This sacred Hopi "Tumas Crow Mother" mask was sold in a Paris auction that went forward Friday over objections from the Hopi tribe and U.S. government. Selling for $209,000, it was the most valuable of 70 Hopi masks that fetched $1.2 million overall. (Art and Communication press office, Paris / April 12, 2013)

It is converting life to death and traditionally calls it culture.

This time Hopi of Arizona unsuccessfully tried to stop the recent Paris sale of their sacred masks.  International white bougeoisie hides itself under their long promoted shelter of cultural paradigm which is nothing but a racism and never had any other aspirations.

The situation clarifies sacred life concept of the indigenous people - the masks personify spirits, called ‘Kachinas’, which are thought to bring rain and encourage fertility, while the eurocentrist accumuliaton turns everything sacred into desintegrated mess and flushes through cloaca of aestetics. Racism always was integral part of aesthetism.

According to the French law Hopi do not have rights to claim for their own psychic life.

Is here anything what was not stolen in French „culture“ at all?

According to death law there is no right to live.