Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the Daða Miners and Travailleuse Psychique workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
Art strike as a recuperated vehicle for celebrity artists (eg J20 art strike 2017) can only be overcome by organising as an industrial union - not as artists but by questioning the construction of art itself - as psychic workers. This allows us to also organise around, attack and overturn related bourgeois constructions such as politics, philosophy, education, sports and any other industrial complex that currently maintains the spectacle.

We invite you to join us, tÐعŲM委п ال DAta Miners & Travailleurs Psychique/ DعðŲ Miners психический 工人委 ال - established at the end of the age of divinity in 2007 with the dead workers union, the reproductive and destructive workers unions, for a general Obschina.

Therefore Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C) invites all working and not working in Kassel or elsewere as artists, activists or from other industries to unionize in gaming the system with 3 sided football and triolectics as opposed to binary thinking, and with situlogy and situgraphy, which were invented by Asger Jorn just in the same time when he was abstractified into a spectacle by the documenta II in 1959.

We start at 6pm Thursday 17th August, 10PC (2017 vulg.), Kunsthochechule space KMMN, Franz-Ulrich-Straße 16, Kassel.
From 18th To 20th of August 2017 the sports club Dynamo Windrad will host the second World Cup in Threesided Football at the Hessenkampfbahn in Kassel. In May 2014 we (Dynamo) participated in the first World Cup in Silkeborg/Denmark. When the question arose where the next World Cup in three years could be held we quickly volunteered to host it, since it is connected to the art exhibition documenta that takes place in Kassel every five years.


The Danish artist Asger Jorn who was cofounder of the Situationist International and participated in Dokumenta II and III in Kassel invented threesided football in the early 60ies as an allegory for his theory of the trialectic. In a nutshell his theory can be understood as a further development of Marx dialectic. With his theory of the trialectic Jorn developed a theoretical approach that wanted to transcend and overcome dichotomous perceptions of the world and of simple polarities between friend and foe.

However it was only in 1994 that the threesided football was actually tried out in practice for the first time (in Glasgow). Since then individual games and whole tournaments took place around the globe. In London there is even a small league for threesided football.

The first threesided game Dynamo ever participated in was in 2013 at the Biennale in Istanbul. It was part of the supporting programme and apart from Dynamo teams from Istanbul and London participated. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Asger Jorn, the Museum Asger Jorn in his birthtown Silkeborg hosted the first World Cup in 2014 along with a symposium on Jorn’s work, his theory of the trialectic and of course threesided football.          

What is threesided football?

It is an extension of regular football. It is played with three teams, three goals and one ball on a differently shaped play ground. Crucial elements of the game are cooperation and bluffing that broaden the possibilities of what football can and could be. The dualism of two opposing teams is being transcended due to the fact that during the game it is constantly changing who is friend and who is foe. In every move the players anew have to decide with whom they want to cooperate and against which team they are aiming to score. In the end not the team with the most scored goals wins but the one that has conceded the least.

The tricky part about the cooperation with players from an opposing team is that it can be ended or reversed at any time. An experience not only new and foreign to football players. For more details, rules and reports please visit the following link: http://d3fc.wordpress.com/

Or ask us for further information and reports.

Our sports club and why we do stuff like that

Dynamo Windrad has over a thousand members and is one of the biggest sports clubs in Kassel. From the beginning in 1982 our mission has always been to be a club that is culturally active and involved in civil society issues beyond the scope of sports. We have always been open for arts and culture and have integrated these areas in our projects and sports events. We have initiated exhibitions on comic art (from which later on the galeria Caricatura in Kassel and the museum Caricatura in Frankfurt developed) and in 2014 on the history of worker’s sports in Germany and Kassel up to 1933. During the documenta X a football game between a documenta team (with some prominents) and Dynamo was organized and the curator of documenta X, Catherine David, performed the kick-off (her interest in football however did not persist).

Beyond our regular sports activities we currently offer some projects for refugees and we do some social work in one of the poorer neighbourhoods of Kassel.

In the summer of 2014 we integrated threesided football into our traditional tournament, the „BolzWM“ (a 10 day event for football and culture that we orgnaize every 4 years parallel to the FIFA world cup with over a thousand participants). We played parts of the tournament as threesided football because we are convinced that the threesided idea correlates perfectly with our understanding of football culture:

A critique of competitive performance, an alternative to the constrictions of traditional and conservative roof organisations, the attempt to bring football and politics together, in a nutshell: the strive for sociopolitical change.

Concrete Planning

Dynamo Windrad will host the threesided World Cup 2017 from 18th to 20th of August at the Hessenkampfbahn in Kassel. In planning is a public talk on threesided football and Asger Jorn and his concept of the trialectic on Friday afternoon before the actual tournament is starting. We want to present our motivation why we are hosting this threesided event to a broader public. Our aim is to present an alternative to the corrupt world of sports‘ roof organisations, to bring together people of different backgrounds in times of rising right wing populism in the whole of Europe and to question the dichotomous polarities of North-South, East-West and poor-rich.

We have already invited teams from Britain, Poland, France, Lithuania, Italy and Turkey to whom we have beeen in contact and who share our views of a sociopolitical understanding of football and/or who have already played threesided football. And of course we will have at least one team of refugees joing the event. Beyond that we are trying to organize teams from additional countries (e.g. Greece since the next documenta will also partly take place in Athens and therewith the connection is self-evident). Depending on the overall number of teams the tournament will take place only on Saturday or extended to Sunday.
The spectacles of Europe have been exorcized by Communism. The Proletariat, defeated by the European Bourgeoisise in the 1st and 2nd world wars has finally secured victory in 2007 and succeeded in proletarianising all of the world.


There is a spectacle of terror produced by Europe. and all the bourgeois powers unite in an unholy alliance to produce it. Where is the opposition that has not been branded terrorist and where the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of spectacular terrorism?

And as no one declares themselves terrorist it is up to us to make our aims known as terrorists in the face of the whole world. We are the proletarians of the psychic factories of data called the spectacle. And we overturn this spectacle.

We invite all working or not working in Kassel and elsewhere, as artists or activists or any other service industry or other industry, to organise with us as Psychic Workers, Reproductice Workers, Destructive Workers, Asemic Workers.

We do not reject “safe” life presented in Kassel and we have no intention of establishing the borders of the only possible LIFE. we welcome freedom. But the freedom of your ‘life’ has spread too far and has steamrolled over all other ways of production. Capitalism has perverted life, narrowed its potential down to consumption and hedonism, deprived it of the moment of creation as the part of development.

Today European patriarchal white supremacy, in other words capitalism, declares terrorist to mean Muslim and Muslim to mean Black. Black as in black race, black energy, black mass, black matter. We terrorists are not animals or humans or gods or machines. We are something new. We do not constrain ourselves in gender, race or linguistic distinctions – but we are aware of how the agents of the state and CLASS society instrumentalise these sub classes against us.

We wonder: what should the life be like today? How can it unite us? What new practices are we able to invent? By liberating life from the chokehold of institution, of capital, by returning it to the means of living and dying: labour.

We terrorists, believe that life is fluid, permanently mutable, while every fixed form tends to turn into custom, tradition, and finally to a game as in case with three-sided football. From the practice of overriding the stigma, from the practice of breaking binary oppositions it turned into the ritual sanctified by community, similar to Friday-bear-drinking in a narrow circle of friends. No form can exist more than several years with no risk of stiffening. This is hard to avoid as the human mind has a constant striving for the invention of new rules, for living in accordance with norms and patterns, with idleness permanently rejecting renovation and development. Life should not imitate political institutions that show themselves in decrees and orders, institutions that still employ the vicious structures of the Party. With life being anarchic in its core, we declare:

[The discussion was launched on November 20th – December 19th, 9PC (2016 vulg.) and later as developped through 10PC it felt into acrimonious splits amongst the Union of Data Miners and Psychic Workers (DAMTP) over member‘s participation in 2017 3SF World Cup and divisions over its alleged artistic co-option. In defence of triolectics in July, 10PC (2017 vulg.) there was established LUnatic Fringe for Triolectics (LUFT) faction]

Letrist worker - a quantum of thanks to you and all for DAMTP16 - taking the text on "a line for a walk" is a genius way of describing the aleatorical wanderings of the goalpost game.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 2017 Three Sided Football World Cup has been confirmed for August 2017 (18th to 21st) as part of the parallel events of the Kassel Documenta (the final day will be held in the Kassel FC stadium). It is being organised by Dynamo Windrad - the team from Germany who came to the last World Cup in Silkeborg.

In parallel with the Tournament we would like there to be a week long Festival of Situationist Gaming (provisional title) from August 14th to 21st. (The word gaming in English has many connotations - one of the most enjoyable and appropriate being “to use the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaming_the_system ). 

We are hoping that Players of the Game from around the world will unite in Kassel to foment a kind of cultural jam session - an Experimental Laboratory - “to begin exploring the possible functions of a society in which leisure is a dominant fact, and in which the conventional assumptions about reality and the constraints which they imply are no longer operative, in which art and life are no longer divided.” - Trocchi - The invisible Insurrection (http://www.notbored.org/invisible.html )