AUGUST 18-23 /// 2015 /// RUGPJŪČIO 18-23




Mawuna Remarque Koutonin

When Mandela arrived in 1939 in Johannesburg,  fleeing from an arranged marriage, he was a smart countryside boy who unfortunately quickly developed an inferiority complex against the urban black elite and the white high social privileges and economical status.

This is something quite normal, often observed on newcomers to urban area, or a more advanced society.

In 1940, he did not have any political ambition or wish to fight apartheid. He confessed his admiration for white people, and his dream was to qualify as a good clerk in the apartheid system.

He was undoubtedly a very ambitious young boy, but utterly obsessed with his image, and status. Regardless of his meager resources, he’d invest most his income in overdressing and flashing out to attract females favor. A kind of Congolese “Sapeur” of the day!

He was attracted to activism only when he finally found out that injustice and racial discrimination represented the main roadblock for his buoyant ambition.

Walter Sisulu and Oliver Thambo took the countryside boy under their patronage, and provided him with opportunities.

He performed well.

Acknowledging their fight against Apartheid was not making any great progress, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Thambo took one of the smartest decision the ANC had ever made: create an young icon which would catalyse emotions. The charming Mandela was the best candidate. Read more Mandela Legacy: A Myth as Beautiful and Temporary as a Rainbow

Libya was the most advanced African country until 3 years ago when a coalition of christian countries military forces organized in NATO bombarded the country back to stone age under the false claim of bringing them democracy, like the same Christian countries destroyed the whole Africa continent centuries ago under the pretense of bringing them civilization.

The majority of African people are positively working for progress in Africa.
Our progress is hindered by the western countries addiction to looting and promotion of bad leadership in Africa.

Our friends in the west who want to help Africa should lecture their own countries’ leaders on their actions in Africa.

We don’t need any other lecture or help. We africans we know quite well what we need to do, and we are working hard on that.

The list of the happiest countries and the unhappiest countries in Africa is out.
All Top 10 Unhappiest countries in Africa are in “Francophone” Africa.
Not a single Francophone country is in the top 10 Happiest.

Speaking French Hurts Happiness.

Maybe that’s the reason why 8 out 10 of the countries with the lowest adult literacy rate in the world are in francophone Africa.

According to the British Philosopher, Bertrand Russell, Western states main purpose is to "Kill foreigners".

He said: "The State is primarily an organization for killing foreigners. That's its main purpose. There are, of course, other things they do. They do a certain amount of educating; they try very hard to make the young think it's a grand thing to kill foreigners."

This is not surprising to me as today, over 70% of the world military budget is spent by two tiny regions of the globe: the EU and the US.

I'm not American nor European, which means these nations are organized to kill me at any time if that's in their interest! And anyone who is not American or Europeans is target of theses nations.

Is possible to do anything about that wrong way of thinking, and organizing States?

In the upcoming months South Africa had plans to expel about one million white people from the country, by challenging their lawfulness presence in Africa.

One million is a lot, and the human suffering would be unbearable.

The main reasons are that white people refuse to integrate in Africa. They don’t give African names to their kids. They have not adopted local value system like Ubuntu. They don’t integrate by learning an African language and the predatory nature of their business is against African fundamental values. Read more SOUTH AFRICA TO EXPELL ONE MILLION WHITE PEOPLE