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ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language


It was the place, where Isidore Isou (born Goldstein) was born in on 29 January 1925 and there he had the series of revelations that would become lettrism.

Le 19 mars 1942, un Roumain de 17 ans, Isidore Isou, a une révélation en lisant la phrase de Hermann von Keyserling, "le poète dilate les vocables", qu'il a comprise de travers, vocable en roumain voulant dire "voyelle". Isou lit: "le poète dilate les voyelles", il s'en enchante et crée le lettrisme.

The lettrism was born out of mistake and that mistake was made in Botoșani. Latter with the help of Italian modernist poet and then fascist Giuseppe Ungaretti’s connections lettrism was incorporated into French colonialist culture and degenerated into avant-garde art. Therefore, Botoșani is the starting position for psychic workers’ peregrination in search for lettrist revelations not yet spoiled with avant-garde or art package. And so backwards to the last dream of Fazlallah Astarabadi before his execution in Alinja in 1394.

August 13, 12PC (vulg. 2019) approximately at 10AM part of the DAMTP peregrines decided to investigate the historically Jewish part of the town: first slammed the locked door of Jewish community centre, then inquired about Isidore Isou at the local tourist information centre, where nobody hear about him at all, and then strayed to the historical centre of Botoșani, where occasionally they found hundreds of bits of finely chopped cards. Being activists of post-surrealist urban poker workers from SOF and FIASCO carefully collected all the bits into plastic bags. Some bits, which hardly could be used for urban poker game, later were splashed and sticked onto the Botoșani-Alinja peregrination rout marking map so creating unexplainable marks for future investigations. That was the moment when the peregrination started – the first revelation happens.

At noon DAMTP peregrines (Double Agents International (DAI), NoMA, FIASCO, SOF and ABRACADABRA-C) joined together for lettrist yoga exercises in the main Botoșani city square so preparing for the meeting Dead Jewish Workers at 3SF world cup in Old Jewish Cemetery in Botoșani at 25 Independentei St. DAMTP’s did not succeed to enter the cemetery just because it was fenced to prevent public entrance and gawping. There was a need of efforts to view the location through the holes in the fence or by climbing to have an eye above the top of the fence: there were left very few gravestones in a grass overgrown territory which seemed was not stepped by human foot for many years.


Search for Dead Jewish workers was renewed in a s. c. new Jewish cemetery at 194 M. Eminescu (nationalist and anti-Semite poet) Street. There graves were dated from 19th century. Hundreds or even thousands of graves. FIASCO workers were very enthusiastic to recognize many names of Lebovici and was surprised to hear different version of Eastern European pronunciation then the versions used in France and England. But there were no any Goldsteins written on the tombs. The guard of the cemetery came to help and brought a book were all the dead workers were listed. The single Goldstein found was Janco Goldstein. So few dead Jewish workers - the last Goldstein and all Lebovicis – join DAMTP’s in Botoșani for the further space, time and class peregrination backwards through the traces of the Age of Divinity.
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There we’ve got the first pentagon patch to go off the ball. So far the ball was decorated by letters adopted to be symbols of lands of British Islands – this particular one was of England. Might be it happen because the ball got some water in Sfânta Ana’s lake. So DAMTPs decided to continue their activities of swimming in the lakes and collecting the gone-off-patches.