ATTACK WHITE SUPREMACIST CULTURE!                                                    FIND AND AMPLIFY THE VOICES OF

ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

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Sculptor and gallerist Howard McCalebb some years ago had an idea to join forces of fellow artists and to buy property located on a border of Saturn and Venus towns is adjacent to the freshwater Lake Razelm and a public park – and is a 4-minute walk to the Black Sea Coast, which is one of the best large natural beaches on the Romanian seaside. His dream was to have a Razelm Contemporary Art Center and Venus Biennial in former Razelm Convention Center, abandoned since Ceaușescu times broke. This was a utopian idea of paradise for artists willing to have an alternative to Venice biennial of corrupted psychic activities. And it doesn’t fulfil because majority of artists are not the ones to invest into dreams.

But psychic workers in contrast to bourgeois artists sometimes do invest into failed dreams. DAMTP peregrines attended the site, wandered inside the building, their eyes followed the climbing grass route through the ceiling and held a conventional 3SF World Cup as it was announced in advance. Every player got much of dust and sand into the lungs, mouth, and (h)ear.


The Kaliakra transmitter build in 1988 – was intended to act as a relay transmitter for Southeast Europe, but construction stopped a year later after the collapse of communism. At that time, nine of the ten planned masts had been completed. For a long time they stood unused but just before arriving DAMTP’s it got demolished. And so the whole sea of 3sf pitches floating in the air got erased from physical and psychic access. But it is still the place to launch the (c)overt energy weapon harassment of the aposTATEs. DAMTP peregrines spend some time to find the concrete places and basements the pillars were mounted on. The concrete arrangements for the fixing of the strains were still present and marked perfect circles around each pillar’s basement. Those were the perfect pitches for the 3SF World Cup.

While wondering around in the field where radio transmitting station was located 9 workers succeed to find 9 electrical ceramic rods. When the game was played each the player was holding a rod in her/his hand. Every goal was met with the contacting the rods and the game ended with the psychic energy shortcut when all the rods of all players got connected.

Almost at the same time in London some 3SF reactionaries got tempted to accept invitation from Tate Modern to exhibit (i.e. bourgeoisify) the great tool for construction of the revolutionary situation. And they did when the ones able to protest this mockery will be on peregrination. Psychic attack of 3SF Kaliakra transmission was directed towards Tate’s colonialist approach and corruption of 3SF descendants. The miserable fetishes collected by those clowns for the exhibition at Tate’s were eventually stolen by suddenly enlightened kids. In London nobody knew were the enlightenment came from.

There in Kaliakra came off the ball a pentagon patch for Welsh.


One of the transmission rods was used later on the same day - few copies of DAMTP paper issue No.19 were wrapped on and thrown into the location which coordinates are 43°15’26.6”N and 27°54’36.2”E. Just because it contained some matters which could bring into additional danger to peregrines when entering Turkey.

There was a DAMTP dispute in Raiziai due to the limits of respect towards the ones who believe – that echoed in peregrines’ decision not to play 3SF in front of Üç Şerefeli Mosque in Edirne, were “Certain accursed ones of no significance“ (i.e. hurufis) were burnt to death sometime from 1369 to 1453 when Edirne was capital of the Ottoman Empire.

That was Very Slow Tai Chi 3SF World Cup – as slow as clouds are moving in the sky in a windless day. The event welcomed a psychic presence of LPA and Robert Lee.

It was intended to have this tournament for a Full Moon on August 15th. But psychic workers peregrines got to Bulgaria too late so there was no chance to attend Arkutino for the time appointed and then the decision was made to postpone the game in Arkutino for August 29th – on the way back from Alinja to Bucharest.

On August 29th DAMTP’s parked their cars at hotel “Arkutino Family Resort” and took the path on the left (when facing the sea). They passed a small house, turned left, climbed some concrete stairs, went through some gate and got to the concrete constructions of unfinished building where supposed to be a school of arts for gifted children. In the 1970s that was the mostly ambitious initiative by Lyudmila Todorova Zhivkova, daughter of Bulgaria’s socialist leader. She was obsessed with founding the art education center in Arkutino, which would house gifted children from countries around the world. After unexpected death of Lyudmila’s in 1981 her father, Prime Minister Todor Zhivkov, set out to honour her wish. He began construction of the massive complex in 1985, but in 1989 as Soviet Block crumbled the project was halted. It’s symptomatic that exactly the same years and similar circumstances accompany appearing of Alytus Art School (Lithuania), which was founded by local communist party leader (to have place for art education for his daughters). The Art School for Alytus was designed in 1980 and the beginning of the construction took on 1985. It was finished in 1986 – before the 1989 – and so avoided the same fate as Arkutino’s.

Art education in the Soviet Block countries was part of the ideology and was equally accessible to all classes of the society. It’s important to note that there was not only “socialist realism” what dominated those schools, but were fully tolerated also modernism and nationalist tendencies. The first blast onto socialization of the arts appeared in early 90’s – the most of the art schools were left for a gradual extinction with exception of the elitist ones – those were redesigned for the higher class off-springs.

Art in the soviet times was understood very much as labour, but artists themselves hold attitudes of very much counter-working-class – as they called themselves being “intelligentsia”. In Lithuania the pro-bourgeoisie nationalist movements in the late 80’s appeared mostly in the art schools. The biggest shift happens in arts in 90’s – art ceased to be a labour, and artists started to obtain entrepreneurship shape. What happen to those schools then? There is a joke which well illustrates the answer: the art schools were founded by communist functionaries; it became a shelter for conservative artists and their students got fully prepared to fit liberalism. What is still living in those schools – that the meaning there is still created by physical destruction of the resources instead of just consuming fashionable terms and concepts.

DAMTP’s finally arranged the 3SF World Cup of unrealized possibilities by kicking ball into building construction’s to-be-windows holes. The world cup ended without any goal conceded. The formulation of the goal was too high to be achieved. After the game everybody jumped into the Black Sea lagoon to swim.

Istanbul (Constantinople) is an intersection point of many approaches, ideologies, paths, religions – all space, time and class divisions and/or multiplications.

If to compare Maciunas made route for FLUXUS pilgrimage “to the Holly Land and Europe” in 70’s, the only intersection point with nowadays DAMTP peregrination route is exactly Istanbul.

The game played in Taksim square in September, 2013 is an exceptional because of being included into s. c. “historical developments” of 3SF in references from the side of DAMTP’s and from the side of “reactionaries” too.

Today Taksim square is divided by half and one side is filled with police cars and officials. Another part of the square – at least how DAMTP’s found it on August 17th, 12PC night – is out of people. But peregrines met 3 dogs, which kindly agreed to join in 3SF [Animist] World Cup. The dogs were accepted each to a different team, but eventually they formed temporary independent animist-nationalist faction and played their own football instead. One moment a light-brownish dog when running with ball stuck in his teeth suddenly stopped, put the ball down, straightened his head up and screamed: “this is a revolution! Animist revolution!” And there came off the ball another one pentagon patch depicting Welsh again.