today – July 28th, 2012 is the anniversary of the death of Isidore Isou and the founding of the Situationist International and founding day of REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal union.

here is a little bedtime story as comment on declaration that “baker cannot leave her bakery”:

so the baker leaves the shop and goes off to other work...

but she still bakes

for herself

maybe for her fellow workers

maybe she ends up working in a kitchen

(that is not exclusively for baking...)


is the baker the same as the shop?

can she refuse being a baker and still bake?

can she refuse baking and still be a baker?

why bake? to resist hunger? for herself? to feed others?

how does she fight hunger? how can she ignore starvation all around her?


to be a baker

she must by definition identify with other people

who share her passions


she wants to bake better than ever

but comes across lots of problems in organisation and production


some other bakers make free kitchens for the homeless and poor

she loves this but encounters many of the same shortcomings as the bakery


in particular she cannot attack her enemy: starvation


she sees many bakers around her have a very limited idea of baking

and bread and cake and oven

and food and eating

she travels around the world meeting other bakers who use different methods of baking


she notices that all workers are in a union - except some like soldiers and bakers

she wonders why is this?

she talks with other bakers in her shop and in other shops


she sees that unions are local and national

but seldom acheive international structure

and she knows that starvation kills thousands of people every day

but mostly in other countries

she sees that other people who cook food are also not in unions


she decides to re-define her own production

and unionise with workers who produce food in other ways


she has "one in the oven" (an english expression for being pregnant")

the anarchists say "we don't want bread - we want the bakery"


maybe she seeks the society where it is possible to bake in the morning, to eat in the afternoon, shit in the evening, kill after dinner... without ever becoming baker, fucker, painter or killer.