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ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

The burial of Fazlallah’s body in Alinja was the beginning of the whole process of “return” to origins at the end of time. The shrine was a metonymic marker for the impending apocalypse. That’s why peregrine DAMTPT’s took the route from the birth place of Isou (who spoiled letterism by turning it to art) towards the death place of the inventor of unspoiled yet lettrism (hurufiyyah). DAMTPs call this period between 2 points in time The Age of Divinity. And believe the peregrination to be its unwinding.


Travel to it is an equivalent of return to one’s origin. While God’s creation Adam had begun the connection between humanity and divinity, Fazlallah’s body interred into shrine at Alinja most fully realized the potential divinity within the humans.


Right at Fazlallah’s shrine the psychic double agent worker found more letters she dreamed before making decision to do this unwinding back to the origins.


Adam’s body had been formed from a lump of clay separated from the earth of Alinja. At the same time of apocalypse, when creation is about to be folded, the lump of material substances represented by Fazlallah’s body was returned to the same spot. Adam and Fazlallah thus seen as the beginning and the end of the lifespan of the human species.

In the same way gets formation the space loop or the Linea Regium, or Royal Line, anchored at its easterly end by Caer Ruis, passes through the Omphalos, before aligning with (from east to west): Millwall Dock; South Dock Entrance; Alfred the Great Statue, Southwark; St. George’s Cross, Southwark; Big Ben, Palace of Westminster; Buckingham Palace (Queen Victoria Statue); Wellington Arch; Hyde Park Corner; Princess Diana Memorial Fountain; Serpentine Gallery; Kensington Palace; The Windsor Castle (local boozer of the English section of the Situationists); and, the former BBC Television Centre (itself an important anchor point on the so-called “Rufus Line”, identified by the LPA in 1992) and further streaming towards Carachi, Mumbai and anti-gravity point of the Earth Grid at 26°34'12.0"S 103°12'00.0"E (the tip of Wallaby Plateau) – this Royal Line also passes through Botosani and Alinja respectively.

At Fazlallah’s shrine peregrines were told that after climbing 1500 steps up to Alinja mountain crag they will find a castle remaining which somebody used to play football. It took long to climb all those steps especially in the midday on the mountain side with randomly found shadow when the heat got above 40°C. It seemed that the only living being to accompany DAMTP’s was a lizard (similar to the one, who accompanied the IAPAO decision made in 2004 in Bandung). That was how they reached the Fazlallah’s execution place. On the very top of the mountain path one can see mountainous landscape with the shining cupolas of the Fazlallah’s shrine down in a bottom and a big bird fluttering in the sky. One worker recognized kite in it. Others were willing to recognize an eagle. So far an eagle was used to show up in Alytus Psychic Strike Biennials since 4PC. One worker was trying to convert her newly obtained letter into a sign. Another worker looked attentively into the neighbouring mountain and recognized a goat climbing down and up its ledges. In a while peregrines climbed down few steps back to the fortress foundation for 3SF World Cup to be played in. SOF played this time in a virtual/dreamy way – while sleeping.

 On the way back the ball was kicked from a top of the mountain up to the air and then it fell down to the abyss by bouncing into mountains ledges, obtaining unpredictable trajectories (similar to the ones already exercised in Berca Mud Volcanoes game, but quantum amplified) and finally disappeared from the sight. After climbing down DAMTPs failed to found the ball. Just before kicking it out there came off the ball an empty pentagon patch – there was no any sign on it.

Later when back to Nakhichevan DAMTP’s bought couple of new balls – one very light one designed as water melon, another was football of lowest quality.