First Three Sided Football World (C)Up was organized by Three Sided Football League and Museum Jorn in Silkeborg. There were planned to be invited teams from around the Europe and for the first time the principal players, thinkers, originators and propagators of the game invited for symposium. The event was arranged on the occation of Asger Jorn‘s 100 year aniversary and Museum Jorn found the best option to bring the game back to Asger Jorn‘s – originator‘s of the game – hometown, or simply back to its spiritual home.

DAMTP decided to participate in the event and to extend continuous agitation for „Smashing Psychic Slavery with Triolectics!“. That was the title of the announcement read during the symposium at Museum Jorn. Besides this paper were delivered multitudes of DAMTP papers and couple big papers-posters with triolectical drafts for understanding Identity-Class relationship within the formations of Zones of Bourgeois Development (ZBD) and/or Zones of Proletarian Development (ZPD). Finaly DAMTP declared its course on proletarianization with pointed attacks particularly on 2-dimentional bourgeois identity formations – nations. Particular scope was pointed towards Eurocentrist formation of the triolectics between British Economy, French Politics and German Idealism. Later in discussion Fabian Tompsett pointed to Moses Hess identical composition of concerns more then 150 years ago as presented in his „Holy History of Mankind“. That was not a first Quantum Superimposition (QS) of series – the first happen exactly when Fabian presented his concerns on „Situationist gaming & Three Sided Football“ and in the moment when he explained the term Lettrist Quantum Superimposition he mentioned acronym DAMTP as an example what simultaneously coud be read as Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics or DAta Miners and Travailleurs Psychique. Immediately afterwards DAMTP’s entered the symposium room. Second speaker was Mark Dyson, the founder of London Three Sided Football League. He introduced to general situationist concepts in their classical meaning. Actually situationist/marxist terminology dominated in all presentations.

During its presentation DAMTP revealed one more QS – the very fact that the first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, and DAMTP’s just got from Uruguay with stolen flag from official building in Montevideo – we officially denounce to be accepted as nation (i. e. to be presented under Lithuanian flag, but we substitute it with an Uruguayan, but upturned one. Officially we presented global unuruguyan team in this tournament.

Next day we had tournament day. So far the organization was overtaken by city municipality it was arranged in official way – on the poles were uplifted British, German, French, Danish, Polish, Lithuanian and EU flags. DAMTP’s took down the Lithuanian flag and exchanged it to upturned Uruguayan flag. During the official announcement of the teams DAMTP explained that they represent unuruguayn global team as QS of the First World Football cup of 1930. Mostly all teams which played to us treated our team as Uruguayan except Polish guys, who were playing against Lithuanians. After all the matches were played the organizers came to DAMTP’s and asked for Lithuanian flag which disappeared from the pole. They told the flag was lent by local Lithuanian community and organizers do not want it to disappear.

First match we played together with poles and Sikeborg’s 2nd team. Polish guys were aggressive, while Danish were professionals. Two psychic workers (one of them quite seriously) got injured by Poles. Interesting is the terminology - in Germany we say "horse kiss" and in Italy itś called donkey bite. So emotional description of having been kicked by a polish donkey was not so allegorical. Moreover - one Pole got his leg broken due some impact with Danish player during the same match. And finally we lost the first game. Actually the whole event was dominated by males – our team was the only to have 2 feminine players who were playing on the equal rights with other DAMTP’s – even German team was encouraged to let the single women to play for a little bit in the field. Later we lost also the mach of the 3 teams who lost the 1st mach – together with us were playing separated into 2 different teams London Football philosophers’. British were very serious about tactics and gentlemen behaviour. The third match we played with French and Republic of Deptford teams. We lost it from the moment when desperated DAMTP started to play against both teams simultaneously. In the last third rotation French and British teams were just playing to each other without paying any interest to unuruguay team. And it ended finally with the penalties. It was indeed stupid from the tactical point of view, because instead of killing each other they would be able to score against DAMTP‘s, because inverted rules counted the scored goals as well. 5 minutes before the final whistle all other 8 participating teams where in intence strugle for better results... when suddenly some elderly and grizzly streaker appeared and holding in his hands cardboard image of standing Jorn but turned horizontally – so looked as holding an airplane – ran arround all three fields of all three matches ... and stoped the all three final games for a few minutes. As later Mark explained it was a highlight because of the double strip demonstrated in the field. Many people thought it was a psychic worker and some attributed him to DAMTP unuruguayan team. Dead Workers Union takes the responsibility for bringing the sense to the World Up Final.

So far DAMTP‘s were bad in football playing skills – no one except Pablo (who was seriously injured during the first match) was able even to admit the ball in the field, so the strategies we were trying to develop while playing with trained guys and professionals could be grouped into 3 sections:

1. Subterfuging: girls playing in an unpredictible way to proffesionals; talking to the oponents and subverting their tactics in a very familar way using their own names („Henry, not do that!“); using inverted English against british players, and subverted Polish against Poles; provoking tention between other two teams.

2. Mental attack & subvertion of the whole winner‘s ideology as an integral part of the nationalist project: propaganda stuff during symposium; unuruguay campaign.

3. Psychic attacks: after the moment the DAMTP goalkeeper got attacked by French-British alliance and got knocked-out – there was nothing to do for the substituted goalkeeper – he went to play as a forwarder leaving the goal custody for the dead psychic workers‘ ghosts (only one goal was kicked into the seemingly watchless goal).

DAMTP loose the game, but won sympathies. DAMTP showed the class solidarity with the workers not only because this was the only team declared its affiliation with working class (other teams were mostly affiliated with nation, its substitutes, Philosophy, Art etc…even Poles being workers themselves did not declared it officially), but also the DAMTP goalkeepers wore welder’s gloves instead of specialised for goalkeepers. While playing DAMTP elaborated a new concept for Future/Past understanding (different from the eurocentrist): the Past is what we see left in front of us, while the future spreads behind us. We must confess – we ran too far out for the Past while playing in Silkeborg…But it should be noted that our union or wahdat is based on not just our common forms of production but our common attitude towards the means of production... which have a history and are not neutral as global capitalism insists.

In the evening we got an official dinner from city mayor. We had much of conversations – mostly with German BOLZWM team from Kassel. They almost invited DAMTP for the upcoming Documenta which to happen in 2017 – they want 3 sided football to be part of the art event. We talked together a lot about the unchaining of the football, releasing the game out of it which is killed in the professional attitude to the game – we agreed that it happen in Silkeborg as well. We talked about releasing the game out from the dead artistic structures too. We talked about QS moments when playing in the forest - trees are superimposed by players and vice versa. Then Mark came and we turned further on future QS of Fluxus and situationists football playing experiences using surface of the water as a field for the game to those who believe, running with stilts made from easels and so turning it into the paintersballfoot. Then we switched into a long discussion on non-linear architecture experiences and ghosts’ football using a ball which remains still spherical.

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