Fellow workers,

While we can commend your steadfast defence of your workers, even to the point of mutiny against the city officials we must draw some further points to your attention if you are to truly fulfil the historical mission of becoming a revolutionary workers organisation.

Firstly you must begin to organise not just as a benevolent association but as a psychic workers union. You are not productive workers. You do not produce commodities. You are non-productive, so what is your work producing? It is nothing but the production of everyday life. You produce also the psychic cohesion of the working class. Currently this psychic effort is in the service not of the people ie the working class, but the elite, ie the ruling class. So first you must transform yourself into a psychic workers union.

As producers of everyday life therefore you must allow the working class especially in your special areas to enter into your union freely. And treat the working class with which you come into contact in everyday life, as equal workers to your own police workers.

Secondly you must allow those fellow destructive workers – the so-called criminals – into your union, your discussions, considerations and organisation. We say “so-called criminals” because in instances of people being killed by the police the question of criminality of the police is opened up. Therefore your own workers are equal with others, those non-workers, unemployed criminalised workers that you are pitted against while you do the bidding of the ruling class. Only you can change this.

Thirdly you will become part of the local and international reproductive unions. Certainly in those cases where workers have been killed, whether police or the criminalised, there has been an attempt by families to organise. Your own efforts have only so far been around the families of dead police officers – but not around the families of those killed by the police. This must change. Furthermore you must merge with reproductive unions, all families of new York and the world, in order to revolutionise society as we transform ourselves from wage slaves into masters of our own destinies.

We await your response