Psychic Workers Monstration in Alytus, Lithuania, on 22 August 2013. Protest against capitalism and link up with the dead! Demolish serious culture! Take your disease for reality! Death is not true! Capitalism murders the dead - psychic workers bring the dead back to life! The world is upside down, we will place it back on its feet! Pyschic workers of the world unite! World Congress of Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique 2013! With musical improvisation to create the kind of improvised music you like! Among the psychic workers who can be seen marching and improvising on the demo and rally are: Mbaku Fidelis Mbabit , Martin Zet, Asim Butt, Ilya Budraitskis, Katya Samigulina, Andrius Savickas, Lukas Diržys, Mantas Kazakevičius, Guoda Diržytė, Matas Janušonis, Redas Diržys, Aurėja Stirbytė, Pablo Hermann, Roberta Raudone and Christoph Fringeli. But this is an incomplete list, there are many more present!