Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the Daða Miners and Travailleuse Psychique workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

The selection of ABRACADABRA (who’s origin in "avada kedavra” is an invocation to ‘let it (the thing) be destroyed) and that of FIASCo - (the origins of which are ‘fare il fiasco’ - the looser buys the next bottle - or "it will all end in failure”) - seemed to hint that the great festival of triolectics which the Kathalytus ’played out’ might be nudging its final chapter

The LIST is dead - long live the LIST

'A reprendre depuis le début’
To me 3Sf is still little too much about ball, goal posts and different conditions/limitations. And – damned – newly the context criteria appeared.

I was excited to have chance to see friends after a long time, not so excited that it was gonna happen in Kassel though – simply because I don’t like affiliating to other events and also because it was quite faraway.

Not so insistent suggestion to make it in some more attractive (and closer to Libušín) place for example in Siófok didn’t create sufficient resonance so – eventually – we happily boarded the Alytus bus in Dresden together with my daughter Evička who by the way became the most anti stereotyped player of the whole cup – as far as I know she touched the ball just twice by accident and never on purpose despite the fact she played at least in 25 matches or maybe even more.

Reading the reports I realised I am lost in abbreviations partly because of my progressing dementia partly because I never really remembered what most of them meant and now in the moment of splitting into factions it’s extremely difficult to reconstruct the meaning plus find the reason why the used one is belonging to particular position.

Anyway... I have always felt kind of disproportion in so much overestimating the power of definitions in our discussions and texts – in a way supporting and even developing the criticized europocentric talkative and word oriented tradition.

The meaning superior to the feeling.

The question about attending the 2nd World Cup of 3SF in Kassel was discussed for about 10 months and resulted in split of DAMTP into faction of political analysts and critics who need a clear program of action which supposedly would protect from recuperation into capitalist spectacle, and the gamers, who formed LUNATIC FRINGE FOR TRIOLECTICS (LUFT-DAMTP) specially to attended Kassel and to save the game from further footballization.

[ideological ingression///egression] - The first (political) faction had their arguments:

DAMTP should act in the way workers‘ organizations do (CLASS)

3SF and DAMTP will be recuperated by documenta spectacle and the only way to act against it is to fight it outside the Kassel – in Athens, Alytus or whatsoever other place (DAMTP German factions: OKK, Polaris)

Asemic writing activities should take leadership against 3SF (Asemic International and CLASS wrote the manifesto, publicized it and asked those who agree to sign it. Nobody else from DAMTP signed it so far, but ABRACADABRA triolectisized it with some comments attributed)

Ceci n'est pas le 3SF (Richard Essex)


[labor ingression///degression] - LUFT-DAMTP (FIASCO, NXTPA, ABRACADABRA) had their arguments:

The system should be gamed, Kathalytus must be build

To reclaim triolectics for 3SF not to be binarized

Self-organization without doctrine

To play with a black hole instead of a ball


[disingression] - CLASS attended Kassel with clear program to destroy documenta and the world cup.

Bogdanov have warned about dangers of war communism in a very dawn of Bolshevik revolution.

The domination of destructive workers makes a bigger revolutionary effect (spectacle), but infects the society to organize in a way based on destruction.

[disingression] - None of the DAMTP‘s from Germany were present in Kassel and so their input for comrades was formalized in 3 texts from 3 years ago and it was more about warning then guiding.


[conjugation] - ABRACADABRA initiated the discussion about necessity to have a space for meeting and organizing as well for meeting local unorganized workers – as DAMTP has on its constitution. The room was arranged in the local Art Academy students‘ place near Central railway station. There was arranged desakalapatragraph: DXTPA, ABRACADABRA, FIASCO and local psychic workers, who attended the meeting collectively investigated the site, put together their knowledge and set up the plan for local actions. 2 local workers joined DAMTP‘s in the further gaming. This meeting was announced in documenta papers and it infuriated some DAMTP‘s because of alleged recuperation, but social engineering as tactics was always present in Alytus Psychic (Art) Strike Biennial events since its mentioning as tactics in the first resolution Action Committee of Alytus Art Strike Conference in 2008. One of the great discoveries of ABRACADABRA was that anybody can get a free ticket for documenta just by saying abracadabra at the documenta information center, but other DAMTP‘s didn‘t tried even...either because of some phobias to become abracadabra, or for being recognized. Though LUFT-DAMTP‘s invented another great tactics to get free access for paid exhibition venues – simply to kick a ball into the space, and then to go for grabbing it from there – it worked too.

[disingression] - CLASS was insisting on meeting and/or contacting organized workers and activists – IWW‘s, Nobody is Illegal etc. and wrote an open letter-manifesto for their meeting in the same space. Nobody (including the initiator) showed up.

[disingression///separate complexes] - The pre-event on-line discussion showed clearly that DAMTP came into a phase of taking the roles – of workers, activists, artists etc – that what Marx warned about – and also about the false roles as it happens in Paris Commune.

Already since a little bit earlier we were not being able to write a collective text without tolerance to each other’s words. Instead of following the line of metagraphy we eventually returned backwards to the texts.

During the last year as DAMTP‘s we‘ve divided ourselves into specializations of artists and politicians – we stept on the same raker as all previous counter-cultural organizations starting from dada and ending with fluxus and situationists did. Shame on us!

[disingression] - We are afraid of being recuperated by the capitalist system and spectacle? But the fear of recuperation is exactly what recuperation is all about. The problem lays in overrated self-significance and lack of self-criticism. Indeed, we are afraid of being caricatures.

[ingression] - I am happy we were able to be caricatures of ourselves when in Kassel. ABRACADABRA was a caricature of an art organization, CLASS – of militant organization, FIASCO and NXTPA – of the physicality or something else. Besides that - Alytus biennial always was a caricature of biennial and The End of the Age of Divinity – caricature of doctrine (at least that is how I saw it). Even those who didn‘t attend Kassel – I am leaving for them to recognize caricatures in themselves.

[disingression] - We are still not able to withstand obsession with symbolism in our actions, hypergraphy and texts. I want to improve previous report by CLASS and to assure that the destruction of the trophy was not an accidental move by occasionally present worker, but ideologically prepared (declared in advance) gesture to (symbolically) destroy world cup. But the world cup was not destroyed – destroyed was just a letter, produced by our fellow worker. The only question what later LUFT-DAMTP‘s got few times was: „does anybody got the photo of the smashed cup?“. The process of reading a letter – suppresses and realizes it, but destroying turns it into a symbol.

Reproductive Unionisation of Destructive Industries (RUDI) invite you to join us in strike against neoliberal cultural capital production!

There is no possibility of either political or artistic revolution – rather we need to organise as psychic reproductive and destructive workers. Rudi Dutschke’s calls to destroy NATO have been realised and recuperated by the German state with their EU army in policing the borders of the EU and the Situationists unitary urbanism recuperated by the IDF in their ethnic cleansing programs. We return to Dutschke’s calls for solidarity with third world Marxists by raising the banned banners of the PKK and YPG in our hypergraphics and DesaKalaPatraGraphics to form monstrations and attack documents and 3sf events in realising Frank Fanons call for decolonisation as ” the creation of a new culture, a new language and a new humanity”

The session will consist of

1 short presentation on the alytus art strike and the methods of situgraphy aka esaKalaPatraGraphy and monstration

See https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Monstration

2 a practical making exercise and then

3 planning session for interventions into the football and documenta events of the following days

We will begin at around 10am and break for lunch before the plenary planning session

All plenary sessions will commence with OPSINA where the voices of women comrades and of black comrades are exclusively privileged in order to set the agenda for the meeting.

Please feel free to pass on this invite to other comrades

1st session will commence at 10am Friday 18th August, Kunsthochechule Kassel