or nothing.”

Ben Morea. Black Mask No. 7, August/September 1967.