"Artist Organizations International" gang practices its "specific understanding of art within a social and political context" by confusing principles of psychic gentrification, history faking and manipulation. (http://www.artistorganisationsinternational.org/)

Full-blown shopping for the hearts & minds is going down around the globe. Shady assets & surplus value in form of conditional short & long-term political, social and cultural "project" funding has messed up the practices of genuine grassroots solidarity actions and real critical thinking. That is to say one thing is the material & ideological conditions in which we non-live, while another is whether we actually do something about it or internalize the rewarding mechanism. Unfortunately, what is instilled in this army of application-writing gentrification soldiers is the values of moral supremacy and privilege - very beneficial in spreading the Eurocentric logic of art, democracy and enlightenment.

These careerists are just like a politician who might pride him- or herself for the exposure she gets, but the emptiness of their image embodies mood swings and tactical strategies of their bosses. Luckily, the self-styled "leaders of change" make their poor understanding of the social nature of humanity visible by forming gangs for such spectacles and "representing" made up unions. But the problem lies in the fact that such entrepreneurs seduce the poor into reproducing this aestheticization of politics, a key ingredient to fascism.

All power to the dead workers!
Push the politician of the artivist industry back into irrelevance!
We'll get your ass!

DAMTP/DEWOU / Fraction Wedding