There have been many deaths and injuries caused by ongoing negligent practices in garment industry factories. Some companies have agreed to pay compensation for the many hundreds killed and thousands injured at Tazreen and Rana – but so far almost none have. We demand all companies implicated in this including Benetton do so IMMEDIATELY

Many companies have signed the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Agreement. This is a good sign but if there are no structures to enforce these guidelines then they are useless. We therefore demand that Benetton not only negotiates with IndustriALL – the global workers unon – but also provides resources to assist each and every worker to organise in any way they see fit. This means that if there are as many unions as workers then Benetton must support this by providing resources for them all.

To summarise, we demand:

1. Benetton pay compensation to those workers and their families who were killed and injured making their clothes NOW.

2. Benetton agree to support workers set up the unions they require and provides the resources for them to do so.

3. Companies sit down with industriALL – the global union – to improve conditions across the industry internationally.