The DesaKalPatraGraph – the proletarianist situgraph – moving on from the Asylum Strike camp at OranienPlaz in Berlin will be at the conference

I hope comrades will help develop this and map our terrain and resources

I want to move from Workers Union to Workers Council

We can share resources and assist workers – but to be a real Psychic Workers Council we must make contact with all living things on the planet and beyond

I reject the instrumental black power of Obama and Jay-Z and all those that wish to manipulate the killing of Trayvon in the USA – while ignoring the largest Hunger Strike in US Prisons. I point rather towards the Black power positions we outlined in the above text by Independent Psychic Workers. The mass murder and genocide currently taking place in Africa is linked to the production of hate – of death.

I also reject the instrumental feminism of Femen and mute magazine – and connect instead to the positions of Revolution at Point Zero and the Household Soviets as also touched on by the Independent Psychic Workers. The rapes at the Occupy camps – just like at the O-Platz camp – indeed the use of rape as a metaphor for the alienation of the worker is located at the point of the production of love – of life.

I therefore suggest that rather than convene both a Black Only Group and a Woman Only Group to begin the conference – we convene a plenary session where the voices of women comrades and of black comrades are exclusively privileged in order to set the agenda for the meeting.

Alternatively we can judge which voices are lacking from our conference and seek advice accordingly. In order to do this I request comrades to fill in the following situgraphs. I have completed one for myself as an example. Please note the symbols can be added to or edited as you wish.