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ALL (IN)ORGANIC COMRADES UNITE!                                                                                            GAME THE SYSTEM!

ABRACADABRA-C  (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee)

ÐعM提п (former DAMTP - the DaðA Miners and Travailleuse Psychique) - workers union to disrupt the creation of cultural capital through regional and a national language

12 proletarinio kalendoriaus metais (pasen. 2019 m.) vykstanti Alytaus bienalė skirta nuo 1993 m. pradėtų eksperimentinio pobūdžio reiškinių, vėliau įgavusių Alytaus meno(psicho)streiko bienalės pavidalą apibendrinimui.

Šiuo tikslu rugpjūčio 10-30 dienomis Alytaus bienalė buvo vykdoma 5 valstybėse prie Juodosios jūros. Būtent šioje teritorijoje materializavosi dauguma per visus šiuos metus Alytuje generuotų idėjų, čia surado savo poilsio vietą Alytuje vykdytų renginių dalyvių svajonės.

Psichodarbininkų sąjunga kvietė visus, kuriuos domina dvasiniai ieškojimai ir atradimai, pokalbiui prie situografų Alytuje ir Vilniuje:


Black Moon for Bucharest came-up at 1:37PM on August 30th, 12PC. SOF, DAI (Double Agents International) and ABRACADABRA-C went to a carwash few hours before this time. First here DAMTPs got a vacuum cleaner from the cleaning workers and almost finished the cleaning of van interior, when workers took back the vacuum cleaner back and told to wait in a queue. It took 2 or 3 hours. Black Moon or Supermoon came in the moment the van started to be washed. In full proletarian solidarity 3 teams of peregrines played a routine 3SF World Cup (WC). This was the last WC in a row of 18. It ended with SOF automatic dissolving. After playing DAMTPs came back to the cleaning worker and paid him for the job done including the labour done by themselves.

Thus on 31st July 12PC [2019 vulg.] the destined day of SOF’s self-abolition arrived - the culmination of UfSO, the amplic and the chiselling phases, overseen by the 33-month return of the Black Moon. In the annual rotunda - the threesided game of earth, moon and sun - each of the four elemental seasons gives birth to three new moons. Every 33 months or so, they sire a Black Moon, a seer who walks in the shadows between them, itself a ghostly image of the great 33 year solar-lunar marriage dance. With the dawning of the Black Moon, in the 12th year of the Age of the Proletariat, Strategic Optimism’s Nine Year Plan reaches the end of its 3rd and final phase. The unending cycle of the Three Rotations is complete; the cosmic great game begins again!

Later this day peregrines cached with Romanian National Football Team bus, stuck in the traffic jam, and DAI tried to offer them a proletarian football of lowest quality as letter of proletarian solidarity. Their driver showed a body letter of [capitalist] detachment but some traces of solidarity were apparent.



The 3SF World Cup was hold on the ferry-boat deck in a time between Workers’ Negotiated Overtaking of VIPs’ Sunset and before Workers’ Self-organized Proletarian Sunrise. Participants: Truck Drivers’ Academia (TDA), dolphins, kids, travellers, bikers, None-Males Association (NoMA), Double Agents International (DAI), SOF and ABRACADABRA-C.

Two players – one from TDA, another from NoMA - got serious foot injuries. The same TDA player few hours before got his heart broken because of NoMA’s refusal to accept his love. The World Cup eventually ended on the unexpected victory by dolphins – the clandestine negotiation to give ball to them ended up with disability to kick-off it “accidentally” out of the ferry to the open sea. It was probably because the heavy hand-made serpentine ball was used.



The Alphabetic Tower is a 130-meter-high structure in Batumi, Georgia: two helix bands rise up the tower holding 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet. Construction date – 4PC (vulg. 2011). Peregrine data miners found out it to be a tower of dead letters and dead birds.

The 3SF game was played with the lightweight ball (the one in a water melon design) in a strong wind. The game [of flying] was played between three teams [forces] accordingly: the kicker, wind and gravity.

There were some time loops of the game sequence discovered after the game in Batumi was played (or rather initiated, because 3SF games never quit) – that connects the attempts by humans "to fly as a bird" and the earthquakes in Constantinople/Istanbul:

The construction of monument to Humanity as a monument to peace between Turkey and Armenia, long divided by a dispute over genocide, was approved on 23 December 2006. The construction of the monument took 3 years and took a shape of monument to bipolarity in 2PC (vulg. 2009). In the early 4PC (vulg. 2011) Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described the monument as a "monstrosity”. On 26 April 4PC monument’s demolition started by beheading the statues. Then the statue was dismembered into 20 pieces.

This World Cup started even earlier in Erzurum on August 21st, 12PC when after exchanging in a friendly chat at the dinner table in local restaurant Turkish guy frankly asked: “do peregrines like Turkish president?”. Their answer was: “if you like him we like him too”. The guy was very satisfied with the answer and with himself too.

On the other hand, the beheading (and dismembering) of the monuments has a long line through the Age of Divinity and merges Protestantism, French Revolution, Paris Commune, Bolsheviks, Situationists, nationalists in Eastern Europe after 90’ies, Taliban, ISIS, Rhode Must Fall Movement and many others. But Kars case is different – there destruction happen in a biennial after the monument was build.

Peregrines climbed the mountain, found a place with remaining of the monument’s concrete basement, clambered it and played Humanitarian 3SF Haiku World Cup – the shortest ever played.


Peregrine DAMTPs came to Ani just before sunset, but because of the approaching storm it was almost dark already. Through the Lion Gate peregrines got into a triangular location of the city which some ages ago used to be the largest in the world. Now – fully devastated but with still tangible mighty of the past – well suited to serve to Armenian nationalists and now already starting to move towards consumerist charm of the tourist object, but the restoration of the medieval city walls rather resemble soviet submarines fuel containers. The Lion Gate and a large section of the adjoining towers and walls were badly damaged in an appalling and amateurish reconstruction organised by the Turkish Ministry of Culture during 1996/1997


On the Winter Solstice 2019 AD (12PC) a small group of Mummers visited Trinity College in Cambridge England and beheaded the statue of Henry VIIIth that sits in judgement over their gates. we have done this in an act of Class War. The college has refused to open its gates to the Proletariat, the colonised, the Workers and so as Mummers we are forced to strike its gates with Proletarian Class War Majik in order to precede an out right assault and bring this institution of power under the dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Reproductive Workers Councils of the World. We suspect that Trinity have already replaced the head with a paper-mache hollow head but this fools no one.

The fact that the British establishment routinely destroys and defaces the planet and all who live here on a daily basis, they are very vociferous in their defence of their stone carvings of bourgeois patriarchs such as Rhodes. Their defence consists also of a defence of history and truth. Lol. It is long clear to everyone how distorted, in their own image, this version of truth and history really is. In 2020 the British colonial government in Australia is celebrating the invasion of Australia by lieutenant Cooke and the Endeavour by reconstructing it and sailing it around Australia even though Cockface himself never circumnavigated the continent. thus the colonial capitalist powers are re-staging history in order to glorify their barbaric invasion and subsequent genocidal culture which continues today. So those who defend the statues of murderers rapists such as Henry Tudor or James Cooke or indeed Rhodes himself as he has at Oxfords oriel college argue that they defend history this is a wholly undialectical and monolithic view of history. because within history is always in fact the history of history. and there is no history of history of history of history of history as they would argue 0 since dialectically these are already present also as the history of (history of history) or (history of history ) of history. colonialism and decolonialism as dialectical moments are as yet unresolved,. in this arc also is the Shoah which continues with the creation of South Germany in 1948, the moment of this foul synthesis!

The burial of Fazlallah’s body in Alinja was the beginning of the whole process of “return” to origins at the end of time. The shrine was a metonymic marker for the impending apocalypse. That’s why peregrine DAMTPT’s took the route from the birth place of Isou (who spoiled letterism by turning it to art) towards the death place of the inventor of unspoiled yet lettrism (hurufiyyah). DAMTPs call this period between 2 points in time The Age of Divinity. And believe the peregrination to be its unwinding.


Travel to it is an equivalent of return to one’s origin. While God’s creation Adam had begun the connection between humanity and divinity, Fazlallah’s body interred into shrine at Alinja most fully realized the potential divinity within the humans.

čáry komplet

One of the peregrines, who acknowledged being a double agent of DAMTP and bourgeois art system, had a dream just before making a last decision to join DAMTP’s peregrination. She dreamed the Ararat (Agri Dagi) mountain and there was a letter to appear on a top of it. Like this Untitled 7

That was an excuse to do a stop by the mountain. Though the psychic worker who was driving a car missed the best view of the mountain and did a stop in a place which was at a bigger distance from mountain itself and spoiled with some traces of human, non-human and more-then-human activities (there were some houses, heap of hay, or straw, or dung under the bright blue cover, few mountains obstructed the lower part of Ararat… and also a donkey in a front. It took some time for already angry and desperate worker to get back to concentration, and she saw exactly the same letter from her dream on the mountain’s top again.

ABRACADABRA-C recognized situation from Alytus Art Strike Biennial issue of 2009, when instead of providing donkey to the artists as he had a request for, artist himself was brought to a donkey some 100 kilometres away.


After seemed already lost from the sight the beginnings of the Euphrates river, ABRACADABRA-C decided to stop by the first water basin appeared in a walking distance from the road to Erzurum. It was Tercan Dam on the Tuzla River, which is one of the two sources for Euphrates. Peregrines went to swim into the silent waters, which according to the different confessions either come from Paradise or stream to it.

As everybody got to know that Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial started from a moment when Stewart Home jumped into a pond during Art Strike Biennial in Alytus in 2PC and since then swimming is essential to any psychic striking praxis. Following that great tradition peregrines did a multitude of swimming events on their peregrination around Black Sea.


It was predicted to have an autoritaticidal or un-winning or unwinding 3SF World Cup in Hattusa. That was initiated by DAMTP’s wish to supersede Alytus Psychic Strike Biennial organization by empowering more of self-organization instead. Hattusa seemed to be perfect because of involvement into the oldest recorded facts of regicide (Mursili I was executed by his own soldiers in 1526 BC) and peace making (Hatushili III signed a Peace Treaty with Ramses II in 1269 BC).

Peregrine DAMTPs entered Boğazkale (Turkish name for Hattusa) and were stopped by a man who later appeared to be a mayor of the town. He asked to enter the house he was standing by. There was a place for community meetings and improvised shop selling handcrafted souvenirs made by local Kurdish women co-operative. After getting drained of some Turkish liras and showing solidarity to women co-operation psychic workers got escorted by the mayor himself to Yazilikaya Temple were they got some dinner as well. While waiting for the food workers got tempted by the sellers of the handcrafted replicas of Hittites sculptural figures carved in the stone, which in original view possible to see just few meters away from selling table. There on the wall just opposite to the main façade is depicted the King Tudhaliya IV holding a rod in a way 3SF players did in Kaliakra transmitters’ place. The temple is a place to see Hittite practise of assimilating other cultures' gods into their own pantheon – at the same ease as the Kurdish guy was handcrafting its replicas to be sold as souvenirs. After coming back from the Temple he met DAMTP’s again and offered the same items for a half price.

The next stop for peregrines was to go back to Hattusa – the remnants of capital of the Hittite Empire in the late Bronze Age. It was an hour remaining until it gets dark and a half an hour remaining until this open-air museum closes. Originally at least six gates let people enter the interior of the city, but now just 3 of them are remaining: The Lion gate, The Sphinx Gate and The King’s Gate. 3SF version with 6 goalposts yet to be reinvented.

It was hard to find space, time and class to do a world cup in Cappadocia. Two-dimensionality of the screen-like surrounding corrupted the minds of peregrines. Carrying a ball through all those tourist places gave a single remind that there is something to be done besides making countless photos and having very rough contact with the workers around: exchange of swear words with a guy used to cash-in from everybody proceeding to upper part of Göreme Sunset Point, or being upset by the offer to get out of the family photo still of somebodies. The contact to psychic workers happens with some footballers, who were very pleasant to swap few ball kicks, and then both sides rushed to join their run-away groups in making hundreds of snapshots, which are done every day in thousands. Therefore, it was the place where Cappadocian Fathers were used to play 3 sided football as combination of Action, rhetoric and thinking in circa 340AD through 380AD. Besides and during the playing they developed the doctrine of the divinity and personality of the Holy Spirit, which had reached substantially its current form, and also they did much in applying it to the human being.

Eventually DAMTP’s got to Kaymakli Underground City, which is turned into a kind of attraction park with guided tours. But the structure of this arrangement is confusing enough. It takes some time to find a ball if one kicks it into some hole, because any linear logic here doesn’t work. The structure of the 3SF was based on unpredictability of the ball trajectory and/or the location of any of players. Ball as well as players appears unpredictably in some upper or lower locations and then disappears again. In the beginning psychic workers tried to define the goalposts, but later-on any hole in a wall, ground or ceiling became the beginning of the endless syzygy of the goalposts in a row or quantum tunnelling as dreamed by FIASCO.

Tuz Gölü Salt Lake was discovered accidentally on the way to Cappadokia – fellow peregrines wanted to swim in a lake. When seeing a lake, the driver (being himself a psychic worker and “double agent”) immediately turned out of the road and stopped by. There was no water in this lake – just salt as far one can see. The psychic workers linked it to a salty mountain in Lopătari.

DAMTP’s did a set-up of the hexagonal pitch and were ready to do routine 3SF World Cup. Bigger part of the game was proceeding beyond the pitch in the endless latitudes of unspoiled space – the gusts wind rolled a ball in a speed equal psychic worker’s average running speed. Player, tired from gaining the ball outside the pitch, takes a rest while playing inside the pitch. Then next run beyond the spot and so again and again…

One camera while recording the game fall down and got unrepairable damaged. The camera was owned by the worker who noticed the lake first.

Visada netikėta kokioje nors šalyje atrasti miestelį, kurio pavadinimas primena artimo bičiulio pavardę. Panašiai atsitiko ir su Sapokos miesteliu, kurio pavadinimas mielai priminė Kęstučio Šapokos pavardę. Miestelį žemėlapyje netikėtai pastebėjo psichoproletariniai piligrimai, kuomet žymėjosi kelionės per Rumuniją maršrutą. Miestelis kaip miestelis – nieko ypatinga, bet pagrindinis objektas, kurį žino kiekvienas rumunas, - tai didžiausia visoje šalyje psichiatrinė ligoninė. Ji buvo įsteigta 1960 m. pastatuose, kuriuose iki tol buvo amatų mokykla. Įvertinus, kad regionas aplink Sapoka miestelį – t. y. Buzau apskritis bei su ja besiribojanti pietų Transilvanija – bene labiausiai proletarinis savo socialine sudėtimi. Labai didelis procentas gyventojų vyrų – kalnakasiai. Būtent šios socialinės grupės atstovai buvo pastebimiausi savo saviorganizaciniais gebėjimais ir streikais per visą XX a., o ypatingai vadinamuoju pokariniu valstybinio totalitarinio komunizmo laikais: kalnakasiai iš Džiu slėnio bei Brasovo darbininkai organizavo didžiausius streikus po 1970 metų. Nenuostabu, kad būtent šio regiono darbininkai buvo labiausiai kriminalizuojami, o ir minėtos psichiatrinės ligoninės kontingentas buvo ir tebėra išskirtinai proletarinis. Simptomiška, kad amatų mokykla, kurios patalpose buvo įkurta ligoninė, nebuvo pakankama priemonė atitraukti darbininkų klasės jaunimą nuo pasipriešinimo kovų. Taigi, psichiatrinė ligoninė neabejotinai skirta darbo klasės socialiniam sluoksniui, ir šis faktas leidžia abejoti vis dar eskaluojamu Rytų Europos stereotipu, kad psichiatrinės ligoninės šiose šalyse buvo įrankiu, nukreiptu prieš intelektualų rezistenciją, kurią savo ruožtu rėmė vakarų antikomunistinis ir lygiai taip pat antiproletarinis liberalizmas. Sapokos ligoninės faktas rodo, kad tokio tipo ligoninės iš tiesų buvo nukreiptos prieš darbininkų saviorganizaciją.

Bet kuo čia dėtas šiandienos Lietuvos meno pasaulio transsisteminis kritikas Kęstutis Šapoka? Ogi tiesiog dėl virtinės atsitiktinių sutapimų. Pradėsime nuo K. Šapokos disertacijos, paskirtos psichiatrijos specialistų pacientų taip vadinamai meninei veiklai tirti ir analizuoti. 1 PC (pasen. 2008 m.) balandžio 11 d. jis apgynė Lietuvos Respublikos menotyros mokslų daktaro disertaciją „Dailės terapija kaip integrali sistema: kontekstuali analizė“. Svarbu ir tai, kad K. Šapoka save priskiria psichodarbininkų judėjimui ir tik po ilgų dvejojimų jis apsisprendė visgi nevykti į 12 proletarinio kalendoriaus metų (pasen. 2019 m.) rugpjūčio mėnesį vykusią psichopiligriminę kelionę, kurios planavimo metu ir buvo atrasti šiame straipsnyje aptariami fatališki atsitiktinumai. Netikėtumai nesibaigė ir psichodarbininkams atvykus į Sapoką – psichiatrinės ligoninės uždarajame kieme stovėjo brutalistinės (art brut) stilistikos artefaktas – biustas, kurio veido bruožai švelniai priminė Kęstučio fizionomiją. Tūlas letristas čia pasakytų, kad pagal pirmąjį ir vienintelį pareidolijos dėsnį kiekvienas laisvas atpažinti savo svajonėse užgimusią raidę. Solidarizuodamiesi su kolega psichodarbininkai iš ABRACADABRA (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad – Committee), FIASCO (Federation Internationale Autonome des Situationnistes Contemporaine), NXTPA (Naye iXperamants in Tryolektix aun Psikhish Arbet) ir SOF (Siblings Of Fazlallah) padalinių bei Dvigubų agentų internacionalas DAI bendromis pastangomis šiek tiek pakoregavo Sapokos pavadinimą psichiatrinės ligoninės iškaboje – sukonstravo raidę Š vietoj buvusios S.

Iš tiesų piligrimai planavo surengti psichodelinį pasaulio trišalio futbolo čempionatą Sapokoje, bet kelionės pradžia pasižymėjo daugiau stichiškais veiksmais, ir dalyviams pritrūko tiek psich(olog)inio pasirengimo, tiek klasinės savimonės, tiek saviorganizacijos. Pati psichiatrinės ligoninės administracija buvo nepasiekiama, nors jautėsi, kad jie stebi, kas vyksta. Miestelis irgi buvo tarsi iššluotas – tik du prekiautojai stovėjo prie didelio arbūzų kalno. Nė karto kamuolio taip ir nepaspyrę piligrimai visgi užkalbino bent jau prekiautojus, prabarbeno kelis tuzinus arbūzų, kelis nusipirko, ir tai buvo proga bent šiuos paridenti Sapokos šalikelėje. Galbūt dėl šių priežasčių planuota psichodelinio trišališkumo situacija susikonstravo pati: lygiai po savaitės, sekmadienio ryte, rugpjūčio 18 dieną, mosuodamas lašelinės infuzijos stovu 38 metų amžiaus pacientas minėtoje Sapokos psichiatrinėje ligoninėje užpuolė kitus pacientus. Nenuostabu, kad jis tai darė identiškai, kaip psichodarbininkai ankstesnėse Alytaus psichostreiko bienalės renginiuose panašius įrankius naudodavo gyvybinės energijos siurbimui iš debesų pagal Wilhelmo Reicho orgono patrankos pritaikymo principus. Deja, šis atvejis baigėsi liūdnai: penki užmušti, ir dar aštuoni sužeisti žmonės. Visi jie – pacientai. Rumunijos sveikatos ministrė iškart po incidento viešai pareiškė, kad tai atsitiko dėl „virtinės atsitiktinai supuolusių žmogiškojo faktoriaus klaidų“, ir kad to buvo galima išvengti. Ji įvardino, kad infuzijos stovas neturėjo būti paliktas palatoje, ir kad ligoninės personalas lemtingąją naktį sulaukė dar vieno paciento „alkoholiko“, kurį dėl sunkiai paaiškinamų priežasčių paguldė į tą pačią lovą su būsimuoju užpuoliku... nors ligoninėje dar buvo ir laisvų lovų... Ir dar viena detalė – užpuolikui iš vakaro turėjo būti skirti raminamieji vaistai, apie kuriuos nebuvo įrašyta išduotų vaistų kortelėje, nors seselė teigė, kad pacientas juos gavo.

While wandering through downtown of Kütahya, which is grimy and old-fashioned, but at the same time reveals current Erdogan’s “Ottomania” trend, which the largest impact obtained since 2007 – the date of the End of the Age of Divinity. ABRACADBRA-C collected some colour pics from the buildings which in a final set looks like this:


This was a largest amount and widest scale of urban colours in one territory during the whole DAMTP peregrination.

Multiple degrees of Ottomanism, alongside multiple versions of Fatih, persist in the JDP’s contemporary rhetoric. There is a more radical version, with Fatih implicitly cursing Ataturk and 1453 replacing 1923 as the symbolic foundation date of the Turkish state. But there is also a more mainstream narrative in which Fatih and Ataturk remain enshrined together alongside the dates of their triumphs. After 2007 in the government’s enthusiasm for Ottoman history, classic components of Ataturk’s nationalist historiography have been increasingly “Ottomanized.” Just as Kemalists celebrated elements of Ottoman history by simply calling them Turkish, the JDP has stylistically and rhetorically incorporated references to the Seljuks, and even the Central Asian Turks, into their Ottoman- centered history. Thus Erdogan’s Ottoman- revival architecture has drawn heavily on pre-Ottoman Seljuk elements. Colour included.

Heartly felicitations from Felicity Party’s accidental catch-ups while unaware of it in Fatih!

20th century was a century of capitalism of spectacle. In the 21st it turned itself into animation. Somebody still have difficulties to discern between animism and animation – it differs not less than canal and canalization, living and non-living. Especially in photos both cases look indiscernible.

Once absorbed into the “chronopolitics” of the secular West, colonized space cannot reclaim autonomy and seclusion; once dragged out of their precolonial space, the indigenes of the peripheries have to deal with knowledge of the outside world, irrespective of their own wishes and inclinations. That’s what peregrines are for.