Beneath the I is multiplicity.

To assert the I is to react. It is the strategy which is infinitely deferring its object of desire: the fully erected and shining golden I.

I is threatened from all the sides by all kinds of enemies.

I is sad. I is grumpy. I is angry.

I constantly reflects upon itself, perpetually adjusting/re-adjusting its image to fit own and others' expectations.

I is a reactive machine with the desire to control.


Beneath the I is multiplicity.

Beneath the Individual there are dividuals

Dividuals – act. Dividuals produce.

Dividuals connect and disconnect.

Dividuals are social and singular at the same time

Dividuals do not wait for revolution. They are/do revolutions.


Oh so many kinds of revolutions and evolutions!


“I” cries: It is painful to me. It is painful to them.

Dividuals affirm the pain: “So its pain, and hell, we glad we feel it!”

“I” - acquires pleasure from Drama.

Dividuals desire extremes of tragedy and comedy.

“I” - moves towards the balanced center of the circle

Dividuals thrust at the limits of their capacities.


I desires desire.

Dividuals are desire/ing