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Sean Coombs clothing label ENYCE was found in the remains of the Tazreen Garments Factory Fire where 112 garment workers were burned to Char because it was normal practice to be locked in to work in the sewing lines.

After the Fire, as a PR stint, Sean Coombs PR Company said he would pay the pathetic sum of $1200 to each victim as compensation. Have they heard back? No.

As victims and their dependant families have had to deal with the loss of their loved ones in such a brutal manner, many of them traumatised, the injured who have not been able to claim medical charges because the Government have been protecting the Garment owner from the corrupt industry, even though he has been found to be criminally negligent. Sean Coombs or 'P Diddy' has been roaming around free.

In 2012 Forbes estimated Combs' net worth at $550 million, making him the richest figure in hip hop.

Should he be allowed to forget the deaths of the forgotten workers. Do you feel their lives are disposable enough to forget.

Play your part, do your thing.

We urge you take some clicktivist action. We, the Dead Workers Union, want to create a shitstorm on his door step.

Do you want to join us?

IT can make a difference.

Our collective DISGUST should be known.

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