On January 13th, 2012 Czech artist Martin Zet under the protection of Berlin Biennale ideologists published a call collect the copies of an openly racist anti-muslim Thilo Sarazzin‘s “Deutschland schafft sich ab” book from the German readers. This would be done through the established network of collection points around the country. Collected copies of the book would be then used to compose sculptures. After the Biennale show is over, the books are supposed to be recycled for better purposes. As a result of such proposal, Martin faced a blast of furious counter-reaction from both media and the public (for example

The Heinrich Heine slogan „Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen“ ("Those who burn books will end up burning people") is embraced by neo-Nazis resisting the suppression of their “democratic freedom of speech“. One thing was Heine‘s point of view, but the true social-Darwinism doesn’t proceed "backwards" – those who have burned people once don't step back to burn books again. In Germany today they don’t burn books but still burn people, like Oury Jalloh (born in 1968 in Kabala, Sierra Leone, killed on the 7th January 2005 in the police cell in Dessau, Germany; see http://thevoiceforum.org).

“Well dressed Turkish woman” – is not a problem for sarrazins kind – they imagine a problem in those immigrants who do not show respect for German “ordnung” and migrate on their own means. There is no difference between these attitudes and those of Artur Żmijewski, who shapes the Berlin Bienalle 7 theoretical platform based on ridiculous theoretical sophistications. The main problem with those bourgeois “truth speakers” and “serious” discourse keepers occurs when one realizes their self-protectionist stance. What is the argument of those “human right for freedom of speech” protectors – does it not mean to first force everyone speaks the language of an oppressor and obeys their rules? Berlin Biennale is just a small part of the white Eurocentrist culture which is not the opposite of Nazism but its development, maturation and fruition. Well dressed, i.e. provided with “right” commentaries. Nazism is still welcome in Germany and is acceptable for some Jewish organizations too – the “Mein Kampf” ban is lifted, Hitler being republished on 26 January, 2012 (see http://www.smh.com.au/world/mein-kampf-ban-lifted-20120117-1q4me.html).

Now, to dig deeper into Berlin Biennale's positioning in its relationship to the issues of race, we must remember the National Socialist Underground killings and Nuremberg Nazi rally grounds. BB7 did not publish a single article touching upon the murders, where the state presence in covering up crimes blew into a scandal (see http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,809402,00.html). Biennale's position towards the renovation of nazi rally grounds in Nuremberg is just as absurd. In the times of deepening capitalist crisis, biennale's board is supporting the proposition to stop most of the activities currently held on the grounds in order to preserve the grounds as a monument of sorts. This would cost up to 70 million Euros ("The ordinary tax payer may think 70 million is too much money to preserve Nazi buildings and that it should be used for kindergartens, or roads" - http://www.berlinbiennale.de/blog/en/allgemein-en/the-city-of-toys-16530). BB7 has been sympathetic towards artistic contributors who suffer under the state oppression, but it remains completely ignorant towards 'the small people' - to quote Artur Żmijewski, "Not everyone can be an artist. That’s an illusion" (interview http://www.berlinbiennale.de/blog/en/allgemein-en/universalizing-the-exception-16719)

One way that whites like Sarrazin AND Żmijewski can achieve the kind of equality that they falsely claim to have in Germany and in Europe today is to recycle their own selves by burning their passports, becoming stateless and applying for asylum themselves. We are not talking about a “symbolic” action defining nothing but mutual relationships of Nazi and “high culture” idealisms, but about the real situation where those Nazi-and-culture mutilators will face the results of their ideology. We invite them to do so.


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