ATTACK WHITE SUPREMACIST CULTURE!                                                    FIND AND AMPLIFY THE VOICES OF

ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

Botoşani (Romania) is the birth place of the last self proclaimed Messiah Isidore Isou (1925-2007) who was the founder of Lettrism and the location where the main postulates of lettrism were formulatad.

Alinja (Nakhichevan exclave of Azerbaijan) is the death place of the last of prophets Fazlallah Astarabadi (d. 1394) – the founder of Ḥurūfī (lettrist) movement.

Alytus Biennial took the year 2007 (the death year of Isidore Isou) to reshape it into Art Strike Biennial what eventually obtained the form of Psychic Strike Biennial.

Both Alytus (Lithuania) and Botoşani were founded arround the year 1400 and had some reverberations with the transformations of The Golden Horde.

The period between years 1394 and 2007 psychic workers (generated by Alytus biennial attendees) are used to call The Age of Divinity.

The event to happen on August 10th through 31, 2019 and planned as farewell to the Age of Divinity and welcoming a new age of something could be called The Age of Proletarian Animism

Few basic principles:

The event has no any symbolical meaning – this is rather about quantum time loops which are just very few to be listed above. The point is to look for the dreams of the psychic workers connected to Alytus events and re-located at the southern semi-circle of the Black Sea.

Its about unfulfilled dreams, and about spirituality which is left after embodying of the dreams comes to limit or ruins, about the catching those dreams and continuing on this path. Its about living. As some years ago Ben Morea in Alytus biennial has formulated – none of the former revolutionaries took seriously the liberation of spirituality and it was left to the mysticism of religions and/or cultural mystifications.

Lettrism is not an art form and it could be explained as the means that correspond elimination (or not inclusion) of neither abstraction (in writing/conceptualizing and/or visuality), nor symbolism; and transcends the separation of visuality and verbality. This is the main issue for the whole travel so far it incudes Fazlullah – the mystic, who lost his head because of invention of some letters while rewriting Curran, and Isou – the one, who introduced letrism to European avant-garde.

While trying to avoid abstraction and symbolicism during the Alytus Biennial events psychic workers elaborated few forms of construction of situation – that is what we aim to do at any selected site. The mostly developed form was that of 3 sided football (it derived out of lettrism through situationism when merged with quantum mechanics by Niels Bohr). 3SF was able to subsume various artistic specializations: constructing the goalposts from found materials (vulg. sculpture), stripes (vulg. painting, dress design), continuous reinvention of the rules and improvisation (vulg. performance art), sound production (vulg. music) etc.

Its already almost a year when we quit discussion on 3 sided football word cup organizing. So far Madrid event (2018) ended up victoriously for dead workers from Cementerio de La Almudena they took a lead on further organizing the worldcupism routine tradition. This time dead workers and abracadabra invites you all to join for the first 3 sided peregrination football world cups sequence which will start with the tournament in Scortoasa (Romania) on 10th August, 2019 and will end in Bucharest with black moon tournament on 30th August, Bucharest (exact place not appointed yet).

Dates and locations

  1. August 10th – Animist 3SF World Cup in Scortoasa (Romania) mud volcanoes field – besides having incredible and challenging site to play experimental form of soccer it also is great opportunity to get some resources of clay/mud which we were used for self-decoration and even healing in our activities. Also mud/clay culture in the area around the Black sea has a long lasting cultural tradition (the clay clinics in Soviet Union Crimea were immediately closed when western pharmacy took over the control of the medicine industry.
  2. August 11th, Psychic Workers 3SF World Cup in:

2.1. Sapoca (Romania) town – it has a biggest asylum for insane people.

Psychiatric Hospital and Safety Measures Sapoca is a hospital in Buzău County. It was founded in 1960 on the site of a school of crafts. Spitalul Săpoca is the largest of its kind in the country. More on Psychiatry Under Communist Dictatorship in Romania – here. apparently one of our comrades – Kęstutis Šapoka – recognized his own name in the location’s and also his interests (including doctoral thesis) correspond the location mood.

2.2. Bozioru, Buzau (Romania) – great place to start by (re)vitalizing our own telepathic abilities – a psychic worker is something to be. It‘s also about recognizing the location in the name of psychic worker‘s Demetru Dem. Demetrescu-Buzău – URMUZ 

2.3. Sfentu Anna crater with a lake in the mountains, the exciting quality of the place is that there are many wild bears (grizzlies) around - so if they come to be included into the real animistic 3SF game – there are some reverberations with last year proposal for organizers of 3SF "world cup" in Madrid (they were organizing the event in corrida arena) to involve also the team of bulls – that resulted exclusion of psychic workers from the (footballers‘) event... this time we can realize the animist power – the event would be planned over the night so far grizlies usually appear then. We should elaborate the rule of technical defeat as apllied to 3SF for those teams who will decide to skip the particular games.

  1. August 12th – Dead workers‘ 3SF world cup in Botosani, Romania – possible location: old jewish cemetary.
  2. August 13th – Vasluj, Romania – (possibly) meeting Laurențiu Ginghină, who invented non-aggressive form of off-football – Infinite football - the idea is to combine his ideas with those of 3 sided football. So Infinite Football World Cup.
  3. August 14th – The Conventionally Transmittive 3SF World Cup in

5.1. Saturn, Romania (embodying into a dream of Howard McCalebb to arrange Razelm Contemporary Art Center and Venus biennial in abandoned convention center, build by former Romanian dictator Ceausescu near-by his own summer residency, which is now residency of current president of Romania) – the utopian idea of paradise for artists.

5.2. Kaliakra in Balgarevo (Bulgaria) – the Kaliakra transmitter build in 1988 – was intended to act as a relay transmitter for Southeast Europe, but construction stopped a year later after the collapse of communism. At that time, nine of the ten planned masts, some soaring more than 500 feet into the sky, had been completed. Today, they stand unused as a monument to the consolidated power the region was once known for – ideal place to play 3SF in terms of space and psychic openness.

  1. August 15th – The World Cup for Unrealized Possibilities of 3SF at Arkutino School for Gifted Children (Bulgaria) - an unfinished complex built for children from around the world sits abandoned on the Black Sea coastline.
  2. August 16th – Edirne (Turkey) - which from 1369 to 1453 was capital of the Ottoman Empire. It was here that "Certain accursed ones of no significance" were publicly burnt for their heretical lettrist opinions - some say Ali ul ʿAli, who was groom to Astarabadi himself met his end in this sorrowful affair (proposal from Fabian).
  3. August 16th-17th – Psychogeography in Istanbul - at the point where Europe and Asia have their supposed intercourse.

Majority of all participants will gather there - should be a great meeting.

  1.      August 18th

9.1. Kütahya, Turkey– the city is famed for its tiles, and many downtown buildings are covered from tip to toe with ceramics. To this can be added swathes of unspoiled Ottoman architecture, museums housed in 14th-century seminaries, fantastic restaurants – and no tourist kitsch... it’s so easy to tune yourself into local culture in a place like this.

Aizanoi – ancient amfiteater and stadium....

9.2. Eskişehir -  the old town here has tried to cash in on the current Turkish “Ottomania” trend, painting its imperial buildings in saffron, aquamarine, lime and other friendly colours. It makes for a truly enchanting scene, especially when the aforementioned colours are ignited at sunset; local tourists come in dribs and drabs, but foreign travellers stay away – the last note sounds promising. I would propose here to tune into colour.

  1. August 19th (Cappadokia)

  1. August 20th - Victoricidal 3SF World Cup in Boğazkale & Hattusa (Turkey) - one of the first mentioned cases of regicide - Mursili I was executed by his own soldiers in 1526 BC. This the question of boss in contemporary society – the question of organizing (3SF world cup) as well. Especially that in Hattusa there are remnants of some Hittites’ stuff resembling goalposts – some western historians were used to call it sculptures, or even art, but goalposts could be much more of use then art.

Amasya – a city which does actually receive a few foreign tourists. And so it should, for this is a place of great beauty – the city centre is squeezed into a tight valley, with charming Ottoman buildings peppering the northern flank, and a series of spectacular mosques piercing the skyline on the opposite side of the river. Some of the Ottoman buildings have been converted into boutique guesthouses; these intriguing wooden structures, so clever in their design, make a great place to kick back for a few days, especially when you throw in a few trips to the nearby steam baths, which themselves are a few centuries old.

Tokat – the main reason to visit is culinary – the chance to sample Tokat’s famously gigantic kebabs. They’re simply huge, a mixture of roast lamb, potatoes, aubergine, tomato and peppers, grilled under a bulb of garlic. My proposition – tuning into flavour.

Sivas – “real Turkey” city in the land. There’s a rarified quality to the air here, though this should come as no great surprise in a city sitting almost 1,300m above sea-level. At the very centre of Sivas lies the city’s pride and joy: a clutch of buildings – some whole, some in bits – dating back to Selçuk times. My own personal magnet is the swallow-filled courtyard of the Bürüciye Medresesi, a seminary founded in 1271.

  1. August 21 st

Doğubeyazıt (Ararat)

13-14.   August 22-23rd – Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan and Əlincə (the shrine of Fazlullah Hurufi) – Huruffiyya 3SF World Cup; D.I.Y. sound making event in the mountains. Tune into sound.

  1. August 24th - Humanitarian 3SF World Cup in Kars (Turkey) - Monument to Humanity, at the unfinished monument to peace between Turkey and Armenia, long divided by a dispute over genocide. To finaly to burry nationalisms, inherited from bipolar football. Great place where destructive and psychic workers meet without ending-up into the victory of nationalisms.

Play in Ani and Die 3SF World Cup

  1. August 25th. Batumi.

17-19.   August 26-28 – taking the ferry boat from Batumi or Poti (Georgia) to Varna or Burgas (Bulgaria) – desakalapatragraph (resuming of common experiences) and marin version of urban poker (game with found cards) on the deck acompanied by truck drivers and dolphins in a Black Sea.

  1. August 29th – The Petrified Workers 3SF World Cup in Slanchevo, Bulgaria - Pobiti Kamani Stones: Mysterious standing stone formations looks like a petrified forest – great site for 3SF.
  2. August 30th – the Black Super New Moon 3SF World Cup, Bucharest – exact location is not appointed yet.

You are welcome to join at any point... or you are free to choose whatsover another point on or near-by of our proposed route. Or join in a psychic way.

For the end – there is a story: in some late 19th century Siberian shamans hosted the souls of the revolutionaries of Paris Commune (those, who died unhappily and were disturbing the aether) and buried them in the lake Baikal. After that the amount of the fishes increased many times in Baikal. Hope something similar will happen in Black Sea as well.