[open address to the  Gwangju World Biennial Forum No.1 to happen on 27-31 October 2012]





World biennial forum is just conference alongside with Gwangju Biennial - you are collecting representants of the largest biennials of the world and sponsor those, who are colonizable. While "Founded in memory of spirits of civil uprising of the 1980 repression of the Gwangju Democratization Movement" the biennial is unable to speak on the student strikes against imperial occupation in 1945 and also the more recent workers strike at Kumho Tire Co. plant in Gwangju who began a general strike on Aug. 16 2012

Minjung art is exactly the recuperation of the essential antiimperialist and anti-american movement : With the democratization of the 1990s, Minjung art started losing their concrete aim and became part of the mainstream - post modernism - the colonist biennial simply sold up any trace of disobedience. We must include our solidarity with murdered and tortured Minjung art psychic workers of 80-ies Gwangju uprising and disclaim recuperation of their memory by Gwanju biennialization-recuperation-colonialization processes.

Biennialization is the neoliberal ritualization of Eurocentric bourgeois propaganda.


Gwangju World Biennial forum is the exploitation of world wide psychic workers in the form of western colonization and imposition of the misuse of the working class by employment of western bourgeoisie models.


Your role (as biennial organizers) in societies is a colonialist one: to impose westernization on local societies and further exploit psychic workers; to alienate workers by imposing the roles of artists, writers, spectators, staff, security guards etc and to create cultural capital based on that alienation;


How can we undo the teleologies of Eurocentric modernity? Simply open up the biennial initiatives by giving way to the workers to lead it. The true de-eurocentrized biennials must obtain forms of self leading by [psychic] workers communes.


You are welcome to join DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique Wahdat as workers in Desa Kala Patra : space time and class dimensions which would lead towards the situation of global revolution.


Art biennials inspire and strengthen privileged and bourgeoisified “art community” outdrops and help to lay foundations for their further domination. Sustainable infrastructures could appear only when oppressive and exploitative structures will fade away. But we must start from the very basic understanding that art is nothing but a social glue for bourgeois society build up not to sustain, but parasitize.


Biennials never deal with alternatives and can never be sites for experimentation capable of resistance (as you note in your statements) – they are always the sites and bubbles of recuperation of the real life experiments so converting it into frozen forms of art and therefore forms of „serious culture“.


Instead we offer to turn Biennials into Art Strike Biennials as we did since 2009 and every two years, to cease any activity in the field of arts while inviting workers to come to be together and to foster establishing of workers‘ organizations locally and showing the wish and ability to listen to and work with them.


We want to share with you recent researches made on two major events of German art establishment – Berlin Biennale 7 and dOCUMENTA 13 - and the features of fascist rhetoric, rehabilitation of fascist regime collaborators, and racism in the very core of its organizational structures and mode of thinking.


We claim to demolish „serious“ and „white“ Eurocentrist culture by subverting its general purveyor – the Biennial.


We should push the revolutionary time frame both back into the revolutionary anti-imperialist democratic past and into the revolutionary anti-party communist future for a Minjung Art Strike Biennial at the end of the Age of Divinity!"






Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)




infoRmation, intElligence, military operatiVes:
sOcial, poLitical and culTural workers:

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