ATTACK WHITE SUPREMACIST CULTURE!                                                    FIND AND AMPLIFY THE VOICES OF

ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

Я ничем не примечателен, и рассказывать о себе, наверное, бессмысленно. Да и нелегко откровенничать. Но так, как я тоже считаю себя членом союза живых и мертвых работников психического труда, притом, мысленно участвую в этом путешествии по тропам раннего и/или позднего леттризма… притом, речь идет не столько обо мне, сколько о мечте… будет простительно упомянуть о себе. Иронично, что хотя я идеологически присоединяюсь к товарищам и к ихней (нашей) коллективной борьбе с капиталистической системой искусства, в тоже время я страдаю от социофобии – страха людей и коллективных сборищ – невротическим расстройством, порожденным именно капиталистическим строем. К тому же, побочный эффект этого расстройства – мне трудно путешествовать, находиться в чужих, незнакомых местах, притом, с незнакомыми людьми. Это наводит на меня жуткий страх. Потому, я в своей жизни, за границей был всего несколько раз, и то, не по своему желанию, а больше по стечению обстоятельств, больше по чужой воле и вине.

[The following letter from my old-time-friend Howard was sent some years ago, this initiative does not met support from colleagues, but I found it important to share the deep psychic activity of the whole intention even there were used retrograde terms from the Age of Divinity. - Redas Diržys, ABRACADABRA-C]

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write to you, to share with you a small window of opportunity that is currently open to us.

As we all know, The Western art world has undergone tremendous changes over the past 50-years – caused mostly by gentrification. Artist established neighborhoods in New York like SoHo and Tribeca, and around the Western world are now ultra expensive – and the current reincarnation of Berlin is gentrifying at a rapid pace. The artists, ever creative in these endeavors, will no doubt find new places to migrate.

A friend of mine in Berlin whose family owns the 19-room Villa, on the Black Sea in Venus, Romania, has just informed me that just 50-meters from their property is an abandoned convention center that was built by the former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, in the 1950s.

Since Ceausescu was deposed 1989, this property has been fenced off and has remained unused. The property has been protected and is in good condition. There has been no interior vandalism - and on the exterior a few outdoor lighting globes have been stolen, which can be easily replaced with inexpensive facsimiles.

I am told that this property van be purchased for between €300,000.00 and €400,000.00 Euros.

I am proposing that a group of us art people form an association, to purchase this complex, and convert it into an international art center. The Razelm Contemporary Art Cente Association would be an appropriate name for the group.

Romania joined the European Union (EU) on January 1st 2007.


Botoşani (Romania) is the birth place of the last self proclaimed Messiah Isidore Isou (1925-2007) who was the founder of Lettrism and the location where the main postulates of lettrism were formulatad.

Alinja (Nakhichevan exclave of Azerbaijan) is the death place of the last of prophets Fazlallah Astarabadi (d. 1394) – the founder of Ḥurūfī (lettrist) movement.

Alytus Biennial took the year 2007 (the death year of Isidore Isou) to reshape it into Art Strike Biennial what eventually obtained the form of Psychic Strike Biennial.

Both Alytus (Lithuania) and Botoşani were founded arround the year 1400 and had some reverberations with the transformations of The Golden Horde.

The period between years 1394 and 2007 psychic workers (generated by Alytus biennial attendees) are used to call The Age of Divinity.

The event to happen on August 10th through 31, 2019 and planned as farewell to the Age of Divinity and welcoming a new age of something could be called The Age of Proletarian Animism

Few basic principles:

The event has no any symbolical meaning – this is rather about quantum time loops which are just very few to be listed above. The point is to look for the dreams of the psychic workers connected to Alytus events and re-located at the southern semi-circle of the Black Sea.

Its about unfulfilled dreams, and about spirituality which is left after embodying of the dreams comes to limit or ruins, about the catching those dreams and continuing on this path. Its about living. As some years ago Ben Morea in Alytus biennial has formulated – none of the former revolutionaries took seriously the liberation of spirituality and it was left to the mysticism of religions and/or cultural mystifications.

Lettrism is not an art form and it could be explained as the means that correspond elimination (or not inclusion) of neither abstraction (in writing/conceptualizing and/or visuality), nor symbolism; and transcends the separation of visuality and verbality. This is the main issue for the whole travel so far it incudes Fazlullah – the mystic, who lost his head because of invention of some letters while rewriting Curran, and Isou – the one, who introduced letrism to European avant-garde.

While trying to avoid abstraction and symbolicism during the Alytus Biennial events psychic workers elaborated few forms of construction of situation – that is what we aim to do at any selected site. The mostly developed form was that of 3 sided football (it derived out of lettrism through situationism when merged with quantum mechanics by Niels Bohr). 3SF was able to subsume various artistic specializations: constructing the goalposts from found materials (vulg. sculpture), stripes (vulg. painting, dress design), continuous reinvention of the rules and improvisation (vulg. performance art), sound production (vulg. music) etc.

Its already almost a year when we quit discussion on 3 sided football word cup organizing. So far Madrid event (2018) ended up victoriously for dead workers from Cementerio de La Almudena they took a lead on further organizing the worldcupism routine tradition. This time dead workers and abracadabra invites you all to join for the first 3 sided peregrination football world cups sequence which will start with the tournament in Scortoasa (Romania) on 10th August, 2019 and will end in Bucharest with black moon tournament on 30th August, Bucharest (exact place not appointed yet).

Dates and locations

  1. August 10th – Animist 3SF World Cup in Scortoasa (Romania) mud volcanoes field – besides having incredible and challenging site to play experimental form of soccer it also is great opportunity to get some resources of clay/mud which we were used for self-decoration and even healing in our activities. Also mud/clay culture in the area around the Black sea has a long lasting cultural tradition (the clay clinics in Soviet Union Crimea were immediately closed when western pharmacy took over the control of the medicine industry.
  2. August 11th, Psychic Workers 3SF World Cup in:

2.1. Sapoca (Romania) town – it has a biggest asylum for insane people.

Psychiatric Hospital and Safety Measures Sapoca is a hospital in Buzău County. It was founded in 1960 on the site of a school of crafts. Spitalul Săpoca is the largest of its kind in the country. More on Psychiatry Under Communist Dictatorship in Romania – here. apparently one of our comrades – Kęstutis Šapoka – recognized his own name in the location’s and also his interests (including doctoral thesis) correspond the location mood.

2.2. Bozioru, Buzau (Romania) – great place to start by (re)vitalizing our own telepathic abilities – a psychic worker is something to be. It‘s also about recognizing the location in the name of psychic worker‘s Demetru Dem. Demetrescu-Buzău – URMUZ 

2.3. Sfentu Anna crater with a lake in the mountains, the exciting quality of the place is that there are many wild bears (grizzlies) around - so if they come to be included into the real animistic 3SF game – there are some reverberations with last year proposal for organizers of 3SF "world cup" in Madrid (they were organizing the event in corrida arena) to involve also the team of bulls – that resulted exclusion of psychic workers from the (footballers‘) event... this time we can realize the animist power – the event would be planned over the night so far grizlies usually appear then. We should elaborate the rule of technical defeat as apllied to 3SF for those teams who will decide to skip the particular games.

  1. August 12th – Dead workers‘ 3SF world cup in Botosani, Romania – possible location: old jewish cemetary.
  2. August 13th – Vasluj, Romania – (possibly) meeting Laurențiu Ginghină, who invented non-aggressive form of off-football – Infinite football - the idea is to combine his ideas with those of 3 sided football. So Infinite Football World Cup.
  3. August 14th – The Conventionally Transmittive 3SF World Cup in

5.1. Saturn, Romania (embodying into a dream of Howard McCalebb to arrange Razelm Contemporary Art Center and Venus biennial in abandoned convention center, build by former Romanian dictator Ceausescu near-by his own summer residency, which is now residency of current president of Romania) – the utopian idea of paradise for artists.

5.2. Kaliakra in Balgarevo (Bulgaria) – the Kaliakra transmitter build in 1988 – was intended to act as a relay transmitter for Southeast Europe, but construction stopped a year later after the collapse of communism. At that time, nine of the ten planned masts, some soaring more than 500 feet into the sky, had been completed. Today, they stand unused as a monument to the consolidated power the region was once known for – ideal place to play 3SF in terms of space and psychic openness.

  1. August 15th – The World Cup for Unrealized Possibilities of 3SF at Arkutino School for Gifted Children (Bulgaria) - an unfinished complex built for children from around the world sits abandoned on the Black Sea coastline.
  2. August 16th – Edirne (Turkey) - which from 1369 to 1453 was capital of the Ottoman Empire. It was here that "Certain accursed ones of no significance" were publicly burnt for their heretical lettrist opinions - some say Ali ul ʿAli, who was groom to Astarabadi himself met his end in this sorrowful affair (proposal from Fabian).
  3. August 16th-17th – Psychogeography in Istanbul - at the point where Europe and Asia have their supposed intercourse.

Majority of all participants will gather there - should be a great meeting.

  1.      August 18th

9.1. Kütahya, Turkey– the city is famed for its tiles, and many downtown buildings are covered from tip to toe with ceramics. To this can be added swathes of unspoiled Ottoman architecture, museums housed in 14th-century seminaries, fantastic restaurants – and no tourist kitsch... it’s so easy to tune yourself into local culture in a place like this.

Aizanoi – ancient amfiteater and stadium....

9.2. Eskişehir -  the old town here has tried to cash in on the current Turkish “Ottomania” trend, painting its imperial buildings in saffron, aquamarine, lime and other friendly colours. It makes for a truly enchanting scene, especially when the aforementioned colours are ignited at sunset; local tourists come in dribs and drabs, but foreign travellers stay away – the last note sounds promising. I would propose here to tune into colour.

  1. August 19th (Cappadokia)

  1. August 20th - Victoricidal 3SF World Cup in Boğazkale & Hattusa (Turkey) - one of the first mentioned cases of regicide - Mursili I was executed by his own soldiers in 1526 BC. This the question of boss in contemporary society – the question of organizing (3SF world cup) as well. Especially that in Hattusa there are remnants of some Hittites’ stuff resembling goalposts – some western historians were used to call it sculptures, or even art, but goalposts could be much more of use then art.

Amasya – a city which does actually receive a few foreign tourists. And so it should, for this is a place of great beauty – the city centre is squeezed into a tight valley, with charming Ottoman buildings peppering the northern flank, and a series of spectacular mosques piercing the skyline on the opposite side of the river. Some of the Ottoman buildings have been converted into boutique guesthouses; these intriguing wooden structures, so clever in their design, make a great place to kick back for a few days, especially when you throw in a few trips to the nearby steam baths, which themselves are a few centuries old.

Tokat – the main reason to visit is culinary – the chance to sample Tokat’s famously gigantic kebabs. They’re simply huge, a mixture of roast lamb, potatoes, aubergine, tomato and peppers, grilled under a bulb of garlic. My proposition – tuning into flavour.

Sivas – “real Turkey” city in the land. There’s a rarified quality to the air here, though this should come as no great surprise in a city sitting almost 1,300m above sea-level. At the very centre of Sivas lies the city’s pride and joy: a clutch of buildings – some whole, some in bits – dating back to Selçuk times. My own personal magnet is the swallow-filled courtyard of the Bürüciye Medresesi, a seminary founded in 1271.

  1. August 21 st

Doğubeyazıt (Ararat)

13-14.   August 22-23rd – Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan and Əlincə (the shrine of Fazlullah Hurufi) – Huruffiyya 3SF World Cup; D.I.Y. sound making event in the mountains. Tune into sound.

  1. August 24th - Humanitarian 3SF World Cup in Kars (Turkey) - Monument to Humanity, at the unfinished monument to peace between Turkey and Armenia, long divided by a dispute over genocide. To finaly to burry nationalisms, inherited from bipolar football. Great place where destructive and psychic workers meet without ending-up into the victory of nationalisms.

Play in Ani and Die 3SF World Cup

  1. August 25th. Batumi.

17-19.   August 26-28 – taking the ferry boat from Batumi or Poti (Georgia) to Varna or Burgas (Bulgaria) – desakalapatragraph (resuming of common experiences) and marin version of urban poker (game with found cards) on the deck acompanied by truck drivers and dolphins in a Black Sea.

  1. August 29th – The Petrified Workers 3SF World Cup in Slanchevo, Bulgaria - Pobiti Kamani Stones: Mysterious standing stone formations looks like a petrified forest – great site for 3SF.
  2. August 30th – the Black Super New Moon 3SF World Cup, Bucharest – exact location is not appointed yet.

You are welcome to join at any point... or you are free to choose whatsover another point on or near-by of our proposed route. Or join in a psychic way.

For the end – there is a story: in some late 19th century Siberian shamans hosted the souls of the revolutionaries of Paris Commune (those, who died unhappily and were disturbing the aether) and buried them in the lake Baikal. After that the amount of the fishes increased many times in Baikal. Hope something similar will happen in Black Sea as well.

The selection of ABRACADABRA (who’s origin in "avada kedavra” is an invocation to ‘let it (the thing) be destroyed) and that of FIASCo - (the origins of which are ‘fare il fiasco’ - the looser buys the next bottle - or "it will all end in failure”) - seemed to hint that the great festival of triolectics which the Kathalytus ’played out’ might be nudging its final chapter

The LIST is dead - long live the LIST

'A reprendre depuis le début’
To me 3Sf is still little too much about ball, goal posts and different conditions/limitations. And – damned – newly the context criteria appeared.

I was excited to have chance to see friends after a long time, not so excited that it was gonna happen in Kassel though – simply because I don’t like affiliating to other events and also because it was quite faraway.

Not so insistent suggestion to make it in some more attractive (and closer to Libušín) place for example in Siófok didn’t create sufficient resonance so – eventually – we happily boarded the Alytus bus in Dresden together with my daughter Evička who by the way became the most anti stereotyped player of the whole cup – as far as I know she touched the ball just twice by accident and never on purpose despite the fact she played at least in 25 matches or maybe even more.

Reading the reports I realised I am lost in abbreviations partly because of my progressing dementia partly because I never really remembered what most of them meant and now in the moment of splitting into factions it’s extremely difficult to reconstruct the meaning plus find the reason why the used one is belonging to particular position.

Anyway... I have always felt kind of disproportion in so much overestimating the power of definitions in our discussions and texts – in a way supporting and even developing the criticized europocentric talkative and word oriented tradition.

The meaning superior to the feeling.

The question about attending the 2nd World Cup of 3SF in Kassel was discussed for about 10 months and resulted in split of DAMTP into faction of political analysts and critics who need a clear program of action which supposedly would protect from recuperation into capitalist spectacle, and the gamers, who formed LUNATIC FRINGE FOR TRIOLECTICS (LUFT-DAMTP) specially to attended Kassel and to save the game from further footballization.

[ideological ingression///egression] - The first (political) faction had their arguments:

DAMTP should act in the way workers‘ organizations do (CLASS)

3SF and DAMTP will be recuperated by documenta spectacle and the only way to act against it is to fight it outside the Kassel – in Athens, Alytus or whatsoever other place (DAMTP German factions: OKK, Polaris)

Asemic writing activities should take leadership against 3SF (Asemic International and CLASS wrote the manifesto, publicized it and asked those who agree to sign it. Nobody else from DAMTP signed it so far, but ABRACADABRA triolectisized it with some comments attributed)

Ceci n'est pas le 3SF (Richard Essex)


[labor ingression///degression] - LUFT-DAMTP (FIASCO, NXTPA, ABRACADABRA) had their arguments:

The system should be gamed, Kathalytus must be build

To reclaim triolectics for 3SF not to be binarized

Self-organization without doctrine

To play with a black hole instead of a ball


[disingression] - CLASS attended Kassel with clear program to destroy documenta and the world cup.

Bogdanov have warned about dangers of war communism in a very dawn of Bolshevik revolution.

The domination of destructive workers makes a bigger revolutionary effect (spectacle), but infects the society to organize in a way based on destruction.

[disingression] - None of the DAMTP‘s from Germany were present in Kassel and so their input for comrades was formalized in 3 texts from 3 years ago and it was more about warning then guiding.


[conjugation] - ABRACADABRA initiated the discussion about necessity to have a space for meeting and organizing as well for meeting local unorganized workers – as DAMTP has on its constitution. The room was arranged in the local Art Academy students‘ place near Central railway station. There was arranged desakalapatragraph: DXTPA, ABRACADABRA, FIASCO and local psychic workers, who attended the meeting collectively investigated the site, put together their knowledge and set up the plan for local actions. 2 local workers joined DAMTP‘s in the further gaming. This meeting was announced in documenta papers and it infuriated some DAMTP‘s because of alleged recuperation, but social engineering as tactics was always present in Alytus Psychic (Art) Strike Biennial events since its mentioning as tactics in the first resolution Action Committee of Alytus Art Strike Conference in 2008. One of the great discoveries of ABRACADABRA was that anybody can get a free ticket for documenta just by saying abracadabra at the documenta information center, but other DAMTP‘s didn‘t tried even...either because of some phobias to become abracadabra, or for being recognized. Though LUFT-DAMTP‘s invented another great tactics to get free access for paid exhibition venues – simply to kick a ball into the space, and then to go for grabbing it from there – it worked too.

[disingression] - CLASS was insisting on meeting and/or contacting organized workers and activists – IWW‘s, Nobody is Illegal etc. and wrote an open letter-manifesto for their meeting in the same space. Nobody (including the initiator) showed up.

[disingression///separate complexes] - The pre-event on-line discussion showed clearly that DAMTP came into a phase of taking the roles – of workers, activists, artists etc – that what Marx warned about – and also about the false roles as it happens in Paris Commune.

Already since a little bit earlier we were not being able to write a collective text without tolerance to each other’s words. Instead of following the line of metagraphy we eventually returned backwards to the texts.

During the last year as DAMTP‘s we‘ve divided ourselves into specializations of artists and politicians – we stept on the same raker as all previous counter-cultural organizations starting from dada and ending with fluxus and situationists did. Shame on us!

[disingression] - We are afraid of being recuperated by the capitalist system and spectacle? But the fear of recuperation is exactly what recuperation is all about. The problem lays in overrated self-significance and lack of self-criticism. Indeed, we are afraid of being caricatures.

[ingression] - I am happy we were able to be caricatures of ourselves when in Kassel. ABRACADABRA was a caricature of an art organization, CLASS – of militant organization, FIASCO and NXTPA – of the physicality or something else. Besides that - Alytus biennial always was a caricature of biennial and The End of the Age of Divinity – caricature of doctrine (at least that is how I saw it). Even those who didn‘t attend Kassel – I am leaving for them to recognize caricatures in themselves.

[disingression] - We are still not able to withstand obsession with symbolism in our actions, hypergraphy and texts. I want to improve previous report by CLASS and to assure that the destruction of the trophy was not an accidental move by occasionally present worker, but ideologically prepared (declared in advance) gesture to (symbolically) destroy world cup. But the world cup was not destroyed – destroyed was just a letter, produced by our fellow worker. The only question what later LUFT-DAMTP‘s got few times was: „does anybody got the photo of the smashed cup?“. The process of reading a letter – suppresses and realizes it, but destroying turns it into a symbol.

Dear Fellow Workers,

Thank you for your hospitality in hosting us for the 2nd Worldcup 3-sided football

We want to make some points about this event - and some suggestions to you on the organisation

the internationalist, progressive and socialist spirit of the rosecrucian manifestos published in

kassel 400 years ago is today evident in a wholly corrupted and reactionary form of the european union.  coming from london at a time of brexitted degeneration of this corrupted dream we  write to you with the benefit of our industrial union of psychic,  reproductive and destructive non-workers formed by some of those who have been developing the form of 3 sided football since the very first time it was publicly played in 1993.

Firstly we must discuss the association with documenta which is undeniable and cannot be ignored.

as you may know documenta, like the proto EU of ECSC, was started after the defeat of the national socialist party  in order to address the banning and burning of much progressive and innovative

psychic production in germany at the time. it took the agenda of forwarding moderninst and avantgarde art. however this orientation showed then and still shows its neo-liberal agenda.

neoliberalism is the motor of the capitalist war machine that continues to decimate the planet through capitalist  gentrification and ethnic cleansing of the cities and all the planet, through climate change, species genocide,

in solidarity with the g20 mobilisation we suggest a statement from yourselves distancing the event

from the neoliberal art agenda of documenta.

secondly the idea of a world cup itself is problem for a few reaons:

The vast majority of teams in the silkebourg cup were european. it was thus a very eurocentric idea of the world. furthermore the world cup format promotes nationalist consciousness. even regional organisations do the same.

whoever wins in this world cup will promote national consciousness. this would be true even for the refugee team - already the myth of a progressive germany that champions refugees serves only to justify the european neo imperial machinations across the world and of course in europe itself and at its borders as frontex stage manages the murder of thousands in the mediteranian sea.

we therefore suggest that the scoring of the game break completely from the 1-sided method of linear counting of conceded goals leading to elimination finals. there are various ways we could do this. one alternative is to adopt the triolectical scoring methods that have been developed by the Luther Blissett London League

alternatively we could simply decide that all teams would be declared joint winners before hand.

Finally we want to make the choice plain – between the past, present or future – between name, nation or situation – betweeen aristocracy, bourgeois or proletariat: this triolectical situation is engendered by 

1 national socialism and the empires of east and west,

2 the neoliberism and its recuperation of the rosecrucians and situationists or

3 the realisation of the impossible: international revolution

we come to play: not to win or to lose but to overturn the spectacle through the creation of a new situation.
The spectacles of Europe have been exorcized by Communism. The Proletariat, defeated by the European Bourgeoisise in the 1st and 2nd world wars has finally secured victory in 2007 and succeeded in proletarianising all of the world.


There is a spectacle of terror produced by Europe. and all the bourgeois powers unite in an unholy alliance to produce it. Where is the opposition that has not been branded terrorist and where the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of spectacular terrorism?

And as no one declares themselves terrorist it is up to us to make our aims known as terrorists in the face of the whole world. We are the proletarians of the psychic factories of data called the spectacle. And we overturn this spectacle.

We invite all working or not working in Kassel and elsewhere, as artists or activists or any other service industry or other industry, to organise with us as Psychic Workers, Reproductice Workers, Destructive Workers, Asemic Workers.

We do not reject “safe” life presented in Kassel and we have no intention of establishing the borders of the only possible LIFE. we welcome freedom. But the freedom of your ‘life’ has spread too far and has steamrolled over all other ways of production. Capitalism has perverted life, narrowed its potential down to consumption and hedonism, deprived it of the moment of creation as the part of development.

Today European patriarchal white supremacy, in other words capitalism, declares terrorist to mean Muslim and Muslim to mean Black. Black as in black race, black energy, black mass, black matter. We terrorists are not animals or humans or gods or machines. We are something new. We do not constrain ourselves in gender, race or linguistic distinctions – but we are aware of how the agents of the state and CLASS society instrumentalise these sub classes against us.

We wonder: what should the life be like today? How can it unite us? What new practices are we able to invent? By liberating life from the chokehold of institution, of capital, by returning it to the means of living and dying: labour.

We terrorists, believe that life is fluid, permanently mutable, while every fixed form tends to turn into custom, tradition, and finally to a game as in case with three-sided football. From the practice of overriding the stigma, from the practice of breaking binary oppositions it turned into the ritual sanctified by community, similar to Friday-bear-drinking in a narrow circle of friends. No form can exist more than several years with no risk of stiffening. This is hard to avoid as the human mind has a constant striving for the invention of new rules, for living in accordance with norms and patterns, with idleness permanently rejecting renovation and development. Life should not imitate political institutions that show themselves in decrees and orders, institutions that still employ the vicious structures of the Party. With life being anarchic in its core, we declare:

From 18th To 20th of August 2017 the sports club Dynamo Windrad will host the second World Cup in Threesided Football at the Hessenkampfbahn in Kassel. In May 2014 we (Dynamo) participated in the first World Cup in Silkeborg/Denmark. When the question arose where the next World Cup in three years could be held we quickly volunteered to host it, since it is connected to the art exhibition documenta that takes place in Kassel every five years.


The Danish artist Asger Jorn who was cofounder of the Situationist International and participated in Dokumenta II and III in Kassel invented threesided football in the early 60ies as an allegory for his theory of the trialectic. In a nutshell his theory can be understood as a further development of Marx dialectic. With his theory of the trialectic Jorn developed a theoretical approach that wanted to transcend and overcome dichotomous perceptions of the world and of simple polarities between friend and foe.

However it was only in 1994 that the threesided football was actually tried out in practice for the first time (in Glasgow). Since then individual games and whole tournaments took place around the globe. In London there is even a small league for threesided football.

The first threesided game Dynamo ever participated in was in 2013 at the Biennale in Istanbul. It was part of the supporting programme and apart from Dynamo teams from Istanbul and London participated. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Asger Jorn, the Museum Asger Jorn in his birthtown Silkeborg hosted the first World Cup in 2014 along with a symposium on Jorn’s work, his theory of the trialectic and of course threesided football.          

What is threesided football?

It is an extension of regular football. It is played with three teams, three goals and one ball on a differently shaped play ground. Crucial elements of the game are cooperation and bluffing that broaden the possibilities of what football can and could be. The dualism of two opposing teams is being transcended due to the fact that during the game it is constantly changing who is friend and who is foe. In every move the players anew have to decide with whom they want to cooperate and against which team they are aiming to score. In the end not the team with the most scored goals wins but the one that has conceded the least.

The tricky part about the cooperation with players from an opposing team is that it can be ended or reversed at any time. An experience not only new and foreign to football players. For more details, rules and reports please visit the following link:

Or ask us for further information and reports.

Our sports club and why we do stuff like that

Dynamo Windrad has over a thousand members and is one of the biggest sports clubs in Kassel. From the beginning in 1982 our mission has always been to be a club that is culturally active and involved in civil society issues beyond the scope of sports. We have always been open for arts and culture and have integrated these areas in our projects and sports events. We have initiated exhibitions on comic art (from which later on the galeria Caricatura in Kassel and the museum Caricatura in Frankfurt developed) and in 2014 on the history of worker’s sports in Germany and Kassel up to 1933. During the documenta X a football game between a documenta team (with some prominents) and Dynamo was organized and the curator of documenta X, Catherine David, performed the kick-off (her interest in football however did not persist).

Beyond our regular sports activities we currently offer some projects for refugees and we do some social work in one of the poorer neighbourhoods of Kassel.

In the summer of 2014 we integrated threesided football into our traditional tournament, the „BolzWM“ (a 10 day event for football and culture that we orgnaize every 4 years parallel to the FIFA world cup with over a thousand participants). We played parts of the tournament as threesided football because we are convinced that the threesided idea correlates perfectly with our understanding of football culture:

A critique of competitive performance, an alternative to the constrictions of traditional and conservative roof organisations, the attempt to bring football and politics together, in a nutshell: the strive for sociopolitical change.

Concrete Planning

Dynamo Windrad will host the threesided World Cup 2017 from 18th to 20th of August at the Hessenkampfbahn in Kassel. In planning is a public talk on threesided football and Asger Jorn and his concept of the trialectic on Friday afternoon before the actual tournament is starting. We want to present our motivation why we are hosting this threesided event to a broader public. Our aim is to present an alternative to the corrupt world of sports‘ roof organisations, to bring together people of different backgrounds in times of rising right wing populism in the whole of Europe and to question the dichotomous polarities of North-South, East-West and poor-rich.

We have already invited teams from Britain, Poland, France, Lithuania, Italy and Turkey to whom we have beeen in contact and who share our views of a sociopolitical understanding of football and/or who have already played threesided football. And of course we will have at least one team of refugees joing the event. Beyond that we are trying to organize teams from additional countries (e.g. Greece since the next documenta will also partly take place in Athens and therewith the connection is self-evident). Depending on the overall number of teams the tournament will take place only on Saturday or extended to Sunday.
[The discussion was launched on November 20th – December 19th, 9PC (2016 vulg.) and later as developped through 10PC it felt into acrimonious splits amongst the Union of Data Miners and Psychic Workers (DAMTP) over member‘s participation in 2017 3SF World Cup and divisions over its alleged artistic co-option. In defence of triolectics in July, 10PC (2017 vulg.) there was established LUnatic Fringe for Triolectics (LUFT) faction]

Letrist worker - a quantum of thanks to you and all for DAMTP16 - taking the text on "a line for a walk" is a genius way of describing the aleatorical wanderings of the goalpost game.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 2017 Three Sided Football World Cup has been confirmed for August 2017 (18th to 21st) as part of the parallel events of the Kassel Documenta (the final day will be held in the Kassel FC stadium). It is being organised by Dynamo Windrad - the team from Germany who came to the last World Cup in Silkeborg.

In parallel with the Tournament we would like there to be a week long Festival of Situationist Gaming (provisional title) from August 14th to 21st. (The word gaming in English has many connotations - one of the most enjoyable and appropriate being “to use the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system" - ). 

We are hoping that Players of the Game from around the world will unite in Kassel to foment a kind of cultural jam session - an Experimental Laboratory - “to begin exploring the possible functions of a society in which leisure is a dominant fact, and in which the conventional assumptions about reality and the constraints which they imply are no longer operative, in which art and life are no longer divided.” - Trocchi - The invisible Insurrection ( )

  • ÐعM提п is a framework for the transfer of private property (capital) to Common Property (labour) of the workers through the general Obschina/Wahdat council of workers: through a psychic workers union council. To empower the reproductive workers union (communisation of all privacy) and productive workers (commons of all property) over the destructive workers (enslavement of all common property).
  • The role of data miners and psychic workers is to find and amplify the voices of reproductive, productive and destructive workers who are not in unions or councils.
  • The purpose of the ÐعM提п (DAMTP) commons is to disrupt detourne and destory the process of (both physical and psychical) capital accumulation (or the capitalisation of land) by the empowerment the labourers and workers in this process.
  • We propose the name ÐعM提п (in place of DAMTP - the DAta Miners Travailleurs Psychique: the name of the psychic workers union) to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language
  • The psychic workers are first of all composed of the Dead Workers Union and so we declare all property as commonly owned by all dead workers too. Anyone living or dead can be a psychic worker by asserting their name and making public their position
  • All who contributed to production can lay claim to it. All who have possession of such property must pass it on to those who have produced it and those that may need or want it.
  • Any of those who have produced the work can make decisions on what should be done with it.
  • All individuals are limited to one copy for immediate personal consumption and use. Further items or copies held in any location means that the said location must be an open access archive or library for the general public use and consumption.

its 15 years since our VPA editorial but idiots like mckenzie wark and the so-called new psychogeography demand some comment from us.

“Thankfully, the ‘New Psychogeography’ and the ‘New Movement in Walking’ are both relatively free of what Nato Thompson calls “the culture of gotcha…. soft witch hunt, outing the secret capitalists” and for the continuation of its good prospects it needs to keep itself that way. ” (from “psychogeography now” by some white man)

Thankfully? Why? Because it allows a white male safe space?  It seems to be a safe space in fact for capitalists he is celebrating and so the claims he makes earlier in his text of a radical subjectivity fall flat on their face. clearly this radical subjectivity is not based in class space and time ie gender race and class…

Japanese calligrapher Houran Yokoyama took a challenge on calligraphylettrism and came to join psychic workers to Alytus on August 27-29, year 9PC (1916 vulg.). His contribution consisted of hyper-calligraphy-lettrism in support to quantum lettrist experiments of psychic workers to address the engineers and pilots of the ground controlled aeroplanes and drones.

The symposia was called Ingenium as an attempt to wahdatize (unionize) on a proletarian basis psychic workers from polarized specializations of engineers and poets/artists (genius). The vision was linked to the Roberto Bolano’s novel Estrella Distante where he described an aerometagraphic pilot of military airplane (destructive worker) during the times of Pinochet.

Anti-Urs for Cecil Rhodes – who is buried in the most sacred area in Zimbabwe – the Motopos Hills. We will do this by overlaying maps of Matopos with the Magog Hills in Cambridge. By doing so we simultaneously awaken the ancient Giants of Albion, Gog and Magog in order to aid our assault on bourgeois culture.



DesaKalaPatra (SpaceTimeClass) is the proletarian consciousness – the meaning based on senses resulted by praxis, labour. The quantity of proletarian meaning is self-sufficient – there is no need for more meaning than is actually needed. Meaning appears with destroyed resources and commodities. Surplus meaning results in extermination. Workers who produce meaning are destructive workers.

Abstracted or concept based consciousness is a mechanism that absolutise the meaning as a value and so legitimize extermination that leads to genocide, ecocide and/or biocide. Christianization, colonialism, westernization are based on conceptualization of everyday life. Spectacle is visuality or action based on conceptualization. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living (Guy Debord). Conceptualized resistance resolve into spectacle. Bourgeois meaning is always a surplus meaning – it‘s senseless.

Senses/ concept difference is like living/ non-living.

So rather than understanding the above, the following is a guide to meditation – Obshchina and Situnionisation of the Species Being and General Intellect (Obschina/ Wahdat)

DesaKalaPatra - the three trimensions - are experienced through all of the following sensations and therefore all these dimensions are multiplied by 9:

In an article in Internationale Situationniste #2, Abdelhafid Khattib of the Algerian section of the organisation attempted the first in depth psychogeographical study of the area of Les Halles. The study was cut short due to a continuing curfew against Arabs on Paris streets. As a coda to Khatib’s initial findings, the following note was appended:

This study is incomplete on several fundamental points, principally those concerning the ambient characteristics of certain barely defined zones. This is because our collaborator was subject to police harassment in light of the fact that since September, North Africans have been banned from the streets after half past nine in the evening. And of course, the bulk of Abdelhafid Khatib’s work concerned the Halles at night. After being arrested twice and spending two nights in a holding cell, he relinquished his efforts. Therefore the present – the political future, no less – may be abstracted due to considerations carried out on psychogeography itself.

Despite this promise to consider psychogeography in light of these targeted arrests carried out against colonial subjects, no mention of this incident was to appear in published Situationist writings again.

However, recently discovered among Michèle Bernstein’s previously uncatalogued papers are a draft set of theses on space that show that Khatib’s arrest did have a ripple effect on the thinking of his comrades in struggle. Although critical and historical treatments typically deny her much of a role beyond that of being Guy Debord’s wife, Bernstein, the only prominent woman involved with the loose and shifting groups who formed first the Lettrist and then the Situationist Internationals, wrote numerous articles for Potlatch, Internationale Situationniste and Les Levres Nues, along with two novels. The theses have recently emerged from work to reexamine her oeuvre, and are notable for the way they highlight an awareness – that continued to elude her husband and his confrères – of a key absence in the Situationists’ reimagining of everyday life: colonialism, in all of its ramifications.

Had they been better known, it is plausible that these theses might have radically shifted the thought and direction of Situationism.

They appear here in translation for the first time.

1. Psychogeography cannot be abstracted; it must be concrete. The very word psychogeography, suggested by an illiterate Kabyle to designate the general phenomena with which a few of us were preoccupied around the summer of 1953, is relatively defensible even in times of unrest. It does not stray from the materialist perspective.

2. Police repression and curfew draw our eyes towards the ways in which the geographic milieu conditions a situation differently for each of its players and has never acted equally upon the affective comportment of all individuals. Our striving to attain the highest degree of consciousness of the elements that determine a situation demands a full examination of the implications.

3. While race and nationality are cultural – political – constructs, our psychogeographical experiments have shown that they materially condition our experience of power and the city, the zones of our residence, our work, our play, our movements, even our ability to fully carry out intellectual inquiry.

4. In other words, race and nationality condition each situation we encounter or create, and our human journey through them.

5. Any privilege that comes with race or nationality conditions us as much as any oppression. Since we know with what blind fury so many people – who are nevertheless so little privileged – are willing to defend their mediocre advantages, we must be on guard against its presence.

6. It is hard not to recognise an analogous comportment among the privileged who do not dare speak of problems as they are, as these problems have been made understood to them. One has to wonder: are they the victims of an intimidation racket? Yes, they certainly are. To walk with eyes open exposes those once safe to the possibilities of entering the other side of today’s dialectic of the human relation with capital – the operations of direct exploitation and force.

7. We cannot turn away despite the risks in obtaining a full understanding of the arrangement of the elements of the urban setting, in close relation with the sensations they provoke. It entails bold hypotheses that must be constantly corrected in the light of experience, by critique and self-critique.

8. The dérive as a technique consists of wanderings that express not subordination to randomness but complete insubordination to habitual influence. Yet the length of the colonial war in Algeria has conditioned and broken the youth of France, creating conditions of overwhelming conformism.

9. It is the colonial subject who can most fully realise the dérive, whose presence alone represents a complete insubordination, whose body tests the first binding upon the possible that must be smashed. This is where we must stand.

10. Starting from this position, some must renounce all that we have, others take back all that we never had. Together we must understand the city to tear down, rebuild, repurpose to create a new way of life. This will be the new dérive.

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, and beginning with its material décor, is discovered to be narrower by the day. It stifles us. We yield profoundly to its influence; we react to it according to our instincts instead of according to our aspirations. In a word, this world governs our way of being, and it grinds us down. It is only from its rearrangement, or more precisely its sundering, that any possibility of organising a superior way of life will emerge.

Modern society is a society of cops (destructive workers). We are revolutionaries because the police (destructive workers) are the supreme force of this society. We are not for another society because the police (destructive workers) are the supreme force of all societies. We are not nihilists because we do not grant power to anyone.

We are Lettrists (حروفية‎ psychic workers) for want of something better….

the dérive (psychic workers union) has its limits... It’s a miracle it didn’t kill us. Iron infected our blood.


Psychogeography (reproductive work or labour) cannot be abstracted; it must be concrete. The very word psychogeography, (reproductive work or labour), suggested by an illiterate Kabyle to designate the general phenomena with which a few of us were preoccupied around the summer of 1953 (which all of us are preoccupied with throughout all time), is relatively defensible even in times of unrest. ( is most obviously so in all times of confrontation with the destructive workers.)  It does not stray from the materialist perspective.


Police repression and curfew (destructive workers) draw our eyes towards the ways in which the geographic milieu conditions a situation (psychic work) differently for each of its players and has never acted equally upon the affective comportment of all individuals. Our striving to attain the highest degree of consciousness of the elements that determine a situation (psychic work) demands a full examination of the implications.


While race and nationality are cultural – political – constructs, our psychogeographical (reproductive work or labour) experiments have shown that they materially condition (reproductive work) our experience of power and the city, the zones of our residence, our work, our play, our movements, even our ability to fully carry out intellectual inquiry (psychic work).