This year Alytus biennial is based on triolectics of Desa Kala Patra as 3 interwoven axes which are sometimes translated as “space, time, identity” or alternatively “space, time, situation” – or as Space, Time and Class.

If there are only 2 identities possible in class: that of bourgeoisie and proletariat then also in space: from point A to point B (the west and the east or the north and the south or down and up). Also in time: the past and the future.


The orientation – the point of origin in space, time and class are all on one‘s body. The body of the worker is the orientation for all measurement and the situation can only be understood as a relationship between workers which is possible if they would succeed to oppose the formation of capital.


Whether this escapes the formation of cultural capital is determined by its movement in space : Out of the north and west and high or rather out of twodimensionality of the spectatorship – by its movement in time: out of the past and into the future ie new ideas or rather out of twodimentionality of the whole structure of the idea as based on determinism/causality – and out of the hands of the bourgeois class into workers.


The map used by DAMTP in order to understand Class, is that of the IWW industrial unions. This is the point of departure for the DAMTP. We have created a Union of Psychic Workers that breaks with the IWW’s administrative and regional organisational structure. We have created a Union of Dead Workers. We have created a Union of Reproductive Workers – all of which break with the IWW’s industrial classification system and redraw the map of class. This is because any point on the map of industrial unions – a 2 dimensional map – has a coordinate also in the hierarchy of management. To deny that union officials – that academics – that other psychic workers are not located there is to undermine our organisation as workers and to foster a “revolutionary” identity without achieving class consciousness at all. All that this achieves is the creation of cultural capital.


Capital – the spectacle – the sum of commodity culture – is the abstraction of labour – the expression of labour in its inhuman form. Oppression is all that creates alienation. Revolution is all that liberates labour from its inhuman form. To obscure the fact that psychic work is indeed a form of work is to side with the Bolshevic separation of politics from economics and culture. It is also to side with the Bakuninist agenda to obscure the 3rd dimension of class – that of situation – and limit workers to their own identity – whether that be industrial or national. However it is that identity that is prerequisite for an understanding of class.

It is clear that some industries dominate others. it is clear that some nations dominate others. It is clear some genders dominate others. It is our task to support those who are oppressed while always pushing for proletarianisation and class unity against not just capital but the capitalists themselves. It is equally clear that the capitalists will use our efforts, our labour, against us – after all that is the essence of capital.

Alytus event of 2013 is a biannual minjung [people‘s] psychic [art] strike event.


To be around:

Chus Martínez (a transnational phantom)

Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

DEad WOrkers Union at DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique (DEWOU-DAMTP)

اتحاد العمال التنجر نفسية

REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION)

Polaris International Ltd

Art Strike Biennial Supreme Council of One - London

Kelso Carolin (UK)

Clare Carolin (UK)

Stewart Home (UK)

Fabian Tompsett (UK)

Mbaku Fidelis Mbabit (Cameroon/Belgium)

Fon Bridget Anip (Cameroon)

Martin Zet (CZ)

Nafeesa Shamsuddin (Bangladesh)

Katya Samigulina (Belarus)

Yuli Ilyushchanka (Belarus)

Darya Yafimava (Belarus)

Disidentas Bacevyčia (Kumpupių EkscepTualiųjų Amatų Universitetas - KETAU)

Roberta Raudonė (Feministinis Frontas – fef)

Ilya Budraitskis (Russia)

Kęstutis Šapoka & Benigna

Andrius Savickas (LT/Berlin)

Pablo Hermann (okk-berlın) [Ecuador/Germany]
Otto Karl Kamal (okk-berlın) [Turkey/Germany]

Christoph Fringeli (Datacide) [Berlin]

Lukas Diržys (LT/UK)

Mantas Kazakevičius

Guoda Diržytė

Povilas Dumbliauskas

Matas Janušonis

Vėjas Pinkevičius

Mawuna R. Koutonin (Goodbuzz) [Togo/LT]

Redas Diržys


Draugai, bičiuliai, bendra(atskirai)aktyvistai, psichodarbininkai ir duomenkasiai,


kviečiame pisijungti prie Alytaus bienalės Alytuje rugpjūčio 20-25 d.