Many of our comrades on the left are demonstrating against your invitation to the leader of the French National Front on the grounds that she is a fascist.

However we feel we should go further in pointing out that Fascism and Neoliberalism are just two sides of the same coin - that of White Supremacist culture.

You pride yourself on being defenders of freedom and debate but your debates resemble the circular doctrine of a schizophrenic. You only ever converse with versions of yourself. You will never let anyone else speak therefore it is high time you shut the fuck up.

Your freedom of speech is only the freedom of the bosses, bastards and BBC paedophiles. Of Rupert Murdoch. Of fascists, nazis, racists and rapists. Of politicians and paedophiles. The freedom to attack and abuse workers
and even worse, the defenceless.

We hereby invite you to reject the life of privelidge and capitalism you are born, thrust or journeying into and join the workers in open revolt against the ruling class.

In the meantime we sincerely invite you to just shut the fuck up. As the Cambridge elite in particular , as white men in general, please just shut the fuck up.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel X,
Cambridge Lettrist And Situationist Society