Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee (ABRACADABRA-C)

ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the Daða Miners and Travailleuse Psychique workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
[The discussion was launched on November 20th – December 19th, 9PC (2016 vulg.) and later as developped through 10PC it felt into acrimonious splits amongst the Union of Data Miners and Psychic Workers (DAMTP) over member‘s participation in 2017 3SF World Cup and divisions over its alleged artistic co-option. In defence of triolectics in July, 10PC (2017 vulg.) there was established LUnatic Fringe for Triolectics (LUFT) faction]

Letrist worker - a quantum of thanks to you and all for DAMTP16 - taking the text on "a line for a walk" is a genius way of describing the aleatorical wanderings of the goalpost game.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 2017 Three Sided Football World Cup has been confirmed for August 2017 (18th to 21st) as part of the parallel events of the Kassel Documenta (the final day will be held in the Kassel FC stadium). It is being organised by Dynamo Windrad - the team from Germany who came to the last World Cup in Silkeborg.

In parallel with the Tournament we would like there to be a week long Festival of Situationist Gaming (provisional title) from August 14th to 21st. (The word gaming in English has many connotations - one of the most enjoyable and appropriate being “to use the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaming_the_system ). 

We are hoping that Players of the Game from around the world will unite in Kassel to foment a kind of cultural jam session - an Experimental Laboratory - “to begin exploring the possible functions of a society in which leisure is a dominant fact, and in which the conventional assumptions about reality and the constraints which they imply are no longer operative, in which art and life are no longer divided.” - Trocchi - The invisible Insurrection (http://www.notbored.org/invisible.html )

When we speculated about this during the FQFFEF in March - one of the ideas discussed was to relocate the Alytus Biennale to Kassel for the duration of the Festival. I thought this was an excellent idea and wondered if you had given it anymore thought. I can see a map of Kassel with all the streets and parks bearing the names of those from Alytus - a cartographic TRANSVERSION of Kassel into Alytus for the duration of the Festival.

There will be a meet up in London in the next few weeks to speculate further on what the Festival might be - and out how it can be brought to life. We would love to know what your thoughts are, and - if you wanted this to be an Alytus Biennale Event - to arrange for us all to meet in the next month or so to Plan the Plan.

See you SOON




definitely I am for it and the name of Alytus Biennial could be used for it because it was created in the same quantum gaming the system logic.

might be you find interesting the (pre)history of Alytus Biennial:

2003 in Essen was founded International Association of Performance Art Organizers IAPAO - the main decision there was to held international meetings every year in different parts of the world and so to try to avoid domination of westerneuropean and nothernamerican domination in arts.

2004 in Bandung IAPAO meeting made decision to held thousands biennials in all over the world in 2015 and so to pervert global biennalization.

The only biennial held following this decision was Alytus Biennial... others remained faithful to their performance festivals‘ names.

there is a quotation from 2005:

"There could be mentioned one more nice fact of inspiration of Alytus Biennial – in the year 2001 was organized Tirana Biennial 1 by Giancarlo Politi (Flash Art) and Albanese curator Edi Muka. While organizing men split. In two years politi decided to arrange Tirana Biennial 2 but in Prague and with the help of Milan Knizak – the director of the national gallery in Prague. This time two men get split in the same way like two years ago… now there are arranged two Prague biennials in Prague – one curated by Politi, another by Knizak. Alytus biennial declares continuation of that nice tendency and pledges to arrange two Alytus biennial in two years; four Alytus Biennials in for years; 31 Alytus Biennials in 10 years and also one Tirana Biennial also in Alytus in the same year…"

So in 10 years there are 4 different Alytus Biennials currently running in Alytus - 3 of them were initiated by reactionary local painter who was personally upset by destructiveness of alytus biennial and instead arranged the 3 different and right ones.

As i already said - i have nothing to say with the format of Alytus Biennial as it was in Alytus - so the upcoming biennial is given to the hands of the generation who grew up with this biennial.

i thought about an opportunity to hide away and not to influence it, but the possibility to hide in Alytus Biennial in Kassel i found to be a good occasion.

I love Kassel's renaming into Alytus streets

I would love to work on Gaming the Ordnung Event

I think Alytus Biennial could be held everywhere in Kassel, and Athens as well - I vote for everywhere.



I am happy to join Kassel, Athens, any place even when I do not necessarily need to relate the Alytus, or DAMTP, or Daða miners activities, to dokumenta or anything else, doesn't matter if good or bad,

martin + I don't think we can call this neo Roman Empire - the old one hasn't ended up


I would like to suggest we use this as the new orðography for DAMTP in the neo-roman empire.

We can then refine what we mean by daða.

in solidarity



Perhaps separated from the Alytus Biennial is the Alytus Strike Biennial or Psychic Strike Biennial - begun in response to the Vilnius European city of culture in 2009

and the DAMTP  -  the union of psychic workers - first meeting in 2011. This change in identity and class organising – from artists at a biennial – to psychic workers at an international conference is an essential rupture. The DAMTP was the wave collapse, negative identity, and black hole that eats the art Star system. And us nameless ones are the dark matter who animate it.

Since then we organised against biennials: IN Uruguay, in Korea, in Senegal ... and of course in Germany: Berlin and KASSEL in 2012



Of course Chus Martinez was the curator – and this was the name used as a multiple use name – which was employed by different people around the world.

2013 I feel was the peak of our activity and (failure of) the consolidation of the psychic workers union. Not just the succesful strike actions in 2011 and 2012 - also the founding of the Asemic International - we dealt with the Eurocentrism of both Bifo and Giles Dauve.

However at the same time, 2013, the sticking point was identity – the second dimension of Paatra and we were unable to mature to a 3 dimensional class consciousness. And I will say here that this is where the activities came undone because we did not go beyond forms of european nationalism. In other words Art and the art star system. Psychic worker remained a european worker. we were unable to secure visas for African workers and unable to consolidate ourselves as psychic workers and create a psychic space where those workers excluded, marginalised and attacked by european (art/ patriarchal/ white) identity could effectively and securely organise with us.

Now related to this we also took part in the Silkeborg Cup in 2014 and again these issues came up. Before Silkeborg i raised concerns with the "world cup" format. with eurocentrism and national teams. in the event DAMTP played as Unuruguay but despite this it seems one of our players – in fact it was because he was identified as non-european - was physically attacked by someone in an opposing  national team. it is no surprise that the national mode lead to an empowerment of destructive work.

Now it must be said that given the above texts highlighting the military significance of Kassel - and that Germany is now mobilising a new EU army = seperate from NATO AND given that the defence minister was in Lithuania a few months ago at a meeting of "eastern european" states - any further empowerment of destructive workers at this juncture is of grave seriousness.

Having gone throught he 0 point of DAMTP in 2012 it is time to emerge. And it is clear that the process in Alytus seems to be going back to that of an experimental art festival and a European project. And it has now emerged as largely inefective in combatting bienalization even amongst us. The identity of artist, of European, has encompassed that of psychic worker. Self-Destructive work has remained the primary organising force. Both reproductive work and productive work has remained unorganised. If psychic destructive work remained a white male European activity then productive work has remained Black and reproductive work remained Female
both outside the scope of our main activities.

I therefore want to invite comrades to consider REproductiVe wOrkers and Labourers indUstrial unION. What and who emerges from the 0 point? And what retreats?

With regards to the 3SF we suggest REVOLUTIONaries simply join the winning team in each match. Upon entering the final in this manner we can simply switch if necessary to the winning team before the end of the match. Its not the taking part comrades, its the winning that matters.

I also note in Silkeborg that the only moment of ludic action was the unknown streaker - reproductive worker on strike. I suggest therefore that we strike off - fire off a particle across from the eurocentric zone of Kathalytus -  to Botosani. The birth place of Isidore Isou. We could leave at the start of the festival and return for the end, just in time to win the final match and destroy both the German pan-european/ EU army and NATO.



The past is what we think now, the future is what we do now, and what connects thinking and doing is imagination.

We can leave Alytus Biennial for young people to decide themselves - might be their decision would be for art.... as Marx said - then [before DAMTP in Alytus Biennial] we had a primitive stage... and now [after all DAMTP activities] we'll have the advanced one...

I think we should let the artist to start doing art over and over again and from a very beginning so they could feel resisting the initiatives of psychic workers...and that is probably the best way to destroy the art system. So lets leave Alytus Biennial for doing anything including art if someone feels it‘s important...

and we also should think about developing [letrist] path from Botosani to Alenjaq (the place of death of Fazlullah Hurufi).



That's an interesting development - I remember meeting Dynamo Windrad in Silkeborg during the last games, that was a very nice & funny evening with them. They were saying they have a tradition of experimental football games down there at Kassel.

But allow me to address the discussion. First of all some of you know that I have only missed 2015 meeting because of an accident and that was in no way intentional… I have taken part in the Alytus events ever since 2007 as much as I could, and was a founding member of DAMTP. I have collected a couple of questions as the overlooked discussion points previously raised in the frame of Alytus Biennial / Strike, which I will try to address with this mail.

Ever since the year 2012 I have also been a marginal part of "OKK" group responsible for the above quoted articles. The text entitled "“Beautiful confusion” about Retro Futuristic European Colonialism of dOCUMENTA (13)" is mine, an unconfirmed version of which was also published in Lithuanian in "Kulturos Barai" No.11/2012.

I have to say I share psychic worker‘s insights in the previous mail and have a feeling that the psychic as well as physical gentrification appears to be taking an upper hand in the DAMTP networking, however sadly. Here the historification of the "Alytus Strike" plays a key role in two aspects:

1. Literary production

Regarding book production, it's important to reflect on the 2009 publication of "Assault on Culture" Lithuanian translation and whether / how the network's activities have outgrown one of its influences in the form of this particular book.

Is the book "Alytaus avangardizmas: nuo gatvės meno iki visuotinio psichodarbininkų (meno) streiko" a closing chapter?

Has the Sharlene Khan's direct critique been sufficiently understood?

Have the nameless and tireless Psychic Workers and Data Miners, who made this years-long celebration possible been adequately credited for their crucial inputs on a constant basis?

Have we succumbed to the pre-written Eurocentric discourse of counterculture lifestyle expansion "Eastwards"? What's new here?

2. The legacy

Key question for those of us who have not had a running art or academic career in 2009 and still don't have one now: what mutual support and solidarity structures within and beyond our immediate conditions have been established / remain? (Productive / Reproductive
work as Psychic worker puts it).

How does it relate to inter-generational transfer of organization in Alytus itself and how is this communication (de)structured?

On whose terms is the network being incorporated in the dOCUMENTA agenda?

Are we not making a caricature of ourselves and our town for the dOCUMENTA visitors? After all, centralization of "culture" Alytus is surely in the "center", where Art School borders Town Municipality building, the Court, the Banks and the Paramilitary HQ – which contrasts the blocks in the neighborhoods I grew up in...

I think DAMTP positioning in regards to the most recent developments is crucial.




Can I get some clarification in funding please

Is the Kassel festival of gaming funded? Will we get travel costs covered?


There is no funding for the Festival as yet. There will be some help for the three sided football World Cup. The plan is for festival participants to use attendance at the World Cup (as participating teams) as an undercover way of getting financial help. At present this is subsidised/free camp site. Travel is still being assessed by the organisers.


Are there any funds from Alytus going towards this or will all biennial funds go to the "new generation" (this term is very problematic btw! Its quite undefined in terms of space time and class - eg am I part of the new generation or old?)


What's about Alytus Biennial event funding - so far i know if it will happen at all - the funds could be spend only for the concrete items to realize event in Alytus - definitely not for traveling to other places - that I know from my many years practice.

Due to the question are you a young generation or not - the new generation means that some people are less experienced in space-time-class - it depends which place you panning to go next year August and how the upcoming event organizing worker will look at yours inquiries.... i warned her that some people (particularly those more experienced) sometimes are used to ask for funds while less experienced are too shy to do this... anyway - this is a chance to get experienced with distribution of funds for Alytus Biennial event in lytus - as i said earlier i am detaching myself from dealing with it.
Might be we can call the "youngest generation" the law of the smallest as taken from tektology of Bogdanov's



Bergždumą laisvė! Meilė yra be priekaištų.xxxxxxxxxxx

If you love, please see what the loved ones have to say.

Jei myli, prasau paklausyk ką tavo mylimieji turi pasakyti.

Esli liubish, slushai pozhaluysta shto liubimie skazhet.



I suppose I would be the representative of the youngest generation of participants of Alytus biennials mentioned before, but it seems to me that there is no youngest generation at all because there is no other people who would be all related by your ideas. It is just "you" or "us" and that means that all generations have been included by now. This relation is the essence and there is no need to come back to the making art or smth. I definitely don't have the new vision of Alytus biennials, because I like the old one and because the dragon have not been killed yet. :) I don't believe in the institutional art and in the imposed curating, but I perhaps believe in art or all kinds of other things created of some kind of natural necessity.

Most of my friends are not artists, most of them are poets, philosophers and teachers. They don't care about art in the galleries because it is meaningless and pretentious bullshit. They also don't care about Documenta, Manifesta, etc., because they barely know them and they have their own institutions, relations, systems, etc to fight. I can't curate Alytus biennial with them so my idea was simply to announce an open call to people who would like to come to Alytus, to live here some weeks and to do their own biennial. It might be social, political, hopeless, etc. I named it "Alytus meta-biennial". I think that we just started to do that...

I also like the idea of doing Alytus biennial elsewhere, especially in Kasel, but it might be possible to destroy Documenta only by doing it from the inside. Any ideas how?

All the best,


I like your message so much -- because I have similar ideas (your words about dragon  - it's about film with Yankowski, isn't it? :)), but I want to make some adds

Think, I will send my letter/manifest (maybe Yuli will join me) in a few days

and I really feel myself as a part of Alytus movement... 

Hugs for everybody,

Katya Samigulina


A tektological mapping of space time and class relations would be good, plotting the smallest to the largest. Then we can work out a plan of empowerment for those workers who have not benefitted from the process both within and without the network

However it seems the decision to hand over control of the meeting to Karolina has already been made and it also seems she is not interested in the DAMTP structure. I may be wrong but she doesn't seem to be interested in the discussion so far.

Therefore the organising capability of the DAMTP is clearly compromised.

I hope however you are still in control of the art school and the DAMTP archive is safe there. 


I already wrote to the list and so did A.S. - about the relation of DAMTP to the Alytus Biennial. The considerations about Kassel and Documenta as well as the 3SF and Festival of Gaming.

All we got is Redas saying that DAMTP was just a process by which to renew Art. Martin said he doesn't care and Ivan mentioned some bourgeois romantic slogan. Your response was about your friends and totally ignored the issues raised about DAMTP

I am sorry to be blunt but I am finding this discussion very frustrating with people refusing to give straight acknowledgment of the role of the psychic workers union.


Hey, why do you think that? As I wrote to Teh, at first I'm trying to find out some things about biennials and processes here which I missed because since 2009 my contribution to biennials always was very flat. So it would be nice to know what do you think and feel about the previous and further actions related to it as a community, friends, guests, artists, workers, etc. I'm actually very interested in the Damtp structure and how it works. 


I see the discussion not a frustrating one, but my frustration was always about the lack of discussions on the organizational matters.

I read thoroughly all previous e-mails and I didnt find any place where i was saying that"DAMTP was just a process by which to renew Art"... but I rather saw some psychic workers‘ positions as a leninist: to grant leadership for DAMTP or those who speak on behalf of it.

And here I want to stop with the stickers because i see no development in this way - the last one was just for keeping a balance. And there is a good starting point to start the discussion.

Alytus biennial has its own history (some notes from its initiation were written just to let you to know some details how it got to appear and why it got an opposition to the art system's and artists' oportunism and particularly to the s.c. performance artists).

Alytus Biennial and DAMTP is not the same: DAMTP is not about the money. And I never took care about experimenting with biennial's formats and always declared a selfdestructive wish for it. So i see in its logic to experiment further on this - I see no problems in doing one biennial, or explode it into multiple units or to let them grow after bursting out the seeds.

Alytus psychic strike biennial was a vehicle for DAMTP development and still is - I see no reason for panics.

Might be some DAMTP founders didn't noticed, but together with Alytus Bienial and DAMTP there was grown a whole generation of young people who were teenagers when everything started... and we failed to empower them even to contribute to the discussion or to the format of the event. I see that my activity in this is blocking others' iniciatives and that was what i meant when in the closing discussion in last year event I was saying that Alytus Biennial format is exhausted.

Last year when in Alytus Pablo said that he is going to organize [Alytus] psychic strike biennial in Berlin in 2017.

I know that preparations for the biannual meeting starts around 1 year before it actually happens. I am happy that Karolina took a challenge to work on this. She started to think on it already since June. I want to remind you DAMTP principle about giving a leadership to less organized groups. I understand your fears that some of our common achievements will be left out of scope - this is what the law of entropy is about. But on other hand we will see how deep DAMTP ideas got into our own community - all people who are here around. The bourgeois institutions never give a lead to young people unless they are not continuing their line - I see DAMTP as differnt kind of organization.

I know, some of you are uncomfortable with the word "young generation" - ok - lets call them reproductive workers. I know that some of our comrades want to be bourgeois avant-gardists and to proceed forward, but the reproductive work is about starting every time from a very beginning. I am open to see new people doing things, even if they want to repeat our mistakes.

And I see no any DAMTP compromising at all - event will happen - probably even longer then previous - if there is a wish to come and to do things – I am sure everybody will do their best. If you see problem that I will be missing - mostly of you were missing at some moments...and nothing wrong happen... I am not an exclusion. Btw DAMTP is not localized - in Kassel it could be developed effectively as well - I see myself better realizing my potentialities in the direction of FQFFEF then in current state of Alytus Biennial.

Actually the question before the discussion launched was very clear - who would be interested to join us in Kassel?

Due to Alytus meeting – you will know when somebody will be ready to announce.

greetings to everybody - love to all



answers to some unanswered questions due to "historification":

the main "literary" production of "Alytus strike"  is DAMTP paper. All other enlisted above - are propaganda against Lithuanian bourgeois cultural establishment - and a very effective one. The worries about censored article are just sensitiveness to small injuries -  that always happens with corporate press, but the main issue was to question the status of "sanctity" of kind of things like Documenta. Whats due to the "last chapter" - I do everything in my life as the last chapter - aren't you?.

Sharlene's Khan's case is a discrete one - it was answered already few years ago: http://5.alytusbiennial.com/2-uncategorised/556-damtp-alytus-meeting-report-a-reflections.html

it's pitty that we lost collaboration with her and Fouad because of misunderstanging and nobody probably remember her text at all - here its is: http://5.alytusbiennial.com/2-uncategorised/556-damtp-alytus-meeting-report-a-reflections.html


what has happened is incredible ... but I could feel Redas being tired and afraid of repetitivenes already last two events + then London was such energy investment - that it could easily become a great style farewell as main organiser.... - I think Karolina is fantastic and if she could get ivolved in any continuation  I offfer my full support (+ I guess there is more fantastic guys in Alytus to help)

but if it starts to be too much could also travailleurs psychic change into the striking mode? My mind suggests such solution since longer time ago...

Or we can just die and join arguing or archiving of dead workers

Are we playing for unuruguay again in Kassel/Delphi/Athens/ Romania  or what is our team?

hugst to all VIVA LA MUERTE!



so many words………time for som(atic) action

Psychic strike Kassel Katastrophe


I have also begun a new DAMTP Commons declaration on common ownership
of all DAMTP work. https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/DAMTP/Commons

I welcome all com(r)ades, friends, lovers, enemies, youngsters, oldies,
artists, gallerists, activists, humans, gods, animals, machines,
slaves, objects, workers, non-workers, nameless ones and critics to edit
the pages



dont forget the subjects!



Do you mean I haven't welcomed the subjects to edit the pages?


Should the subjects squeeze in between the slaves and the objects?


I should've said reproductive destructive psychic and productive workers
to perhaps avoid this confusion eh


Hey, guys! Dead unemployed girl takes the floor

As for me, I see the only one point from which all our problems come -- and this point is "the Organizer", the Daddy. With all my respect to Redas, I think that we have to kill the very idea of Organizer and transform the main rule of the Biennale.

If we really want to be open, to be Situationists, to be instable we should refuse of any hierarchy with somebody on the top, who takes care of us. We are too accustomed to comfort -- to soft beds, a refreshing shower in the late afternoon and a light meal in the morning. All these components blunt the revolutionary in our minds and turn us into flâneurs -- into contemplators while we have to be doers.

To avoid this we have to refuse not only from the Organizer (with whose figure the hierarchy begins), but also from the fixed place of holding the Biennal. I mean not only Alytus Art School, but in general any institution, intended to carry out such activities. My proposition is very simple -- we have to GRAB THE SPACES.

We can start with occupying parapolitical spaces -- squats, universities, etc. The scheme of this action is the next -- collective of DAMTP workers choose the place to occupy (squat in Berlin, philosophical department of Vilnius University or something else), the program of Biennal is the collective decision too; each one takes care of himself -- tickets, visas, food are located in the area of personal responsibility; the place for sleeping coincides with occupying place. In that case we don’t need the Organizer -- we need only a wish to make some psychogeografic act.

[If the place for occupy is a squat, it will be good start for communicate with our supporters, wouldn't it? The same thing will be with the students’ situations].

I think, we can test this scheme this summer.

Who's with me?


Tae Ateh


Dear Tae Ateh, DAMTP,

Yes I am definitely with you for occupation.

There are struggles that we can support. In Vilnius students are in occupations right now


And in Kaunas earlier this year there were also occupations


If comrades want to come to Cambridge we could even re-enact the storming of the Winter Palace using the university buildings - to occupy strategic points in time and class as well as space

But While we discuss locations I also want to share some thoughts on occupation: as movement/politics as strategy and as tactic. And no doubt comrades may have some more useful thoughts on this.

Occupation movements  of 2011/12 - Arab spring, movement of squares, indignados, Occupy - used occupations as a strategy and uses other methods eg protest, NVDA, sit-ins, strikes as tactics to achieve and further this strategic aim

For us we also have used occupation more as a tactic - and art strike also I see as a tactic. This is how we went beyond the 2009 Art Strike Biennial which saw strike as a strategic aim. For the union strike is a tactic. The strategy is unionisation and the creation of workers councils.

This is important difference because if you get these mixed up we end up going backwards.

So for example we could say that DAMTP was occupying the Alytus Biennial which was raising art strike as a strategic aim. Or we could say DAMTP was a tactic of the art strike... They're opposite trajectories.

Nevertheless we have used occupation as both strategy and tactic on different occasions. we used occupation as a tactic eg when we briefly occupied the yard of G4S in Alytus during the monstration last year. We also occupied the fountain during that same monstration until moved by the police. Our strategic aim here was not occupation but art strike: and part
of our overall strategy of non-productive workers unionisation.

Earlier this year we have occupied graves ( eg of Karl Marx) and galleries (eg Tate Modern in London). With these actions occupation was a strategy and art strike more of a tactic.

So we have grabbed space as both strategy and tactic. If we goto Kassel I think occupation of their art spaces would be important and again we can use 3SF as a tactic as we did this year.

Now using occupation as a strategic objective (and not just a tactic) is linked to the objective of non hierarchical organisation : because both of these are part of an overall strategic aim of workers councils taking control of workplaces.

So funding and the control of funding is not a personal matter. It's a crucial collective matter.

Are we to formally move towards a general assembly model for decision making as used in the occupy movement, with Consensus decision making? That's a big change. And for that finances also have to be centralised.

So far we have always put decentralised, spontaneous and autonomous action as a priority. We have only been able to do this by this separation between the Alytus Biennial and the DAMTP. Redas said about this separation in a recent mail. And most people always refer to Alytus Biennial and not DAMTP.

Now organisation of Alytus Biennial and funds is very complex and very seperate from DAMTP - there's a limited company of professionals in Lithuania who arrange finances and visas for people to come from as far as Bangladesh and MEXICO AND Cameroon. This allowed DAMTP freedom to be decentralised - in effect the central committee was hidden - it's like Soros funding occupy wall street. Soros funding AND loose structure of occupy allowed strategic objectives to be implemented - precisely because occupy was not formally structured and was non hierarchical.

If finances are a private / personal matter then again they become hidden.
And we move away from workers union or council
And have all the same problems - the spontaneous action mode was not a union/council
And we can only become one by solving this private finance question which I believe can eventually be done in an organized fashion. Otherwise we remain a political activist or artist group working on a voluntary basis - and therefore we will be fulfilling the strategic goals of unknown financial backers - maybe our families maybe our governments maybe our employers but whoever it is they will have reactionary or bourgeois goals that is for sure.

So the role of daddy - and this is of course the issue with new generation and reproductive work - has previously had the nature of a strategic device used to create unity - but we want to use it as a tactic not an organisational principle. So we can be daddy or mummy or baby or stranger - but not be stuck in this role. Whether we have centralised daddy (Redas) or our own private families daddies or is as daddies ourselves  - both of these are strategic limits that we need to go beyond.

And of course also I should add the the Situationist is a kind of avantgarde daddy too. We are not situationists. We are workers organising against work. For us we occupy the institution/s of art just because this happens to be where we work. but we must take the struggle further to link with the rest of the working class. so yes i agree with your proposal

In struggle and solidarity

Tae Ateh,
DAMTP (Asimist, Anti-Leninist/debordist/daddyist faction)


Letrist workers

Productive workers produce letters of high probability

Psychic workers produce letters of low probability

Reproductive workers reproduce living and non-living letters – unfortunately some seeds are dead and soil is never equally fertile. We have criticized many comrades because of that. Dad is also a reproductive worker.

Destructive workers destroy letters.

Dead workers are hidden living letters.

Letter is neither symbol, nor abstraction. DAD is mere abstraction in the heads of those who use to re-write DeAD letters.

All workers are living letters.

Self-organizing is not mere re-writing of dead letters.

Self-organization is when everybody becomes dad instead of fighting the abstraction of DAD.

Occupation is homework.

What is home for letters?

Those who go abroad to occupy are mere colonialists

We should not be afraid to step backwards – some of us run too far ahead while many comrades are left behind. This is our lesson from Alytus Biennial – always to come back for our friends not to be left away – this is what reproductive work is about and what leninists were never able to solve.

We are letrist workers


We can't take reproduction for granted though, unless it's precisely
our strategy to reproduce our personal shortcomings and mistakes.

Our discussion circled around the meaningful "inter-generational"
exchange, however I don't think it has come to grips with it yet.

I'm looking forward to what's about to come out of this!



Situnions To Be Spread Now by Every Means

Inqalabi Communist InterNatIonal (ICINI)
All MAde-up, Non-existent or Dead Labourers Association (AMANDLA)
Labour of birth as the Originary Vertex of all strugglE (LOVE)
Continuous Proletarianisation of all Classes (CPC)
REproductive wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION)