British atrocities - both direct and indirect through collaboration with rape and murder around the world must come to an end now

The backlog of cases from Kenya between the 1960s and 2000s of rape cases by British soldiers is now coming to trial in 2012

However the indirect rape and genocide by British authorities is still be brought to account.

The deportation of refugees is a clear example of where the UK and other European governments continue to practice racist neo-colonial policy of rape murder and genocide across the planet.

Ms Margaret Nambi, despite having fresh claim through new evidence of rape in Uganda - has been detained and threatened with deportation to where she will surely be tortured.

We have no hope for the British authorities and call on all workers to bring about its total downfall.

We also demand that all workers do whatever they can to ensure that Ms Margaret Nambi is allowed to remain in this country as per her wishes and that all is done to ensure the safe passage of her children too.