Chus Martínez  is a name that refers to an individual human being who can be anyone. The name is fixed, the people using it aren’t. The name Chus Martínez can be strategically adopted for a series of actions, interventions, exhibitions, texts, etc. You can use the name Chus Martínez when involved in making art, making music, or just making trouble as an activist. The purpose of many different people using the same name is to create a situation for which no one in particular is responsible and to practically examine western philosophical notions of identity, individuality, originality, value and truth.

Anyone can become Chus Martínez simply by adopting the name. When one becomes Chus Martínez one’s previous existence consists of the acts other people have undertaken using the name. When one becomes Chus Martínez one has no family, no parents, no birth. Chus Martínez was not born, s/he was materialised from social forces, constructed as a means of entering the shifting terrain that circumscribes the ‘individual’ and society. Chus Martínez is a transsexual collective phantom.


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The Chus Martínez moniker has the advantage of being one that might belong to either a European or an African since Chus as a first name does not appear to be language ryospecific. In this way it is superior to any previous multiple identity we are aware of. The last part of moniker reffers to all poetic in the heart colonized-mind-spanish speaking world.


Dissapointed by not enough of plagiarisms in her/his own site s(h)e established psychic worker‘s site to plagiarize it‘s own project:


as we, in Uruguay born people, are used to say: plagiarism is necessary - it implies progress!