We are from Left 21, a left-wing group in Hong Kong. We are supporting but not organising the movement.

The current demands of the movement is for democratisation of Hong Kong’s political system, especially the elections for the Chief Executive.

After days of protests, the government has agreed to meet with students last night.
You could help by drafting and signing a statement of support targeting the HONG KONG government, to ask them to conduct the coming meeting with students with an open attitude and to promote the democratisation of Hong Kong.

Kindly avoid using words such as ‘revolution’ in the statement, because this is not a revolution.

We would be most grateful if you could let us have a look at the statement before publishing it. Thank you so much.

In solidarity!

Here is a DAMTP letter to HK Government. The original letter was changed to remove any
reference to "communism" on request of left21. Even we do not mention the word but our aims are always revolutionary:

Fellow workers,

We are writing from the International Workers Union of Psychic Workers


We write to question your decision to cancel the meeting with a delegation from the striking students regarding their collective demands.

We must demand that you meet with them as originally planned. We must demand that you recognise them as workers even as you are workers.

Students, like government workers or civil servants, are psychic producers of the conditions for all workers. More and more, academia around the world is becoming more like a factory for national ideology than a place of education or learning. As such students are in a similar situation to you in that they are producing the situation that is perpetuating around them.

We hope you can come together with them in the interests of workers all over the world to move towards real democratic socialism; the transfer of all means of production, both physical and psychical, into the direct control of workers.



Also please let us know your response to this article:

[response from Hong Kong]

Thank you very much!

For the record, please be assured that the Occupy movement is truly one
from the local people, without any foreign power pulling the strings