I are we am Tae Ateh. Become Tae Ateh. Tae Ateh has been given to us by the words of the trees and the song of the heart beating like a train. Tae Ateh has been selected for a new multiple identity project in the tradition of Monty Cantsin, Karen Eliot and Luther Blissett. The Tae Ateh moniker has the advantage of being one that might belong to either a male of a female since Tae as a first name does not appear to be gender specific.

At the same time it is distinctly female as Ateh in some languages refers to an older female of the family. It is also distinctly non European. As such it is a double whammy against the twin monsters of Eurocentricity and Patriarchy. In this way it is superior to any previous multiple identity we are aware of.Even more Tae Ateh refers not only to human, but also to non-human beings and so revolutionize stuck into anthropocentrism multiple identity project(s) of previous attempts. Tae Ateh is a name plant that calls another plant and refers to the inner materiality vibrations leading to resonance. Tae Ateh is a name for butterfly‘s wings effect.
Tae Ateh is a name that refers to an animist depths of personhood individual human which enables any individual human or non-human being to be anyone or anything. Tae Ateh therefore is anthropogenic as it was initiated by humans so to be done only what is necessary in order for non-humans to be treated like humans. There is included the sharpest critique of eurocentrism as privatising the notion of being human so diverging it to supremacy, sexism and racism. In this way Tae Ateh is a name for a new working class sobjectivity (the weeping of parting and the weaping of reuniting) wahdat in kathiral and kathiral in wahdat.

The name is fixed, the people using it aren’t. The name Tae Ateh can be strategically adopted for a series of actions, interventions,exhibitions, texts, etc. You can use the name Tae Ateh when involved in any form of psychic or physical production. The purpose of many different people using the same name is to create a situation for which no one in particular is responsible and to practically attack western philosophical notions of identity, individuality, originality, value, humanism and truth.

Anyone can become Tae  Ateh simply by adopting the name. When one becomes Tae Ateh one’s previous existence consists of the acts other people have undertaken using the name. When one becomes Tae Ateh one has no family, no parents, no birth, no culture. Tae Ateh was not born, s/he was materialised from animist social forces, constructed as a means of entering the shifting terrain that circumscribes the ‘individual’ and society. Tae Ateh is a transsexual transnational transhuman collective phantom.