Two years after our last message ( calling for the formation of an industrial union of psychic workers we send psychic solidarity support to the most successful proletarian FWs (in terms of workers struggle and internationalism) of the Cleaners Union and Latin American Workers Union for organising on whatever grounds they see fit as is the aims of the IWW. The BIRA statement ( against the cleaners workers does not make sense as the IWW does allow workers to dual card also and we do not see the union as a political party to be centrally controlled but rather as a tool of proletarianidation and step towards workers councils - as such the statement stinks of the bullshit bollocks of Bolshevism and Bakuninism

However we must state our own differences with the "Industrial Workers of Great Britain" - the union that the FWs of the IWW Cleaners union are now also using - not least that we do not recognise Great Britain as a legitimate entity. The IWGB makes a similar error to the IWW with regards to their indusrtriual union structure as can be seen in their old graphic:


Simply reproducing the structures of the ruling class in terms of industrial organisation which is something both the IWW and the IWGB are doing is doomed to failure.


However we do support the use of whatever unionisation necessary in order to escalate the class war in the workers favour. Ourselves since we received very little positive feedback from within the IWW mostly from FWs in Australia also decided to continue organising outside of the IWW and started a separate union called the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique (DAMTP)


One reason is that the IWW is dominated by workers in the so-called services industries ie those of capital intensive or non-productive work. A psychic workers union disrupts the coherent logic of services industries and allows a self-critical look for us workers who are non-productive ie that do not constitute the Marxist notion of the proletariat. It is precisely this weakness in Marxist theory that failed to allow new strategies and tactics after The defeat of the proletariat in 1917 and again in 1945


The industrial strictures of IWW should prioritise IUs 300 and 400 as proletarian labour intensive over 100 and 200 as land intensive and 500 and 600 as capital intensive. The fact that the IWW is con concentrated on services is also explained and has led to it being concentrated in the so-called First world or European dominated countries and areas such as USA, Europe and Australia. We have unionized with workers in Pakistan Lithuania and Sudan and attribute our success to a critique of Eurocentrism that the IWW current structure is incapable of addressing.

We have established the psychic worked as IU700 as this is a service union ie that of non-productive work in Marxist terms as well ad a dead workers union as IU 007 and this too is unproductive - however this was an important step in allowing members to join regardless of paying dues, regardless of nationality and location and regardless of whether they were alive or not. FW Joe Hill lead us in this.


We now must move beyond the traditional thought of political economics of labour, land or capital intensive production and we must consider reproductive labour . In order to ensure that labour dominates both land and capital it is essential we begin a reproductive workers union: This we have called the REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION). The practicalities of this also show how a workers council - based on Mother and Child - relate to the union with other workers.

We must however continue to subordinate capital and land intensive production to that of labour. The current system does the opposite with too much power in the hands of psychic workers. But a new structure which recognises all productive workers with reproductive and non-productive workers, in that order, may overcome also the old problem of peasant vs proletariat. So again we stress that rather than extend the union classification from 000 to 999, we use base 7 : keep 007/700 as the psychic and dead workers and have the reproductive workers as our point of origin - thereby setting the labour of birth as the original labour: IU 000


We're in solidarity with cleaners as reproductive workers therefore taking their lead in the striking also on the psychic grounds to vanish whitewashing, light and stylistics. So we're distancing from bolshevism which got an electric bulb to show workers the mess of their environment and instead of fighting the misery they choose for burgeois whitewashing so empowering edisonian westernization.


Electricians to come next. We’re looking forward for psycho-electric cleaning wahdat! Long live short-circuiting on the surfaces of saponaceous show windows!


FW 366470 IU 000 007/700